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Getting a Mate in “Choice of the Dragon”

Posted by: Adam Strong-Morse | Comments (62)

One of the questions we’ve gotten most frequently about “Choice of the Dragon” is whether it’s possible to get a mate and, if so, how.  (Actually, we’ve both gotten that as a question and as a complaint asserting that it’s not possible but that it should be.)

To answer the not very spoilery part of the question:  Yes, it is possible to get a mate.  The code provides for it, we’ve successfully gotten a mate in playtesting, and some of our players have as well.  It is difficult, which was intentional on our part– we think that having some things that take a little more effort and are more of an accomplishment adds depth to the game.  But it is definitely possible.

I’m putting some hints about how to get a mate below the cut.

In order to get a mate, you need to do three things.  First, you need to enter the Mating vignette/chapter with a high score in one of the relevant stats.  Second, you need to choose a dragon that cares about the high stat that you have.  And third, you need to choose an action to impress the dragon that displays the relevant stat well.

I’m not going to give the full spoiler of which stats are relevant, what dragon cares about each stat, and what action to take to show off each stat.  But if you look at the descriptions of the dragons, you should be able to get some idea.

Good luck!


  1. kohi jones says:

    I got a mate the first time around. North ftw

  2. Erdrick says:

    I too got a mate my first time around, west is best! Also the reddit community says hi. A link to your game was posted and was quite popular. Hoping for a continuation of the game after waking from hybernation.

    • Gumball says:

      WTF? Ive tried everything and guess what? NO FREAKING BLACK DRAGON!!! My finnese was at least 90%, what am i f*cking doing wrong

      • Saiko Kurosu says:

        And make sure not to cheat! They’l get grumpy… xD
        -cheers- But I still got my man! Although, it feels a little weird doing the protecting… -shrugs- I hope dragons are like foxes and pair off for life… Or else I’ll probably awaken to heartbreak… -pouts-

      • Anonymous dragon lover says:

        For finesse alot of people think that it means intelligence, thats cunning. Finesse is maneuverability which you use to impress the sea dragon must have a finesse stat of at least 75.

        Good luck with your mating attempts!

    • Gumball says:

      WTF? Ive tried everything and guess what? NO FREAKING BLACK DRAGON!!! My finnese was at least 90%, what am i f*cking doing wrong. plz

  3. Praz-el says:

    South ftw and yea I got a mate first try

  4. Kahryl says:

    I spent two games trying to get that noodly eastern dragoness but she wasn’t impressed by a big brutish impulsive dragon.

    Third game I went after the vicious green dragoness and romancing her was as simple as incinerating one of her villages <3

    Great game! I especially like the Meyers-Briggs for dragons thing you have going.

  5. Duvik says:

    I got me mate on my second run… that fiery northern beast was mine… I then left her high and dry. I posted a link to this game at my favorite site for playing traditional pen and paper RPGs online at http://www.thetangledweb.net

    I found the site via Stumbleupon. I’m glad I did.

  6. SoFoolyCoolly says:

    I got me a mate! Challenging the wise Black dragon of the west to a game of chess really impressed her! My finesse is unmatched.

  7. Lita says:

    Mm, I got Westie. ^.^ Same as FoolyCoolly, I defeated him (My dragon was a girl.) at chess.

  8. Darkluna says:

    It took a second try over here, as I was showing off my best attribute and not the one the other dragon was most interested in, but I was determined to get that shape shifting black dragon.

  9. Faeleia says:

    Air acrobatics seem to really impress the water dragon.

  10. cinder calhoun says:

    Flying acrobatics do NOT impress the luck dragon. 🙁

  11. Vlad says:

    I finally got a mate on my… fourth or fifth run through. I did like that it felt like more of an accomplishment, but I was a little disappointed that after I had to work at it so hard, it didn’t seem to do anything to the rest of the game. I brought her home and she hibernated, and as far as the rest of the game went, I might as well have not even bothered getting a mate.

  12. FruityJellyfish says:

    I got every dragon except for the south luck dragon. Is it actually possible to get the south? I’ve tried getting as high as possible for each stat per choice to impress and tried every single option, but no luck.

    o_O Air acrobatics worked on the sea dragon? I tried that with high Finesse but that didn’t work.

  13. BR says:

    I’ve played too much…

    If anyone with the ability to do what I’m asking reads this, can they hide it for people who want to try for themself don’t accidentally read it (by hide I mean like the BBCode hide tag on the whole spoilery part)? Alternatively delete it, I have stored a copy for myself and friends. In the meantime, I hope nobody accidentally reads it.

