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Vote for Our Next Game

Posted by: Adam Strong-Morse | Comments (289)

As we finish up work on Choice of Broadsides, we’re starting to plan our next couple of games.  We’d like your opinion on these ideas.  We’re also happy to hear if there’s another game that you would really like to see.  We don’t promise to make the game that gets the most votes–our preference as designers also matters–but your votes will definitely influence our decision, and all of the options we’re presenting are ideas that we’re interested in writing.

Choice of the President Choose your goals and political decisions as you strive for re-election as the president. Will you sell out your principles to win re-election? Only you can decide.
Choice of the Politician Make your political and personal decisions as you try to advance in politics. Can you become President? Will you compromise your principles or make personal sacrifices to get ahead?
Choice of the Vampire Live forever and move through a million nights as one of the undead. Throughout history, vampires have moved behind the scenes, shaping the world. Now you can be one of them! Will you treat humans as mere prey or try to find true love? UPDATE: Done! Choice of the Vampire
Choice of the Hunted An ancient vampire both loves you and wants to suck your blood. Will you follow the vampire into undeath or fight back?
Choice of the Werewolf As the power of the wolf surges within you, will you strive to maintain your humanity or will you embrace the wolf and dominate the local pack?
Choice of the Hero How will you handle the sudden rush of power as you become a super? Will you use your super powers carefully or rashly? Or will you choose to become a villain instead?
Choice of the God Your people and the very laws of nature obey your command. What choices will you make as you guide your people?
Choice of the Prophet A god has chosen you as its prophet. How will you carry out the god’s will, and what will you do with your power?
Choice of the Gunslinger Howdy, pardner. Will you choose to be the hero of the Wild West or its most feared desperado?
Choice of the Time Traveler Can you protect the time line from the nefarious changes time marauders seek? Or will you change history for the better?
Choice of the Dragon Rider As one of the knights of the air, defend your homeland on dragonback.
Choice of the Mobster Make your choices as you climb the ranks of organized crime. Will you become the boss or will you sleep with fishes?
Anne Boleyn’s Choice Make the choices of Anne Boleyn. Will you become Queen? Will you lose your head?
Choice of the Consort As a lovely young courtier who has caught the monarch’s eye, will you gain a crown or lose your head? UPDATE: We released this game as Choice of Romance.
Choice of the Monarch Rule your kingdom. Can you handle rival kingdoms, rebellious vassals, and manage your court?
Choice of the Wizard Learn the ancient arts of wizardry and then put your skills to the test on mystic adventures. Can you fulfill the ancient prophecy?
Choice of the Knight Will you choose honor and duty or pursue opportunity and ambition?
Choice of the Superspy The whole world depends on your wits, cleverness, and savoir faire. But will you serve your country or betray it when you find out the truth?
Choice of the Samurai Honor demands that you serve your daimyo without question. But when your daimyo is plotting against the shogun, will you continue to obey and plunge the lands into war?
Choice of the Ninja You are a ninja. Through espionage, sabotage, and assassination, you will bring your master’s plans to fruition… or will you choose otherwise?
Choice of the Pirate Sail the seven seas! Pillage and burn! Seize their booty! Arrr!
SteamChoice You can harness the power of steampunk technology to change the world around you. Will you use your skill to benefit mankind, or will you become a mad scientist?
Choice of the Dragon II Awaken from hibernation and continue your adventures.
Choice of Broadsides II Continue your adventures in the Royal Navy.

Let us know what you think of these ideas!

We’re also interested to hear if people would prefer more games that are a similar length to Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides, or if people would prefer a smaller number of longer games.  Longer games are harder to write, so the choice is probably something like four games the length of Choice of the Dragon or one game that is three times as long.  If there’s a strong preference one way or the other, that will affect our planning.

UPDATE 2010/Aug: Crossed out Vampire and Consort/Romance, since those are the games we already picked.

UPDATE 2010/Oct: Now that we have a PayPal donation button, we’ll give strong weight to votes that are backed by donations. Voting with your donations is worth more than just voting with a comment. (Though voting with comments is always welcome!)


  1. Orichalcum says:

    I like Choice of the Superspy or Choice of the Consort best, though I am of course a sucker for historically based games.

  2. Dan says:

    I think the idea of Choice of God is just amazing!

