User-Made Games

Authors just like you have developed games using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice games like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience.

Write your own game and we’ll host it for you online, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.

Life as a Lich

Life as a Lich

You awake as an undead lich after performing a powerful ritual and will have to recruit undead minions and manage your underworld domains, exploring to discover the dark secrets within them and travel to other planes of existence to interact with fellow immortals. You will have to carefully balance the pursuit of your research of new spells, the logistical challenges of managing large numbers of undead minions and cultists, and the threats originating from your own world and other planes of existence.

Exodus: Climate Activist

EXODUS: Climate Activist

Take control of a troubled young climate activist as you sabotage climate criminals and attempt to join the mysterious EXODUS activist group. A socially conscious coming of age action thriller where you will have the chance to express your strong beliefs on climate change.

Dragon of Steelthorne

Dragon of Steelthorne

Rule a mighty city, fight battles, and embark on quests in a steampunk-fantasy land. As the Ardent or Ardessa of Lake Steelthorne, find love, power and a secret which could change the world.

Daria: A Kingdom Simulator

Daria: A Kingdom Simulator

Step into a richly detailed world where your dreams of ruling a thriving kingdom become a reality. This captivating resource management game seamlessly blends storytelling with strategic gameplay. Begin your journey with no more than a vision and gradually shape the destiny of a nation.

Tale of Two Cranes

Tale of Two Cranes

Fulfill your epic destiny in mythic ancient China! Lead armies, wield magic, and put an emperor on the throne – or become the emperor yourself!

Divine Ascension

Divine Ascension

As a Minor Deity, you have a Domain of sapient beings to rule over as you see fit. Can you gather enough faith to ascend to a higher level of divinity?

Don't Wake Me Up

Don’t Wake Me Up

You’re trapped in a malfunctioning virtual reality with no memories. No memories, except of every video game you’ve ever played. Jack into a wild night in a virtual world you’ll never remember.

Falrika the Alchemist

Falrika the Alchemist

Amitabhilia, the world of infinite light. The kingdom of Lebenswasserheim is recovering from an insurrection instigated by the now-defunct Weiliwubisky clan, and the restoration of peace and order means people are now free to achieve their own dreams once again.

The Arcanist's Journey

The Arcanist’s Journey

Mold an orphan’s path into elemental mastery, unveiling magic’s secrets. Race against approaching foes to conquer the arcane summit. Make friends, cast a great variety of spells, and navigate the hidden truths in this world of magic and might.

Ghost Simulator

Ghost Simulator

You’ve never known what would happen after death. And now that you have woken up in a dusty attic, it is time to figure out what happened to you and meet the family living in your home.

Path to Knighthood

Path to Knighthood

This game depicts a classic story in a new way. A brave and dashing knight on the back of a white horse, rushing headlong to slay the dragon and come to the rescue of the beautiful princess – that is how the books usually tell the tale. Here, those childhood stories are darker and more realistic, intertwined with the complexity of humanity.

Turncoat Chronicle

Turncoat Chronicle

Your father stole his throne, intending to leave it to you. When the long-lost heir resurfaces, will you defend the king—or betray him to his enemies?

Last Chance Quarterback

Last Chance Quarterback

It’s your last chance to win it all. Your biggest rival leads the best team of all time. Can you overcome the biggest challenge of your career?

Island of Carnage

Island of Carnage

Can you escape from an island plagued by mutated red-eyed cannibals, or will you become a warm meal for a hungry horde of creatures?

I, the Forgotten One

I, the Forgotten One

A kingdom in rebellion. A crisis of succession. Will you reunite the realm, or will you shatter first? What will it cost to restore the peace?



If you’re surrounded by animals, are you truly alone? Play as a survivor of the apocalypse and make your home in a unique venue: a local zoo.

Unnatural Season Two

Unnatural Season Two

Raise a new organization from the ashes of the SRT and guide Silver Cross Incorporated to protect the innocent from the darker side of humanity.

Hidden Sanctum

Hidden Sanctum

Choose and master your soul path in this modern fantasy game! When your new home is threatened, will you use your new powers to keep it safe?

Blood Moon

Blood Moon

You’re a werewolf! One night, a surprise encounter pulls you into the city’s paranormal underbelly, populated by witches, hunters, ghosts, and vampires.

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Three

A string of kidnappings threatens the town and, once more, you’re called in as it becomes apparent there’s more going on than what’s on the surface.

Lords of Infinity

Lead an ancient and crumbling noble house in a rich gunpowder fantasy setting. Lie, bribe, and conspire to secure power and prestige—or to save a doomed kingdom from itself.

A Golden Opportunity

A Golden Opportunity

A group of adventurers is planning to heist a gold delivery, but they need a thief. You’re a thief in need of gold. Can you make this partnership work?