    Here’s how to get a mate in Choice of the Dragon:
    To impress them, you have to have quite high stats in their respective areas to win (over 75% or maybe less, but 75% is my guess as I’ve never gotten a mate under that and because it’s a nice whole number).
    The North dragon likes brutality (so destroy a nearby villiage), the South dragon likes finesse (so do loop-de-loops), the West dragon likes cunning (challenge it to a game of wits and don’t cheat, otherwise infamy goes down and you fail), and the East dragon likes infamy (so start spreading rumors).
    If you exhibit your wealth, you’ll always fail, and lose some wealth. If you steal some of its gold and fly off, you still always fail, although cunning and wealth go up.
    Afterwards, they’ll invite you to their lair. If you accept, you get a choice of moving on, moving in, or inviting it. It doesn’t matter what you choose, it’s purely cosmetic. But if you spurn the invitation, it’ll ask you if you want to move on, play hard to get, or try to woo another dragon. If you want to move on or woo another dragon, it ends. However, if you choose the flirting option, your cunning goes up.

  14. FruityJellyfish says:

    I’ve tried every single stat for the Eastern luck dragon mate, infamy included, and I even have the screen where it says the entire kingdom is whispering about your deeds, etc, but this dragon is quite territorial and is not impressed by your infamy.

    And I got the South sea dragon by infamy. So… I don’t know why, it looks like my stuff goes differently. I got the first two mates the normal way, though.

  15. BR says:

    @FuityJellyfish: This works for me. Max out infamy then:
    Will you try to find a mate? Yes.
    What gender of dragon will you seek out for a mate? Your choice.
    How are you going to find it? Go out hunting for it.
    How concerned are you about this? Not at all concerned.
    Why aren’t you more concerned? Your choice.
    Which of these mates most interests you? East.
    Now, you’ll need to do something to impress it. Spread rumors of my impending arrival, highlighting my fearsome reputation.
    Then it says:
    The whole kingdom is talking about you. They whisper of your terrifying deeds and your lair filled with unimaginable treasures. “Most impressive,” he/she/it says.

  16. FruityJellyfish says:

    No such luck. “The whole kingdom is talking about your impending arrival. They whisper of your terrifying deeds and your lair filled with unimaginable treasures.

    Unfortunately, this dragon is quite territorial and is not the least bit impressed by your reputation. He rejects your advances, and eventually you return home to your lair… alone.

    I’m starting to think I must be doing something drastically different if I got the South via infamy and can’t get the East at all.

    I was using cunning. Brutality/Disdain are both halfway. Infamy is 85% or so, since I ended with 86%.

    No clue what’s wrong with whatever I’ve been doing.

  17. BR says:

    @FruityJellyfish: I only get that message if I try a different dragon or have less than 75% infamy.

  18. BR says:

    Oh, I got lower than 75% and got a mate – maybe it’s 70%.

  19. mShadow888 says:

    i got the gold dragon first try with 73% infamy ^-^

  20. FruityJellyfish says:

    Well, after the new update was put out, I was finally able to get the Eastern gold dragon (89% infamy). >_> And doing the same thing I’d been trying before when I couldn’t get the Eastern dragon. I’m assuming now I should be able to get the sea dragon with high finesse now, too, since before the update I got the sea dragon with high infamy and finesse didn’t work on it at all.

    It was just a weird situation, but I got all the dragons now so I’m happy.

  21. ',..,' says:

    … It is inpossible

  22. mmm says:

    can you guys give me all the correct answers on getting the female sourth dragon mate?? PELASE!!!

  23. Jessica says:

    The eastern dragon:
    get over 75% infamy and spread rumors; it worked for me!¡

  24. dragonessocarina says:

    WOOT!! most impressive n_n

  25. Tsukistar says:

    I beat the game with a very clever (female) mate and a pile of loot 😀

  26. person who got a mate says:

    yup it is hard but anyone can do it.

  27. Sjach Malsvirpobon says:

    I got the Northern, first try. Then I left him behind; wouldn’t get up off that lazt arse of his.

  28. InsaneDragonFreak says:

    I can’t get that lucky dragon!

  29. lauren says:

    I stole the West dragon’s gold. I decided bachelorhood life is best.