  3. Luke Hunter says:

    I would definitely prefer a longer game, or even extra installments for the one game, eg Choice of the Dragon II, where you can carry on with your first Choice of the Dragon.
    But longer, and better content is much more interesting than shorter games.
    Also, i love the idea of choice of the hero, and choice of the samuari

  4. Sharon says:

    I vote for a Dragon sequel or SteamChoice, with Anne Boleyn dead last. I mean, if choosing random famous individuals from history to impersonate, why her in particular? (Choice of Isabella of France (d. 1358)? Choice of Börte? Choice of Hypatia? Not that I am nominating those in her place, exactly.)

  5. Wafflehund says:

    More Choice of the Dragon! Being able to continue your character is a must, as it will add to the depth and character of the game. The gunslinger or samurai concepts are very appealing to me, but it’s a tough choice since all of the concepts are very interesting. I have no love for the Vampire subgenre anymore, but it could be good for widening support and fanbase; it’s popular right now, if not a little overdone.

  6. Joseph says:

    They all are very interesting. I think any of them would do for me if you can find some interesting choices to make, but I have to vote for Choice of Dragon II, since I really liked the first one, and Choice of the Hunted, since being hunted would offer some pretty hefty choices.

  7. EmmJay says:

    I was juggling a few ideas on a time travel story. Not yet given up on the idea, but it’s hard. You see, for time travel to be really interesting, you have to be able to influence things in your past, which makes the layout of the game… well… not trivial.

    As a player, I’d love the idea to be a Samurai.

  8. Joseppe says:

    I’d like to put in votes for prophet and consort. My third would be politician/president, but they could be problematic. While I’m definitely on the same page as you with regard to your gender politics (and may well agree with you on any number of other issues), it could be too easy to let ideology get in the way of creativity when making a piece about politics. However, if you all feel like you’re up to the added challenge (or you have some sort of fictional world/country to set this in), that would be cool to see too.

  9. Simon says:

    Choice of the Hunted and SteamChoice interest me the most, the politics subgenre not so much. Also, a sequel to Choice of the Dragon would be great.
    I have thought about writing a vampire game in Choice Script. I’ll share it with you as soon as its done (if it gets done at all).
    As for game length, I think Choice of the Dragon had a good length. It could have been longer, of course, but I think the longer a game gets, the harder it gets to keep it interesting. Also, more short games have the possibility to appeal to a broader audience.

  10. Kalzenith says:

    i vote for Choice of the Consort or a Choice of the dragon sequel. i also vote for a game that is 3 times longer and just make fewer of them, i know that with each decision tree you add, it makes the game exponentially more complex, but the complexity is what makes these games interesting, i loved choice of the dragon but i can play through it in like 2 minutes.

  11. lucas podesta says:

    Choice of the God and then choice of the dragon 2

  12. Rin says:

    Choice of Dragon 2 or Choice of God.

  13. erik Schroeder says:

    I would really like to see either the consort or samurai choice games. If I had a choice it would have to be the samurai game.

  14. Kevin Jonson says:

    Choice of the Samurai or Choice of the God. Choice of the God would be awesome to center the game around classic mythology of some culture. I’m kinda feeling like Greek is over done, but Indian might be badass.

  15. Nina says:

    I think Choice of the Dragon II and Choice of the Hunted are your best options from a business point of view (and I would enjoy either). Probably my very favorite ideas are Choice of the Politician and Choice of the Prophet – probably not a surprise.

  16. T says:

    Just a question: if you did “Choice of the Gunslinger,” would there be an option to play a Native American instead of a cowboy and wield a bow instead of a pistol? I don’t like Westerns because you can only play gunslingers. =)

  17. Becky says:

    I’d love to see Choice of the Dragon II, Choice of the Consort, or Choice of the Pirate. I’m surprised that there haven’t been more votes for pirates! Has the pirate moment passed, and I’m just five minutes ago in my tastes, as usual? 🙂

  18. Simon says:

    Please don’t do “Choice of the God”. I’m still disappointed by “Black and White”. 😉
    But to add more to the gamelength discussion: greater length = more choices = more fun, but also more choices = more work and last, but not least, the more choices a game gives you, the less you will see of the work that went into the game when playing it once. There are probably people out there who play a game over and over to experience every possible storyline, but I’m not one of them. I played Choice of the Dragon twice, with diametrically opposed characters and I still didn’t see the whole game. Rather than play a complex game over and over while waiting for the next one, I’d like to play different games set in a variety of worlds and experience a richer set of gameplay options.
    Of course, a truly great game is long and gives you a myriad of choices, but the cost/fun-ratio is just better with short games, imho.