Fallen Hero: Retribution

Stay one step ahead of your past and build your future as Los Diablos’ greatest villain. Can you keep up the lies, or will you risk everything trusting the people you once called friends?


To unlock ancient spells needed to defend the galaxy, can you navigate fantasy quests, noir cases, heroic competitions, dystopian worlds & space heists?

The Fernweh Saga: Book One

Expose the dark secrets and mysteries of your seemingly idyllic hometown in this romantic thriller! Will you fall in love or fall victim to its horrors?

Balance of Superpower 2: Tricentennial

Manage a team of aspiring heroes while being an aspiring hero yourself and compete to graduate from Sage Academy! Oh, and make sure the world does not end!

Arthur: A Retelling

Journey into a medieval dreamscape filled with magic, valor, and prophecy! As a young Arthur, it’s up to you to choose your own fate—and all of Britain’s!

The Passenger

Your eldritch existence is threatened when another abomination tries to feast on you. You flee, trapping yourself in human flesh, but will that be enough?

Mage Elite

Year 2031, Earth. After 20 years of war with the Zenos, a ruthless alien species, humanity has barely survived. As the strongest mage in history, it’s up to you to turn the tide!

Talon City: Death from Above

You’re a clever owl lawyer out of your depth, searching for a missing client. With enemies at every turn, can you survive and save the day?

The Day After Ever After

Experience a fantastical new twist on a classic fairytale by experiencing palace life as Cinderella or her noble prince. Can you find love and power here?

Midnight Saga: The Monster

When a quiet Halloween night turns into a thrilling adventure, make sure to grab a weapon, eat candy, wreck monsters or leave them for dead!

The Nascent Necromancer

When you’re falsely accused of sorcery, corrupt inquisitors make you the object of a witch hunt. Now, sorcery might be the only way for you to survive.

Formorian War

Choose your family, fulfill an age old prophecy and join forces with magical beings. Discover a world of magic. Go through the game as a man or woman.

Samurai of Hyuga Book 5

Back from hell and into Hyuga, enemies and allies clash in this epic sequel! Overcome ultimate despair or be consumed by it: the choice is yours, ronin!

Dual Nature

Rise from the grave, undead, yet still human, in a world plagued by zombies. In this post-apocalyptic horror game, survival comes with a heavy price.

A Mage Reborn: Book One

Strike a bargain with arcane deities beyond your ken, and invoke their powers on the field of battle—at a steep price.

Pride & Prejudice & Murder

He’s got pride. She’s got prejudice. You know the story. But what you don’t know is what happens when their happily-ever-after is interrupted by murder.

The Sword of Rhivenia

Will you be chosen by your father’s sword to rule the kingdom?

The Gray Painter

Is beauty only skin deep? Join an exclusive nude painting group in this unsettling, sexy misadventure: get naked, party hard, and ignore the ravens.

A Long Weekend

Explore your own psyche in present-day London. Can you silence the voice in your mind and live your best life, or will you succumb to it?

The Golden Rose: Book One

Step into the shoes of a mercenary in this low-fantasy epic adventure! How far are you willing to go to take back your stolen treasure?

By Crom

Write your own legend in a mystical land divided and burning. Will it be a tragedy or a triumph?

Life of a Space Force Captain

Live a full life in the future as a human, an alien, or even a robot as you rise through the ranks to become captain of your very own starship.

Grey Eyes of Death

Survive by any means necessary in this fantasy horror, where vicious flesh eating corpses roam the earth. What will you do when the world falls to chaos?

Relics 2: The Crusader’s Tomb

Four thousand miles. Twenty thousand pounds. Four murderous rivals. One unforgettable

Big Brains in Little Jars

Become a brain-for-hire in this mad-science adventure! Help clients, befriend fellow brains, and make the scientists wish they’d left you in your body.

Caves and Dinosaurs

Create your party of adventurers and delve into the mysterious cave in order to uncover the secrets of the magical dinosaur’s money pit!

Grand Casino of Fortune

Are you lucky enough to gamble your way through the Grand Casino? Will you drown in debt in the process – or gain unimaginable wealth?

Dawn of the Sol Empire

You are the leader of a space colony threatened by imminent invasion. Can you find a path to survival for your people – as well as yourself?

Community College Hero 2.5: Fun and Games

It’s the calm before the storm! Embark on three light-hearted adventures with your superpowered classmates before all hell breaks loose in Part 3!

Super Star Soccer Striker

Experience life as a soccer player. This includes balancing a personal life and career, developing skills, and choosing achievements vs championships.

Interactive Bonbons

Do you have what it takes to race Ancient Egyptian Pharaohs, win a tennis match, duel Wild West outlaws and… babysit your nephews?

