Hero or Villain: Battle Royale

"Hero or Villain: Battle Royale" is Copyright 2020 Miguel Esteban. All rights reserved.

Special Thanks

First of all, I'd like to appreciate the great conversations I have had regarding game development over the past few months, while making this game. Also, the CoG Forum is just an amazing place to exchange thoughts and philosophy regarding game development. I don't want to make an exhaustive list of all people, but the names of Jacic, Jason, Eric_Moser, Poison_Mara and Eiwynn come to mind for some great conversations during the last few months.

Then, I'd like to thank Feather (Tiffany Yuet in real life), the brilliant artist behind artwork in the game. I'm so happy that she continues to agree to work with me, as her art really gives life to my games!

Special appreciation also goes to Lordirish for organising the CScomp2017, which served as the kick-start for the first part of this series of games. Fiogan, Poison_Mara, Pace675, Snowpanther, Eiwynn, Lavender and Guhik were the judges of that competition, and provided invaluable early feedback and encouragement that helped me shape and develop the game afterwards. Thanks so much to them for all the input so early on into the game!

I also would like to thank the many beta testers that have helped with this game. I hope I haven't forgotten anybody (please do let me know if I did, and I'll add you). Note that many might be mentioned twice, due to their posting in private and public threads. The contributions of these individuals was invaluable, as they provided great feedback that helped to provide inspiration for the game, aside from finding bugs and typos.

Private threads beta testers: Jacic, black, William5738, Judarkus, Dartknight, Talyrion, domthestar, Blood_rose, G-man, Canthinkofone, stsword, Abcde, Alice-chan, LucHD, BraveHeart70, Whie_fnag, AMER1CANN1NJA09, ThatsOk, Bathala, RuffianDog321, expectedoperator, SeventhJackel, Mysterious_Person, Patrick_Cody02, Shoneah_Tokala, Francisco_Mendez, 0roxson0, MartinMarten, Einharr, Bokeh, JakRatchet, Patar, Keanu_Cuco, majinmike, Alexj, Wrath123, D1ABL0CZ, StarWarsMaster,

Public thread testers: hustlertwo, Lycantrophy, eileesnu, Dwayne, sljzz, Captain_Lupin, TheDrake, FutbolDude21586, CheffPanda, Bokeh, Dontknow, TheJake_Kelly3, Einharr, Runehood66, DangerTrick, Raysa_Cristina20, The_Blaze, Whatbife, Mysterious_Person, Nick_Miller, Prodigal, Dp3803, Azraeel, Svrmaster103_Lab, Denzil_Melgior_Nagel,

Other acknowledgments: rinari (for looking after authors in general, and checking what is going on in other forums and platforms), and Kai Deleon, the Production Coordinator of this game.

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