Neighbourhood Necromancer

"Neighbourhood Necromancer" is Copyright 2014 Gavin Inglis. All rights reserved.

About the Author

Gavin Inglis is a writer, teacher, and performer based in Edinburgh, Scotland. He writes for the smartphone fitness game, "Zombies, Run!" and his short fiction has appeared in "Nova Scotia," "Read By Dawn," and "The Seven Wonders of Scotland." A regular face on the spoken word circuit, Gavin has appeared at Literary Death Match; the Latitude festival; burlesque events; the Edinburgh Book, Fringe and Science Festivals; punk gigs; a Hunter S. Thompson tribute night and a roller derby fundraiser. His work appears on albums by the Glasgow band Spylab and Cinephile.

Gavin has a long-term interest in storytelling in new forms, and works with music, photography, and magic. His collection, "Crap Ghosts" contains several stories of ineffective apparitions and substandard spooks.

He previously authored Eerie Estate Agent, the world's first supernatural rental sim, for Choice of Games. He dedicates "Neighbourhood Necromancer" to Ali Maloney: writer, actor, father, necromancer.

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