Demon Mark: A Russian Saga

"Demon Mark: A Russian Saga" is Copyright 2017 Vladimir Barash & Lorraine Fryer. All rights reserved.

About the Authors

Vlad and Lorraine have really enjoyed collaborating on this, their first serious project together. Vlad loves writing and has, in fact, finished the first draft of his novel! He has been dedicated to tabletop gaming for more than a decade, and has been running campaigns almost as long as he has been playing in them. Lorraine started out copy-editing, and found herself pulled in to the writing as well. A recent convert to tabletop RPGs, she has been playing games of all kinds since childhood, and especially appreciates choose-your-own-adventure style gaming. They live in Somerville, MA, where they read lots of blogs and books, play lots of games, and cuddle with their tiny dog Lando.

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