The Soul Stone War 2

Overcome all obstacles by trusting in your own strength, the power of your Soul Stone, and your loyal companions. Become the legend you were born to be.

Studies in Darkness

Stage a heist in a steampunk city! Do you unleash a ghost on crooked cops? Who was murdered in this laboratory? Oh, and is this submarine demon-proof?

Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains

Raiders of the Icepeak Mountains

Battle orc clans and survive deadly dungeons while leveling up as an adventurer. Will you become a fighter, wizard, cleric or rogue?

Temple of Endless Night

Temple of Endless Night

When you discover that the Serpent of Chaos is trying to destroy Egypt, will you stand against him, or will you help spread his eternal darkness?

Interstellar Airgap

Resistance appears futile–but the hegemon has a very unique weakness.

The Horror Behind the Walls

Something’s calling you, but the message is far from clear. Follow it, find out who or what it is and solve what is perhaps your biggest case yet.

Rain King

Rain King

Explore the consequences of your decisions in an alternate future where science fiction is merged with medieval life.

The Vampire Regent

Rule over a secret society of vampires in the heartland of the United States, one night at a time. Will you play or be played?

The Soul Stone War

Become the Wielder of Soul Stone, an ancient artifact of untold power, and shape the fate of your world. Outrun the past so that you may have a future.

Blood for Poppies

Uncover the dark and tortured legacy of mad science in this psychological horror interactive novel about entrapment and the lingering echoes of trauma.

Dinosaur Island Escape

You crash on an island full of dinosaurs, and must find a way to survive long enough to escape while finding secrets and solving puzzles along the way.

Pirates of Donkey Island

Unravel your curse’s mysteries in this funny, insult-sword-fighting pirate adventure! Look for treasure with your crew of zombies, gorillas and witches!

Kiss from Death

Romance immortal beings in a world of epic fantasy! Burn castles with a dragon! Raise the dead with a lich! Write poetry with a cursed prince!


You are one of the fifty strangers stranded on a mysterious island. Will you survive and uncover the island’s secrets or perish to its many dangers?


Match wits with your vampire captors in a deadly game where bleeding to death is the least of your problems.

Lux, City of Secrets

Lux, City of Secrets

It’s time to make a name for yourself in the big city. In this first half of a two-part epic, can you unravel the mysteries of Lux, City of Secrets?

The Mage’s Adventure

You are tasked with hunting down a demon, but your long-time rival has other ideas. Romance, fierce battles, and magical adventures await.

War of 2022

Enlist, fight and decide how loyal you are to your country in this modern military war novel!

Keeper of the Day and Night

You didn’t expect so many essays sophomore year. Or so many hellhound attacks. This year is shaping up to be a killer—hopefully not literally.

Relics of the Lost Age

The Nazis are scouring the globe for powerful occult artifacts. Can you beat them to the treasures and save the world from a thousand years of darkness?

The Brothers’ War

War has descended on the mystical isle of Éire like a thick fog, no king nor druid is safe, no town nor castle will be left unscathed.

After the Storm

Rebuild society after the climate apocalypse! Can you keep your settlement alive? Will you hold onto your humanity or lose it in the directionless expanse?

Score of a Lifetime

Money! Romance! Cars! Half a billion dollars is up for grabs. Track down the fortune without letting a new flame steal your heart—unless that’s your plan!

Too Different

Unravel the mysterious past of your parents and homeland while journeying through four unique lands in this exciting science-fantasy adventure!

Demon: Recollect

Step into the shoes of an ancient mutant and get thrown into the modern, mortal world. Learn what you can about your past as you don the mask of a villain!

Hero or Villain: Battle Royale

Battle enhanced aliens in a gladiatorial contest to become the galaxy’s champion, rebel against the Elders, or become a criminal!

Balance of Superpower

Washington D.C., 2075. Master your superpowers, defeat villains and go on wacky adventures at an academy for augmented heroes like you!

A Sorcerer’s Story

Use fireballs, summoned creatures and mind control to fight through an evil army and save the world from an evil overlord.

The Floating City

You’re a regular teen living in a glass city on the ocean. It’s time to choose whether to take over the family shark farm, or to forge a different path.

Macabre Mansion

You wake up, confused, in a strange place. A place determined to kill you. A haunted house. Will you leave with your life, or be trapped in undead servitude?

President Disaster

America faces its greatest threat yet. And now you have the worst and most important babysitting job in the history of the universe. Good luck!

Trees Don’t Tell

Find your way through the haunting forest in this puzzle narrative. Is this a nightmare or reality? Discover what it takes to truly be free.

War for Magincia

In this prequel to Swamp Castle and The Great Tournament, fight to rule the kingdom of Magincia– through war or diplomacy–in this medieval simulator!

