Hosted Games Submission Form

Use this form to submit a completed ChoiceScript game to our Hosted Games publishing program.

If you have questions about this form, email us at

Do not use this form to submit to the “Choice of Games” label or the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels. If you are looking to write for the Choice of Games label read this page, while if you intend to submit your game to the Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels, use this submission form. The form below is for submitting to the “Hosted Games” label. (Note that CoG contest entries will not be published until after the contest is over.)

About the Author

Your email address:

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Describe yourself in about 100 words. (This text will be displayed in the game “About” screen, in the “About the Author” section.)

Submit ChoiceScript Game Files

Drag and drop ChoiceScript .txt files into this box or Browse for files on your local disk.

Submit Promotional Art, Icon, Splash Screens (“Box Art”)

App stores require art in various sizes.

  • Icon: 1024×1024, but mobile devices will resize it down to 48×48. This icon should NOT include the name of your game.
  • Splash Screens: This screen will be displayed briefly as the game starts (on various devices) and will act as the first screenshot in the store.
    • 480×800 portrait (Android)
    • 640×960 portrait (iPhone 4)
    • 1242×2208 portrait (iPhone 5+)
    • 1536×2048 portrait (iPad portrait)
    • 2048×1536 landscape (iPad landscape)
  • Other Promotional Art: These landscape images can include the name of your game in a large font.
    • 1024×500 landscape
    • 1400×560 landscape
    • 480×320 landscape
Drag and drop images into this box or Browse for images on your local disk.

Submit *image Files in the Game (optional)

If your game includes in-game images with the *image command, you can submit them below.

Drag and drop in-game image files into this box or Browse for images on your local disk.

Automated Tests

We provide two types of automated tests for ChoiceScript, Quicktest and Randomtest.

If you haven’t run these tests before, click the link above and run the tests now on your own. (It’s much more convenient to run the tests on your own than it is to run them here in this submission form.)

But, just to be sure, click the buttons below to verify that your submission passes the tests.

If you’re having trouble with test failures, post a question on our forum in the ChoiceScript Help category.


How would you like to charge for the game? (We may override this decision, but we usually defer to your preferences.)

How much would you like to charge?

Descriptions of Various Lengths

Here’s advice on writing good descriptions. We strongly encourage you to submit multiple variations; we’ll help you pick and choose the best.

(All character counts include spaces, e.g. “two words” is nine characters.)

Subject: 50 characters, for sending out in an email “Subject: ” line. (We only require one subject line, but consider writing a lot of these; we recommend writing 20 of them. It’s a grueling process, but it seems to really pay off.)

Short: 80 characters, for Android Google Play Store.

Web: 155 characters. Google will show this description when someone searches for your game.

Full: Unlimited length, but the description will be clipped between 200-250 characters, with a “Read More” link to see the rest.

Bullets: A bulleted list of nifty things in your game. This is optional but strongly recommended.

For example, here’s the list for Slammed:
  • Enjoy a 250,000-word personal tale of friendship, competition, and revenge.
  • Develop not only your physical abilities, but a favored wrestling style.
  • Become a heroic face, or a villainous heel–or even turn heel.
  • Turn a scripted match into a real fight–and vice versa.
  • Decide when to keep kayfabe, and when to break it.
  • Play as male or female, gay or straight.

Content Rating

Apple requires us to answer a few questions to set a content rating for the game. Apple doesn’t give much explanation, and in some cases it’s difficult to tell how/if the category would apply to a text-only app. (“Nudity?”)

Realistic Violence
Fantasy/Cartoon Violence
Profanity or Crude Humor
Mature/Suggestive Themes
Horror/Fear Themes
Alcohol, Tobacco, or Drug Use or References
Simulated Gambling
Sexual Content or Nudity


Artist, copy editor, beta testers, special thanks, etc.

Additional Notes to Us

Anything you’d like to mention to the staff at Hosted Games.

Generate Package

You still need to provide your email address.
You still need to drag in your ChoiceScript game files.
You still need to provide some promotional images.
You still need to pass Quicktest.
You still need to pass Randomtest.
You still need to provide a 50-character description of your game.
You still need to provide an 80-character description of your game.
You still need to provide a 155-character description of your game.
You still need to provide a full-length description of your game.
You still need to answer questions in the Content Rating section.

I know my package has errors, but I want to submit it anyway.