  30. randomness says:

    in order to beat the game without facing death (or how I did) at the wizard’s (something with a v)house you start at the bottom of the tower (I was high in finesse) and then after the battle you hibernate with your mate (if your high in finesse then you can get the black dragon by looping in the air) hope this helps

  31. Iradesca says:

    I finally got the black dragon, but the luck dragon’s too hard to get. Anybody got an answer? Very desperate…

  32. Haon says:

    I got the black dragon to the west, I had 72% cunning, and I did the chess game without cheating. Took me a long time though, since I kept trying to get the black dragon with vigilance instead of cunning (12th try). Thanks for the help.


  33. ahhhhhhh says:


  34. Mighty Shadow says:

    Spolier here’s how to get them…

    Do anything thing you want in the game unroll the mating bit.… see what skill in stats is the highest and use it to mate…

    Green Dragon: Brutal
    Shape shifting Dragon: Cunning
    Sea monster Dragon: Finese
    Luck Dragon: Infarmy

    Green Dragon Tips: You have to be VERY brutal for this mate and destroy the village to impress him/her.

    Shape-shifting Dragon Tips: You must be VERY cunning and to impress challenge this dragon to a game of wits (chess).

    Sea Monster Dragon Tips: I got this dragon by having high Finese and doing graceful loops to impress it.

    Luck Dragon Tips: Infarmy MUST BE OVER THAN 70%!! Then spread rumors to impress this, VERY HARD TO IMPRESS DRAGON!!!!

  35. Awesome yet random dude says:

    It didnt work… I tried finesse on the sea dragon and she did not take

  36. Abraxas says:

    I knew the west wanted chess!!! But apparently I’m a stupid dragon and I’m brutal… Oh well next try!

  37. im the unknown female lol says:

    I got the green dragon hay 😀 it took me 1 try

  38. im the unknown female lol says:

    I mean yay not hay lol

  39. ella says:

    West requires finesse, the sea serpent requires wealth, the north, brutality, irk the last one

  40. dragonftw says:

    Well thanks i finally got a mate on my 50th try.

  41. Gumball says:

    How to you get the best one, west I’ve tried everything but cheating a little at chess and stealing some of her gold

  42. Gumball says:

    WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF WTF!!!!!!!!! My fineness was at 93% and i played chess fair and the west still rejected me? WTF? Is the game fricking rigged? Ive restarted the game at least 25 times and nothing i do makes the wast gal fall in love with me? WTF? Plz respond if you have a answer for me or **** you.

    • Akilroth234 says:

      It’s because west is into cunning, north into brutality (probably), south into fame, and east into finesse, you hooker.

  43. Gumball says:

    FUCK!!!! I cant get north or west. What the Fuck am i doing wrong?

  44. Dakota says:

    You should send your goblins out to search for a mate and you should chose north and destroy the nerest village

  45. Luna says:

    I can’t get a mate im a blue dragon with lethery wings female and named larena I don’t care which mate I get just could someone tell me step by step on how to win one from the begining to that part when I have to choose and impress please I tried 90 times I really counted and haven’t got one I’m lonely here

  46. john says:

    worked with the west dragon. won her over in a game of chess. dont cheat itll make em angry

  47. Oh gosh, I got the West dragon thanks to your comments!!!

    I would like to have more mating story, though…

  48. try again says:

    faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa cant deal with it

  49. Alue says:

    I have tried to get all of the mates. Flying did not work with the sea dragon. Chess almost got the black dragon. Nothing got the green dragon. Finally the dragon with the “flowing whiskers”, never even got a chance. Please help me.

  50. Alue says:

    OMG! Having a lot of Brutality got me the green dragon!!!!

  51. Sky says:

    I need help getting the south male dragon HELP

  52. Olivia Santamauro says:

    I got the South dragon on my first try, and many times after! but now I can’t, ugh. My finesse is way to low now. anyways, you need I believe about 80% finesse to get the scaly sea monster of the south. Ugh, I wish this game was longer so you can actually do things with your mate, like have hatchlings!

  53. Doreo says:

    How do you get the wishing dragon in the west?!?! I need help!!! Plz help me!!!

  54. The thing with mates is that, yes, they are satisfying, but they really don’t do anything.

    • KeyBoard Kat934 says:

      I wish that they did something, I am a female leathery black dragon named StarStruck, and I have the north dragon, my brutality was at 95% and a knock down his village he said “Most impressive.” And I invited him to live with me. The stupid dragon slept the rest of the game. I beat the game and he still wouldn’t wake up. Did he die? Am I crazy that I want them to wake up? I have a million other games and he rejects me every time, even with brutality. What am I doing wrong? Brutality was at 100% for one of the too.

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