Journey into Darkness

News of a fabled gem takes you on a dark and dangerous Victorian adventure. Face your nightmares and find the path that leads to survival and victory.

AI — Aftermath

Unleash your psionic powers and help your eternal lover in their quest of preventing the imminent AI apocalypse!

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book Two

Under the lights of the carnival, will romance and adventure bloom anew? The quiet town of Wayhaven is once again the center of supernatural occurrences.

The Aegis Saga

The blight eats the world while humans war for scraps. Will you fight, run, or lead your people to the stars? Or murderously ascend the human throne?

The Kidnapped Prom Queen

A twisted mind kidnaps all seven members of the prom committee and forces them to play a cruel game in order to survive. Can you save the prom?

The Shadow Society

Faced with a dream that alters something within, you are forced to return to your abandoned childhood home. There you find a way to an unknown realm.

Critical Mass: The Black Vein

Fight for the future of Philly in this post-apocalyptic adventure through the irradiated remains of Pennsylvania. Save the cradle of liberty – or burn it.

Street Jam: The Rise

The street fighting circuit needs a new ruler but do you have what it takes? Punch your way through a bloodthirsty and mature world to achieve glory!

The War for the West

Rule the land as you see fit, using alliances, intrigue or warfare to establish your House as a dominant force in the realm’s politics.

Breach: The Archangel Job

Explore the underground world of vigilantes as you wage war against the Chicago mafia. Roll the dice, and survive the consequences of your actions!


You’re here. You’re queer. You’re a werewolf. Who will you kiss: your charismatic friend, the icy werewolf leader, or the lycanthropic goddess?

War of the Gods

The gods are dead. Or are they? Fight the god of death on your way to becoming a new god. Follow the path to power through good or through evil.

The Oldest Dream

Ancient knowledge calls for you once again. Stay sane under the gaze of a creature unfathomable and learn what you chose to forget.

The Parenting Simulator

The Parenting Simulator

A unique story that lets you experience all the highs and lows of raising a child. Watch your little one grow and change from the choices you make!

Death at the Rectory

Death at the Rectory

Strangers gather in a small town for a writing retreat. When one of them is murdered, all the rest become suspects. A magical murder mystery.

Hero or Villain: Genesis

Hero or Villain: Genesis

Become the greatest hero or villain that the world has ever seen! Balance the challenges of a normal life, while fighting evil… or wreak havoc yourself.

Samurai of Hyuga Book 4

Retrace the steps of your past, recover your forbidden power and reignite the fire within you! Just be careful that it doesn’t burn you alive, ronin!

One Minute Mysteries

Test your detective skills in this collection of fifty-five short mysteries! Can you catch the culprit before the detectives do?


A millionaire’s secluded estate. A collection of dead girls. A group of reluctant strangers. One is the killer …but who?

A Sensei’s Story

See if you have what it takes to make it as a English teacher in a foreign land, as you live, laugh, and love each day in Japan.

Who Was The Real Robin Hood?

As an outlaw, he lives the carefree life in Sherwood Forest with his men; until a bounty forces them to flee and he finds himself on the Isle of Varna.

The Saga of Oedipus Rex

Your name is Oedipus, Prince of Corinth: And you’ve just discovered your future is cursed. In a time of gods and monsters can you escape the fate foretold?

Totem Force

A lighthearted anime-inspired story where you’ll battle giant robots, mad gods, and the class president, while navigating awkward teen romances!

Sordwin: The Evertree Saga

On the Island of Sordwin a new mystery awaits! Can you discover the cause of the quarantine and save the town, or will you too be lost in the dark?

The Paths to Greatness

After you are captured and forced into the service of a mysterious Emperor, it is up to you to befriend, romance, or rebel your way through this adventure!

Tudor Intrigue

Enter the court of Henry VIII of England, and lead the country through the reformation. Politics, religion, love, and war in 16th Century England.

Dragon Racer

Prove that you and your dragon have what it takes to race with the pro’s, and you will rule the land, sea and skies!

Keeper of the Sun and Moon

No one mentioned saving the world at freshman orientation, but you still can’t decide if the worst part of college is the essays or the demons.

Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum

A slave. A gladiator. A champion. Who will you be? You decide. Fight for your freedom, navigate politics and etch your name in the annals of Rome!

Life of a Mercenary

Lead a mercenary company seeking fame and fortune. Be honorable and help defend the kingdom or be ruthless and fight the highest bidder!

The Butler Did It — A Steampunk Tale of Manners and Mayhem

The Butler Did It

Battle robots, make friends, and uncover a bizarre conspiracy to avert the apocalypse in this comedy of manners and mayhem with steampunk blasters!

Critical Mass: The Bridge

The world has ended in atomic flame, and you are a lone warrior on your way to the mythic Crescent City. Travel the wastes. Meet new people. Kill them.

