Writer: Kie Brooks

This game was written by Kie when he should have been studying.
If you like this game please go to and buy his Tai Chi CD.

ChoiceScript Language

Design and Development: Dan Fabulich

Your level of paranoia will increase and decrease throughout the game depending on your choices.
Depending on your level of paranoia, you may perceive your choices differently.
It would probably be a good idea to avoid letting your paranoia exceed 90%.


The mobile icons/splash screen are derived from a photograph under the Creative Commons. / CC BY SA 2.0


This adventure is not intended to poke fun at anyone suffering from paranoia. If you believe you are suffering from any medical condition please consult your doctor. It is highly unlikely that they want to kill you and harvest your organs.

"Paranoia" is Copyright 2010 Kie Brooks. All rights reserved.

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