  19. Jason says:

    Choice of the Vampire.

  20. Steve says:

    I would really love to play a post-apocalypse survival choice of game. One in which you can rebuild a community and do some gardening. “Choice of Survivor” or something to that tune.

    Otherwise I vote for Choice of the Time-Traveling Pirate.

    At the very least, anything but steampunk! (which to me is more of a visual aesthetic, and boring to read about.) Sounds like a “watered down” version of the story of Nikola Tesla and Edison.

    Lengthwise, Choice of Dragon was fine. Looking at that list above, I’d say More Games = greater likelihood of a topic that interests people. And you can always do sequels!

    Speaking of sequels, I’d love to see a Choice of Dragon 2 eventually… hopefully with the ability to transfer the final stats from the first game?

    In conclusion, Choice of Post-Apocalypse please.

  21. John says:

    I vote for Choice of the Pirate and Choice of the Dragon II!

  22. Christopher Hatty says:

    You have Choice of Pirate and Choice of Ninja. Where are Choice of Monkey and Choice of Robot?

  23. Rob says:

    I place my votes for Choice of Consort and Prophet or God. I think I would prefer prophet over god though, it seems like it would have more interesting choices to make.

  24. V says:

    The ones that sound most interesting to me are Hero, God, Prophet, and Consort, and I’d also like to echo what Simon said about more choices meaning one sees less of the game.

  25. William Hughes says:

    I’d love a Choice of the Dragon II, but then again I also love the ideas of Choice of the God or Prophet.

  26. Peter says:

    I vote for Choice of the Hunted myself, this sounds like the most interesting of the lot because it strays from the convention of simply being a vampire.

    If a secondary vote counts then I’d say Steam choice, because everyone loves mad scientists.

  27. Herl says:

    god, hero and prophet look really awesome.

  28. My votes would be for Time Traveler, SuperSpy and Consort, in that order. 🙂

  29. JDW says:

    The thing I liked about the Dragon game was that it wasn’t a standard “hero”. You got to be mean and brutal if you like and the game didn’t punish you for it.

    So I totally want to see Mobster, God, Vampire, etc.

  30. Vality says:

    I would really love to see a choice of the dragon 2. I found I was ably to become very attached to my charicter in the first and really enjoyed the break from traditional human heroes. Carrying on that series would really appeal to me, and I would love to feel I was coming back to my charicter, even if there was no real link with the first game. So I must emplore you to make a sequil to choice of the dragon and as such it gets my vote.

  31. DylanBD says:


  32. Lisa N says:

    I beg you not to do the gunslinger one. Please.

    Hunted or vampire would be neato. Also, I like steve’s idea about survivor.

  33. Mustilicor says:

    Werewolf or God. These two words are pretty much interchangeable, of course.

  34. Camilla says:

    First of all I’d love to see a Choice Of The Dragon II. I have to admit that I have never been so disappointed about dying in a computer game before. I had really started to get attached to my character and liked where it was going. Would you somehow be able to keep the stats from the first game? That would be great, so people could just pick up where they left off if they wanted to.

    For the other games on the list… I think the God and the President one sounds most interesting!

    I’d also like to add a request for one that wasn’t written, and that I saw someone else also had requested: some kind of survivor game, for an post-apocalyptic world. That would be pure heaven for me! Where your character have to start living in a world with no society whatsoever, and begin from scratch. I really do think that would be a very popular one!

  35. jack says:

    Choice of a dragon 2 sounds awesome. I would also like choice of a god and choice of a knight. Or choice of a dragon rider. Anything medieval. also the post-apocalypse suggestion sounds great!

  36. Ken says:

    Choice of the Father, plenty of places you could go with that. But most of the ideas previously mentioned are pretty killer. Good work on CotD.

  37. Chaphalor says:

    I voted for Choice of the dragin II.
    This game is so fuckin’ awesome!