Missing Wings

Help restore the missing wings of an archangel in an open-world adventure full of puzzles, games, monsters, loot, gear, resources, and strategy.

The Slayer of Evil

Unleash the power of the Divine Feminine and become the bane of evil entities. Prevail over dangers and make hasty alliances to secure victory.

Love at Elevation

Romance is as easy as one, two…three lovers! Find love and ascend to new heights in your new home of Boulder, Colorado.

Nuclear Powered Toaster

In the 24th century, you must unravel a sinister plan with spaceships, blasters, and the world’s oddest janitor in this absurd sci-fi tale!

The Twelve Trials

Twelve heroes are called to participate in a contest designed by the gods themselves, with immortality as the prize.

The Grim and I

With your lost life on one side and an uncertain eternity on the other, will you be able to make the ultimate choice? Time is running out.

The Magician’s Burden

Romance cute villagers, banter with the annoying demon inside your head, and finally confront your tormentor in this epic interactive fantasy novel.

The Haze Under Windbrooke

Struggle to balance a normal life while you investigate strange creatures, and the malevolent fog that hangs over your city.

The Last Wizard

Sent from Earth into a fantasy world, you must learn magic to protect a kingdom on the brink of war. Find love, friendship, and a new life.

The Harbinger’s Head

Help a monster find his head—or risk losing your own—before time runs out in this dark fairy tale set in a myth-infested 19th century Ireland.

Doomsday on Demand 2

Overcome deadly challenges and enemies lurking around every corner in the dark post-apocalyptic world where you don’t know what tomorrow will bring.

The Courting of Miss Bennet

Play through the great romance novel “Pride and Prejudice”! You are a young woman in 1813, hoping to find your true love. But which suitor will you favor?

A Mummy Is Not An Antique

Battle an amok mummy of a love potion huckster while filming the story of the century! Also, try not to get yourself or your production crew killed.

Community College Hero: Knowledge is Power

Your favorite small-town heroes return to superpowered college! Study, party, and fight powerful and deadly villains! Choose your path and save the day!

The Kepler Colony: Evacuation

An asteroid is headed towards Earth, and it’s your job to make sure the interstellar spaceship is built in time. The fate of the nation is in your hands!


Become a junk collector with ambitions to rule in Northwest or Northeast Oz through cases of mistaken identity in this Hitchcockian parody game.

Highway Wars

Become a road warrior in the arid plains! Take the role of a Highway Marshall, in a bid to enforce the rule of civilization on a post-apocalyptic world.

Fallen Hero: Rebirth

They called you a hero; you call them fools. Use your telepathy to romance old friends and fight new enemies as you become the greatest villain ever known!

Wayhaven Chronicles: Book One

Your first case as a detective is forcing you to open your eyes to a world bigger than you thought.

The Great Tournament 2

In this sequel to The Great Tournament, continue your quest to defend the realm. Play as a Knight, Lord, or Prince in this medieval fantasy.

Comrade or Czar

Are you prepared to lead the Revolution Of 1917? It’s the fall of the Tzars! How will you build The Motherland!?

The Aether: Life as a God

Create a mortal race, explore the Aether, battle immortal beings, grow in power, dabble in the affairs of other gods, destroy them, and steal their power.

Foundation of Nightmares

After disaster strikes, regain your strength with the help of adventurers, and gain the aid of a powerful wizard, Melithar, to defeat Mendax the demon!

Samurai of Hyuga Book 3

Life isn’t getting any easier for our favorite ronin! Challenge your mind and spirit as you face down Hyuga’s fiercest demons!

Highlands, Deep Waters

While investigating a murder in a small Scottish town, you’ll find yourself embroiled in a world of secrets, cultists, and abyssal horror.

Lost in the Pages

Can you rescue your uncle and restore order to the stories, or will you be consumed by the menace hanging over him?

The Dryad’s Riddle

Cryptic riddles and perplexing puzzles await you, as you solve the Dryad’s Riddle. In the land of dreams, wit and wisdom are worth more than gold.

Knight of the Fellowship

Master the art of dancing with a weapon and unearth the secret of the temple, bringing love and carnage to the world.

Diamant Rose

Diamonds fuelling revolution are flowing from behind the Iron Curtain, but the mission to find the source end in betrayal. Now YOU must finish the mission.

The Spy and the Labyrinth

Can you find the missing Miskatonic professor? Search for clues in the Amazon! Can you handle the horrors in this Lovecraftian horror?

My Day off Work

The perfect time waster, a game that starts at the beginning of your day and goes where you choose to take it.

Treasure of the Forbidden City

Three priceless star jewels. A century-old, cryptic journal. It’s up to you to find Atraharsis — the legendary lost city beneath the sands.

