Choice of the Deathless

"Choice of the Deathless" is Copyright 2013 Max Gladstone. All rights reserved.

About the Author

Max Gladstone has been thrown from a horse in Mongolia and nominated for the John W Campbell Best New Writer Award, the XYZZY award, and the Lambda Award. The City’s Thirst is set in the world of his Craft Sequence novels, the most recent of which, Last First Snow, hit stores in July 2015. The previous Craft Sequence books are Three Parts Dead, Two Serpents Rise, and Full Fathom Five. The next Craft novel, Four Roads Cross, will publish in 2016.

About Choice of Games LLC

Choice of Games LLC is a California Limited Liability Company dedicated to producing high-quality, text-based, multiple-choice games. We produce games in house, including Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides. We have also developed a simple scripting language for writing text-based games, ChoiceScript, which we make available to others for use in their projects, and we host games produced by other designers using ChoiceScript on our website. All of our games are available on the web. We also produce mobile versions of our games that can be played on iPhones, Android phones, and other smartphones.

We announce new games on our blog, Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

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