  38. Neppoi says:

    Choice of the Dragon II, it was an awsome game! i would love to continue it 🙂

  39. Neppoi says:

    Choice of the Dragon II, it was an epic game. i would love to continue it. and i would much rather have 1 game of this lengt, then four short games

  40. Quad says:

    Choice of the dragon II

  41. Patrick says:

    I would like to see a choice of the dragon II. I think I would prefer choice of the politician as opposed to choice of the president, and such along those lines.

    The ones I’d like best to see otherwise are, respectively:
    choice of hero
    choice of werewolf
    choice of god
    choice of wizard

    keep up the good work!

  42. Maxim says:

    God, Monarch, and Steam all look quite fun, as does wizard. And I don’t think anybody would object to Dragon 2, since it would simply be delightful to resume where you left off. I’d rather not do the president or politicains ones, personally.

    Still, I’m sure whatever you guys do will be fantastic. I’m certainly looking forwards to Broadsides.

  43. Jesse says:


  44. CR says:

    I’m pretty open to any good story, so whatever your writers/coders are most excited about.

    On length and content. I’d prefer a more branching story line. Longer content is nice if there’s some sort of “save point” or chapter system that would allow me to explore different branches without having to play the entire story line over. (Perhaps even a “no no, it didn’t happen like that” button a la Prince of Persia: Sands of Time) I like to see how /every/ option works, but want to minimize the amount of content I replay.

    I like sequels, but I’d rather not have to worry about playing the first game over and over to start with each type of dragon. I like how “How to Raise a Dragon” did it, allowing you to restart at each chapter with paths you’ve already completed. This also gives you a list of all the different things you can achieve. It’s nice to know that there’s sill more to be seen or you’ve completed (100%) the game.

    Maybe even an option on subsequent playthroughs to highlight options that would show you content you haven’t seen (even if it’s just flavor text). This would be harder for content that’s stat driven, but you could move to a 3+ color system. (Black for things you’ve seen. Blue for things that would show you new content. Red for options that would show you new content but you don’t have the proper stats for (maybe with a note for the stat that needs to change, which direction, and by how much).

    I mean, this could get /really/ complicated if you have a lot of generated content, but I would presume it wouldn’t be too hard to pick out the unique lines of story that aren’t dynamically driven. (ie – The system would make you pick each dragon colour once, but wouldn’t make you hit every [insert colour] tag with all available colours. It would also make you pick every option dealing with the shield and your sibling despite the end result being the same as there’s slightly different flavor text)

    OOOo and maybe even a “Debug” mode where after x number of playthroughs (say 3-5), you can turn on “debugging” where you can see how each choice would effect your stats before you make the choice.

    I remember having a system for choose your own adventure books to make sure I read every page. I’d dogear the bottom of the pages together for sections I’ve read (or used paperclips when I had them available), and I’d dog ear the top of pages that had a story split that I had yet to take. I think it’s safe to say I’m a bit of a completionist when it comes to good content. ^_^

    Anywho. Yay for new stories. Long content is great, but only if it’s not too tedious to complete with 100%

    <3 CR

  45. arpat says:

    I’m strongly in favor of longer games, even if there’s much fewer of them. Not only do I feel like I get more out of them the first time, but I find they have a much greater replay value.

    For your next game, my vote is either for one of the political options (including historic), or God. Because who doesn’t like playing God.

  46. Rudy F says:

    I think the idea of a longer game is more interesting to me. Also i vote for Choice of the Dragon 2!

  47. […] we make?  That’s where the interesting choice is.  The first thing we did was to toss up a blog post asking people to vote for their favorite ideas.  We’ve gotten some great feedback, but […]

  48. gepaa says:

    Tasteless bastards. I’m all for Anne Boleyn’s Choice.

  49. claire says:

    choice of god!
    choice of the time traveler!

  50. SoFoolyCoolly says:

    Choice of the Dragon II! I was actually thinking about this, right before I drifted off to sleep.

  51. Desitny says:

    I want Choice of the Dragon II!

  52. John says:

    i like the hero, god, steam, time traveler and dragon II game. i think the dragon,time traveler and god should be “long games” or like Luke Hunter before me said several installments of one game. and Anne Boleyn’s choice dead last, or negative 9000. Maybe Napoleons or someone else who was IMPORTANT to history and that you did not forget until you just read the name. sorry for this being long, i really like these games and books.