The Daily Blackmail

Something is rotten in City Hall—can you uncover it and…win a Pulitzer? You’ll get all the news that is (and isn’t!) fit to print.

Paradigm City

The Golden Age of heroes is over, but you’re just beginning. Will you use your powers to help the world or help yourself?

The Lost Heir 3: Demon War

An epic medieval fantasy tale! Assume the throne of Daria and avenge your parents’ death in the thrilling conclusion of this three-part series.

The Great Tournament

Rise from a squire to a powerful knight in order compete in The Great Tournament and determine the fate of the Kingdom of Magincia!

Spacing Out

Explore the planet of nightmares with your small team of warriors. Retrieve a powerful artifact from the claws of adversaries or die trying.

Evertree Inn

Check-in to this magical tale of murder and mystery! Can you uncover the secrets of Evertree Inn and become the hero, or will it all end in blood?

Tokyo Wizard

Become a powerful wizard or witch in modern day Japan, and save the city of Tokyo!

Zombie Exodus: Safe Haven

Zombies rise again at the dawn of Apocalypse! In this companion to the smash-hit “Zombie Exodus,” can you survive the early days of society’s collapse?

Twin Flames

Tap into pure, unconditional love, be engulfed in a journey of oneness, and bring peace to a place that knows none.

Tomb of the Khan

You are a world­ famous archaeologist at the entrance to the long­ lost tomb of Genghis Khan. Can you defeat the Lovecraftian horrors within?

Elemental Saga: The Awakening

Become an Elemental and harness your powers over Water, Earth, Electricity, or the Enchanting Light itself! Can you save the world and still make it in time for classes!?

Samurai of Hyuga Book 2

The toughest ronin in Hyuga returns! Heated battles and even hotter romances await you in the land of silk and steel!

Machinations: Fog of War

Gunpowder diplomacy in a city primed to explode! Steal, lie, and persuade your way to success. Navigate plots and treachery as a shapeshifting android.

The 3Games

Lead a team of five, make the most of their roles and skills. Play it friendly and stay true or plan betrayal. Your actions decide who lives and who dies.

Academy of Disaster

Take the role of an amnesiac student to investigate the murder of a mob heir in a private school. Do keep your wits about you–this conspiracy runs deep.

Swamp Castle

Be the Lord in charge of a small castle. Manage your castle’s finances, hire troops, and resolve conflicts to bring order to the realm.

The Iron Destinies

You’re Fe, a lone atom of Iron who caused a supernova! Explore the deepest reaches of the universe, altering the course of your destiny.

Starship Adventures

You’re a naturally heroic and quick-thinking space captain flying a starship from world to world while keeping your hair groomed to perfection!

Doomsday on Demand

Survive in the demolished district after the nuclear bombings. Face deadly mutants and deal with survivors for the hope to end your living nightmare.

Gambling with Eternity

It’s a ghost story starring you! Discover the secrets of the afterlife, overcome ghostly challenges, or terrify your enemies. Will you gamble an eternity?

Best of Us

It’s the dawn of superpowers! Grab a cape and stand among the first heroes—or become the first villain!

First Year Demons

For generations, your family has kept China safe from chaos demons. Now you must uphold that duty while you’re at university–just don’t tell your roommates!

Guns of Infinity

As commander of a squadron of cavalry, what will you sacrifice to win the war of gunpowder and magic? Fight for power, riches, love, or glory!

Scarlet Sails

Hoist the Jolly Roger and set sail to find the legendary Titan’s Treasure! Do you fight with a cutlass, or with magic? Are you biding your time until you can shoot your captain in the back, or are you the reason the rum is gone?


Take on the role of a fresh private and don powered armor as you take on terrorists and eldritch aliens in the not too distant future.

Wizardry Level C

The discovery of an old magic book turns your life upside down. Will you succeed in becoming a guild wizard, or travel a different path?

The Lost Heir 2: Forging a Kingdom

Unite the kingdom to take back your capital city! You’ll need dragons, elves, and perhaps even demons to avenge your parents’ murder in this fantasy epic.

The Vampire House

Human/monster romance at its finest! Overcome species diversity. Meet new and exciting creatures.

Captive of Fortune

Battle necromancers, ogres, and the demon itself! The sequel to “Trial of the Demon Hunter” will bring you to a new city, where romance and dangers await.

Community College Hero: Trial by Fire

Outwit your professors at superpower school! Ace your exams, date classmates, and bring down the nation’s most wanted villains to earn your degree.

Factions: Raids of the Divided

There have been news of recent raids across the land. Will the factions become divided? Can you save Alfarid? The epic interactive fantasy adventure.

A Study in Steampunk: Choice by Gaslight

Steam-powered mechs meet forbidden sorcery in this interactive steampunk novel, inspired by Sherlock Holmes, Dracula, Jekyll & Hyde, and Jack the Ripper!

