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Vote for Our Next Game

Posted by: Adam Strong-Morse | Comments (289)

As we finish up work on Choice of Broadsides, we’re starting to plan our next couple of games.  We’d like your opinion on these ideas.  We’re also happy to hear if there’s another game that you would really like to see.  We don’t promise to make the game that gets the most votes–our preference as designers also matters–but your votes will definitely influence our decision, and all of the options we’re presenting are ideas that we’re interested in writing.

Choice of the President Choose your goals and political decisions as you strive for re-election as the president. Will you sell out your principles to win re-election? Only you can decide.
Choice of the Politician Make your political and personal decisions as you try to advance in politics. Can you become President? Will you compromise your principles or make personal sacrifices to get ahead?
Choice of the Vampire Live forever and move through a million nights as one of the undead. Throughout history, vampires have moved behind the scenes, shaping the world. Now you can be one of them! Will you treat humans as mere prey or try to find true love? UPDATE: Done! Choice of the Vampire
Choice of the Hunted An ancient vampire both loves you and wants to suck your blood. Will you follow the vampire into undeath or fight back?
Choice of the Werewolf As the power of the wolf surges within you, will you strive to maintain your humanity or will you embrace the wolf and dominate the local pack?
Choice of the Hero How will you handle the sudden rush of power as you become a super? Will you use your super powers carefully or rashly? Or will you choose to become a villain instead?
Choice of the God Your people and the very laws of nature obey your command. What choices will you make as you guide your people?
Choice of the Prophet A god has chosen you as its prophet. How will you carry out the god’s will, and what will you do with your power?
Choice of the Gunslinger Howdy, pardner. Will you choose to be the hero of the Wild West or its most feared desperado?
Choice of the Time Traveler Can you protect the time line from the nefarious changes time marauders seek? Or will you change history for the better?
Choice of the Dragon Rider As one of the knights of the air, defend your homeland on dragonback.
Choice of the Mobster Make your choices as you climb the ranks of organized crime. Will you become the boss or will you sleep with fishes?
Anne Boleyn’s Choice Make the choices of Anne Boleyn. Will you become Queen? Will you lose your head?
Choice of the Consort As a lovely young courtier who has caught the monarch’s eye, will you gain a crown or lose your head? UPDATE: We released this game as Choice of Romance.
Choice of the Monarch Rule your kingdom. Can you handle rival kingdoms, rebellious vassals, and manage your court?
Choice of the Wizard Learn the ancient arts of wizardry and then put your skills to the test on mystic adventures. Can you fulfill the ancient prophecy?
Choice of the Knight Will you choose honor and duty or pursue opportunity and ambition?
Choice of the Superspy The whole world depends on your wits, cleverness, and savoir faire. But will you serve your country or betray it when you find out the truth?
Choice of the Samurai Honor demands that you serve your daimyo without question. But when your daimyo is plotting against the shogun, will you continue to obey and plunge the lands into war?
Choice of the Ninja You are a ninja. Through espionage, sabotage, and assassination, you will bring your master’s plans to fruition… or will you choose otherwise?
Choice of the Pirate Sail the seven seas! Pillage and burn! Seize their booty! Arrr!
SteamChoice You can harness the power of steampunk technology to change the world around you. Will you use your skill to benefit mankind, or will you become a mad scientist?
Choice of the Dragon II Awaken from hibernation and continue your adventures.
Choice of Broadsides II Continue your adventures in the Royal Navy.

Let us know what you think of these ideas!

We’re also interested to hear if people would prefer more games that are a similar length to Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides, or if people would prefer a smaller number of longer games.  Longer games are harder to write, so the choice is probably something like four games the length of Choice of the Dragon or one game that is three times as long.  If there’s a strong preference one way or the other, that will affect our planning.

UPDATE 2010/Aug: Crossed out Vampire and Consort/Romance, since those are the games we already picked.

UPDATE 2010/Oct: Now that we have a PayPal donation button, we’ll give strong weight to votes that are backed by donations. Voting with your donations is worth more than just voting with a comment. (Though voting with comments is always welcome!)

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