What is a CV?

CV stands for curriculum vitae. The CV is like a resume, but focuses on publications in addition to past work experience and education. In the U.S. the CV is often used in academic circles instead of a simple resume.

The CV is more relevant for Choice of Games than a resume, because we need a simple, first-line document to review your past experience as a writer, and writing is something many people do outside of their day job. For the purposes of Choice of Games, your CV can be a variation on your resume, and in addition to work history and education could include items like:

  • Past publications in newspapers, literary magazines, websites
  • Published books/games
  • Links to writing on the web
  • Workshops, conferences, seminars you’ve given or attended related to writing
  • Awards
  • Specific courses related to writing taken, as part of a degree or independently
  • Experience writing table-top role-playing games/LARPs

Just as when applying for a job, your resume should succinctly show a reviewer why you’d be a good candidate; to be considered to write for us, your CV should show us that you’re a writer.

Your CV should be up-to-date and include more than just what jobs you’ve held. Anything relevant/related to your experience as a writer can go in a CV.

You may not have past publications, which is also fine. Please submit your CV and tell us about your writing experience in the email you attach it to.