Attack of the Clockwork Army

Fight Clockwork Men and Bushrangers in the Battle for Australian Independence!

Founders Saga: The Culling

Killer robots, warriors in well-tailored robes, interviews that test your skill with a stun baton — all just another day in the world of The Founders.

So, You’re Possessed!

Love a good “demon meets human, demon uses human, demon unlocks apocalyptic force within human” story? Fight for your soul in this devilishly fun fantasy!

Dancing with Demons

Follow your demonic heart and its dark wishes! Play as a contemporary succubus and have fun while saving the world from its doom.

Samurai of Hyuga

Prepare to enter the land of silk and steel, a harsh world with tough choices at every turn. Good thing you’re the toughest ronin around!


You are a bodyguard protecting the richest man in England. Enter a house filled with drama, mystery and romance, both gay and straight.

No Proper Thief

Befriend or betray your peculiar crew of bank robbers, make difficult and fun choices, survive, fall in love, and get rich if you can!

The Shadow Horror

Stranded, you explore a nearby abandoned house. But you are not alone. A creature not of this world lairs within the walls, and the sun is going down.

The Volunteer Firefighter

An action-packed firefighting game, filled with humor, heartache, adventure, and romance! Fight fires! Save lives! Do you have what it takes to be a hero?


The dead walk. The aliens have arrived. It’s the end of the world as we know it! Explore a world where everything you thought you knew is wrong.

The Lost Heir: The Fall of Daria

Take back your throne from demon-summoning usurpers in this 145,000-word interactive fantasy novel! Will your prince or princess choose to be good or evil?

Seven Bullets

Kill, compromise, or sacrifice! Use your arsenal of deadly assassin skills to rescue your kidnapped sister from the Boss and his team of crazy killers.

Lords of Aswick

In this interactive novel, follow the life of a nobleman from childhood to death. Become swept up in the affairs of a medieval realm. How long can you put them off until you have to pick a side and (hopefully) live with the consequences?

Somme Trench

You’re a British infantryman trying to get through World War I’s Battle of the Somme without losing either your life or your mind.

Silent Gear

Become an elite trained soldier in a grim military future world. You decide your friendship, love, war, betrayal, and above all, survival.

The Ascot

In this wacky shake ‘n nod, yes or no adventure, can you nab all of a mysterious, mondo fortune…or will you be lunch for the Eagle Beast?

Divided We Fall

The Spanish Civil War is the setting of Divided We Fall. You will shape the lives of four Spaniards on both sides of the divide; will they be brutalised, stay true to their principles or even survive? You decide in this 130k word illustrated interactive epic.

Gangs of Old Camp

The interactive action packed suspense thriller where you choose your own destiny!

Sword of the Elements

Journey to the world’s end in this epic interactive fantasy novel! Wield the Sword of the Twenty Three Elements to battle with the greatest evil.

Path of Light

Generate your own priest of the Light. Smite demons, heal wounds, confess fellow villagers, accompany the beautiful and devilish priestess on her journey through the Abyss and find out if you can survive… and win her heart!


Combat, romance, adventure, and of course—magic! Master four elements and take on fate itself in this epic, interactive fantasy tale!

Life of a Mobster

Join the mob and rule the city! Will you become a celebrity mobster, or rule from the shadows? Will you end up as a prisoner, a senator, or FBI director?

Planetary Quarantine

Investigate a conspiracy that jeopardizes Earth’s interstellar exploration, all while building your life and creating new worlds!

Trial of the Demon Hunter

Battle against the forces of evil and embark on a perilous journey to avenge your decimated village alongside your shape shifting companion in this interactive novel that yields a thrilling approach to fantasy.

Tin Star

Ride out into the wild west as a United States Marshal; confront bandits, find romance and uncover a conspiracy that spans from sea to sea as you garner a legend for the ages.


Monsters are real. Join the Supernatural Response Team, an organization formed in direct response to the first documented case showing the existence of the darker side of humanity.


What if you had to survive in a zombie apocalypse? In this riveting interactive novel, you make the story. Save your parents? Or let them die… Alliances or murder? It’s your choice; choose carefully or it’ll be your last.

Way Walkers: University 2

The Way Walkers: University epic continues in the second part of the Tar’citadel trilogy by author J. Leigh! Picking up right where you left off in part one, the city and school are still in shock from the mysterious attacks, and the question on everyone’s mind is…who was behind them, and why?

Paradox Factor

What would you change? Alter your past and future in this thought-provoking and edgy time travel game. Are you willing to live with the effects that your changes may cause?

Sabres of Infinity

Step into the boots of a Royal Dragoon in an epic military interactive story. Fight for glory or riches in an original setting spanning over 200k words.

