Ghost Simulator

"Ghost Simulator" is Copyright 2023 Morton Newberry. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks

Thank you to everyone who has played the Work in Progress version of "Ghost Simulator" since it was initially posted on the Choice of Games Forum in November 2019. I am incredibly grateful to each and every one of you for joining me on this spooky adventure.

I'd like to express my gratitude to Jordan Husek for collaborating with me in designing and naming the character of Joseph McKinnon. Your contribution played a significant role in shaping the final arc of the game and bringing to life a character that was not even planned in the initial draft. Thank you so much!

For their invaluable contribution to the story and tireless feedback sessions, I'd like to thank Aletheia Knights, Denzil_Legior_Nagel, Umbreonpanda, Myrtle, Jender, Vexius_Krexius, ChibiKittens, and Bugreporter. You rock!

Thanks to my close friend, Aline Baixer, for providing feedback and supporting me throughout the writing process. Obrigado!

Also, I want to give my friend Raíssa Budag a big shoutout. She's a fantastic pixel artist from Brazil who drew the illustrations for "Ghost Simulator." On top of that, she's sent me a bunch (over 2 GB) of pictures of her two cats, Fiona and Preto. They're really, really cute, by the way.

A big thank you to everyone who supported the project through my Patreon page: Abdulrahman Al Amri; Rune Mage; Cal; creyindustries; Dally Munoz; Hannah; Dani; Flower Cardian Maple with Deer; Lori Jacob; Elisa; Azula; BucketofGeese; TechNote; Vesper Everett; Dani; Mctaps; Pixiuu; T; Jason Lopez; Gir; Tress; Lucas Zaper; aiseaisebb; Jeremiah Gigremosa; Jsimd; Natha Ng; Nightingale; Nina; VaticanRagg3d; Jordan Husek.

The project took almost four years to complete, and I had a lot of people who gave their time and effort to make it happen. If your name is missing from the credits, or if you'd like to be credited under a different name, please feel free to reach out to me.

About the Author

Morton Newberry is a horror and interactive fiction writer who co-authored "Highlands, Deep Waters" and "The Vampire Regent" with Lucas Zaper. He is also developing "Unsupervised," an upcoming Choice of Games title.

If you'd like to support his current and future projects, consider joining his Patreon!

You can also join the "Ghost Simulator" Discord channel and keep in touch on Discord.

Sources and Acknowledgments

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