  53. freddy says:

    i like the mobster one…

  54. Vanessa says:

    Totally would love the second choice of dragon game! It would be great to continue after hibernation. Maybe you could make it a little longer, but not too much lest the fact that you can only make so many long ones. I’m sure that whatever comes out next is going to be great!

  55. Anne says:

    I have to agree with CR.

  56. GoD says:

    i think choice of god will best im waiting for next game good luck!

  57. Mia says:

    All are very interesting, but if I had to choose one, I’d choose Choice of Hero.

  58. Faehl says:

    I’d be happiest with Choice of the Dragon II to continue the story. Long games appeal to me but I agree that having chapters or a number of saved states of your progress would help make the game enjoyable. Having play though a long game over again to get back to some other options that had seemed interesting can be a bit tedious. I do like to start over again, but I also like to fully explore different branches to try and see as much of the game as possible.

    Other options that I thought were interesting were Choice of the Werewolf, Choice of the Consort, SteamChoice and Choice of the Time Traveler.

  59. Amelia says:

    I vote for Choice of the Dragon II! I loved the first one and would really like to see what happens next.

  60. Le Blue Dude says:

    I personaly like having large quantities of power at my fingertips. I like choice of the Monarch best, with choice of the timetraveler coming in second and steamchoice third. Choice of the dragon II is fourth, and choice of the god is fifth.

    I prefer fantasy settings to real ones, so choice of the politician and choice of the president do not appeal to me. Vampires are a bit too passe, as are werewolves so I’m not sae much into those either.

    Well that’s my opinion

  61. bob says:


    twilight is too gay…

    also, no supernatural stuff

  62. Devalyn says:

    I would find a continuation of Choice of the Dragon suitable. The choice of the God is also a good idea. As long as there are historically accurate mixed with fantasy however I am content. I find almost all of the above genres very intriguing with only few complaints.

  63. Lucas Dutra says:

    while i really want choice of god, i want it to be really giant and awesome, and i dont think the world is ready for this yet
    this is the same problem i have with choice os time travler

    so, choice of dragon II
    or choice of hero,
    or choice of knight

    oh, man, i trust you, make choice of time travler be awesome and i will give you all the candy a can find (or, you know, money if it turns out to be awesome enough)

  64. Lucas Dutra says:

    hey, a similar ideia would be

    “choice of survivor”


    “choice of crusoé”

    about a man escaping from an accident, or in a desert island, trying to survive, be rescued and dont fall to insanity
    (or being as mad as possible, or even becoming some kind of happy hermit)

  65. Dragon fan says:

    I really want choice of the dragon 2 but i would also like choice of the vampire and choice of the werewolf

  66. Fayre says:

    I would like Choice of the Dragon II – I loved the development and the storyline in the original, and it’d be great to have a sequel – but Choice of the God also sounds amazing.

  67. C says:

    More dragon action please.

  68. Amber says:

    Choice of the Dragon 11! Or choice of the werewolf would be really cool too!!! 🙂

  69. Faye Skeen says:

    I like Choice of the Hunted, Choice of the Consort, and the not-on-the-list-but-still-neat Choice of the Post-Apocalyptic Survivor. Additionally, how about a more sci-fi setting? You wake up on a deserted (or is it?) ship floating in space. You are abducted by aliens. You ARE the alien. Or what abou Choice of the Scientist? You are a scientist working on a top secret, morally questionaable project?

    I’ll admit, I’m most interested in Choice of the Hunted, which snagged me despite my general allergy to vampires.

    This format just lends itself to creativity, doesn’t it? I look forward to whatever you guys come up with!

  70. Faye Skeen says:

    Or! How about a Choice of the Android? Cyberpunk: you are an android of some sort. Maybe you are a law enforcement android on a sting and you run into/afoul of a crime ring?

  71. Walter says:

    I would like the Time Traveller one

    You could do different episodes, one say for Nazi Germany and one for pre-historic times

    I wouild like to go back to Nazi Germany to try to warn and help the Jewish people

  72. Bob says:

    Choice of the God and defininately Choice of the Dragon II

  73. Gorthalon says:

    CHOICE OF DRAGON II!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The best one is usually the first one, so bring the Dragon back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. Sabbi says:

    Choice of the dragon 2 and you can continu by saying were you ended.
    And it would be a good idea to merge samurai and ninja together, way of the samurai would be honor and way of the ninja would be ??? Like aisian theme with martial artist, shaoulin monk and more.