Life of a Wizard

Write an archmage’s autobiography in this 80-year 130,000-word interactive fiction! Man or woman? Good or evil? Bring peace on earth or rule the world?

Way Walkers: University

In a metaphysics driven society where freewill is law, your choices are your own as you attend the most prestigious of magical schools. Learn to master psychic Ability, fight monsters, argue with an Angel, cut classes, befriend unusual races, chase ghosts, and navigate through an exciting city full of in depth characters in an exquisitely detailed world.

Sons of the Cherry

Espionage and arcane magic in the American Revolution. Choose a side or go it alone in the secret war for the soul of the new nation. Use multiple magic disciplines to reach your goals and change history. Part of the Waking Cassandra series.

Apex Patrol

Command a star cruiser. Visit colonial worlds, rescue imperiled vessels, investigate stellar phenomena and prepare your ship to battle a ruthless foe. Only you and your crew can save Earth from utter destruction in this text-based adventure.

Wizard’s Choice

Fortune and glory or death? Stay alive, cast spells, and smite evil.
Dungeons & Dragons-style text adventure! Stay alive, manage your spell power, find treasure, and smite evil. Wizard’s Choice is a series of RPG text-based adventures that will engross you in a storyline while allowing you to make the decisions that will determine your fate.

The Race

Choose your destiny in a race through Peru!

You are about to go on the journey of a lifetime as you take part in
the event known the world over as ‘The Race’. Every step of the way,
the choices you make will affect your performance, as well as the
other teams around you! Can you make it to the end in this

Dead Already?

Life is not fair, neither is this game. Another short murder mystery for you to solve following the ChoiceScript multiple-choice text-based format. The murderer is randomly selected at the beginning of each game for a greater challenge.

Mobile Armored Marine

Blast into action as an Imperial Mobile Armored Marine! Decide when to use stealth, diplomacy, or your armor’s incredible power as you explore a silent colony world. Gain glory, and command a squad of troopers as your choices determine how the story unfolds. Can you uncover the dark secret of Far Hope?


Journey through Space and uncover the secrets of the asteroid Zebulon! Pilot a spacecraft with two loyal sidekicks and your pet goldfish Henry. Travel to the Moon, meet some interesting characters, and then blast off to the Asteroid Belt. Along the way make the right choices to discover the secrets of Zebulon and your own past. If Douglas Adams had written a multiple-choice gamebook, it might not be entirely unlike this!

Zombie Exodus

It starts with a daring escape from a zombie-infested city; it ends at Zombie Exodus, when a horde of zombies swarms outlying settlements like locusts.


Make difficult moral decisions in this modern drama. You take the role of Alex, an average guy having a not so average day. Juggle relations with your friends while you puzzle over choices of right and wrong. Explore what it means to be a good person. Determine if the law is always right. Choose between yourself and your friends. Decide between romance or friendship. And ultimately hold the life of another in your hands. One day can be packed with enough drama, tension, and death to change your life forever. But at the end of that day you’re faced with the question: are you a good person?

Marine Raider

By Allen Gies. Lead a platoon of elite Marine Raiders! Battle an intractable enemy during WW2! Choose your battle-plan, select your weapons and if need be fix your bayonets. You’ll wade ashore during a daring nighttime landing or plunge into frantic close-quarters fire-fights in this thrilling text-based game.


By Myth Thrazz. Use your incredible wits, fantastic skills and/or magnificent strength to choose your way out of a heavily guarded prison! Reveal the secrets of the dungeon, meet the mysterious co-prisoner and determine who’s responsible for your arrest. Grab your gear and prepare yourself for a hard fantasy quest.

Land of Three Classes

By Christopher Salomon. In this retro-style multiple choice game, you take on the role(s!) of an adventurer in a fantasy world. Go from room to room in a dungeon like maze. Solve riddles and try to stay alive, reach the exit and pass the final exam of your apprenticeship. Can you become a “Master” of the three classes?


By Kie Brooks. When you think your doctor may be trying to kill you, life gets complicated. Survive this multiple-choice game if you can.

What Happened Last Night?

By Kie Brooks. “What Happened Last Night?” is a dark but occasionally humorous action murder mystery multiple-choice text-based game.

The Nightmare Maze

By Alex Livingston. “The Nightmare Maze” is the story of a 19th-century Bostonian plagued by strange nightmares. Lose yourself in the depths of a tormented psyche and try to find the logic to the night terrors in this haunting text-based multiple-choice game. Part of the Waking Cassandra series.

Popcorn, Soda … Murder?

By Pauzle. “Popcorn, Soda … Murder?” is a thrilling text-based multiple-choice murder mystery. Can you find all the clues at the murder scene and piece together who must have done it and how?