    Say what you think about this idea.

    Sorry for the bad english and the spelling.

  75. Rory H says:

    I’m voting for (it isn’t on the list, but it would be epic) steve’s idea, the post-end of the world one. Will you rise up and become the peoples leader in this nightmare? Or will you become a criminal, hiding in the shadows….
    Either that or choice of God!

  76. Jade says:

    Choice of the Gunslinger would be so cool.

  77. Tone says:

    It would be cool to combine Choice of the Vampire, Hunted, and Werewolf into a more Choice of the supernatural so you could choose to go into whatever race that was permited along your choices as well as staying human and fighting off those of the other races, it would probably be a little longer than Choice of the Broadside which had a good length. Any though should probably be bigger than Choice of the Dragon, because of its shorter length.
    Also the plain format was more substantial and likeable in Choice of Broadsides than in Choice of the Dragon.

  78. lucas says:

    I would go with Choice of the Wizard or Choice of the Dragon II because Choice of the Dragon II you wake up. and Choice of the Wizard is ….. well you have magic!

  79. Gary says:

    Choice of God gets my vote, with Vampire being second. Most of them seem pretty awesome though, so I will also vote for more games the length of Dragon, its long enough to be enjoyable.

  80. trevor says:

    I’d really like to see choice of a pirate and monarch assuming you will be able to attack neighboring countries. Also I would prefer them to longer, after all quality is better then quantity.

  81. Serene says:

    These are the ones the interest me the most:
    Choice of the Ninja
    Choice of the Consort
    Choice of the Time Traveler
    Choice of the Hunted (well, I mention this one more because of all the crazy Twilight fans, I think it’ll be a hit… I wouldn’t mind playing it either, of course!)

    Also, I wanted to add that I really enjoyed the dragon game because I didn’t have to play as a good guy, or even feel bad about it, since I wasn’t (and never had been) human. It was fun. I wish some of the options had different directions, though – for instance, it seems no matter what, you can not obtain a mate, the best you can hope for is to steal their treasure, and that the goblin that wants to be a hero either dies when you eat him of you or dies in battle, nothing more can come of it. What I am saying is, in many ways I did not not see any very vast differences in the overall outcome of the game, you always ended up at the same place.

    But enough of that. I still loved the game enough to play like 10 times! Keep up the great work! I wish I could find more online.

  82. 5h0rty says:

    Here are my Choices in preference order ^-^
    Choice of the Werewolf
    Choice of the Vampire
    Choice of the Ninja
    Choice of the God
    Choice of the Wizard
    Choice of the Hunted
    Overall, I think what’s wrong with this list (sorry, it’s just my opinion) is that many of them are real & historical, & that limits it so much. You have to make what can happen stay true to the real rules, like in the Anne Boleyne, you can ONLY get into situations that SHE was in, maybe with a few exceptions. Now, about Cjoice of the God…PLEASE don’t do Greek, that is overdone right now (Percy Jackson, Clash of the Titans, etc, etc.), try maybe Egyptian? I always liked their gods…
    Also, CR YOU ARE A GENIUS!!! Please listen to CR’s great advice! (S)He has great ideas with her/his color-coding idea, & I fully support that post! Well, at least the suggestions. Not CR’s “wish list” of COG.
    Thanks for listening to me ramble.

  83. juv3nal says:

    I’d really like to see a choice of the detective up to some Raymond Chandler style mystery hijinks, but failing that: hero, gunslinger, mobster, pirate, or superspy in no particular order.

  84. Ryan says:

    Gunslinger or Time Traveler

    Can I vote down the vampire ones? I’m afraid those ones are going to outnumber the others in votes because of the current popularity of vampires 🙁

  85. Tintin LaChance says:

    I really want Gunslinger or Consort. I really love Broadside, and I’d love to see you touch more on historical periods and gender politics, because I thought both were handled wonderfully in that game.

  86. Sauce says:

    I’d love to see Choice of the Consort, you people are so great when you deal with gender roles, I’d love to see your take on more romantic plots. And imagine the political intrigue!

  87. Wolfe Procter says:

    Choice of the Samurai seems great to me. Steamchoice and Choice of the Time Traveler seem interesting as well. As for game length, maybe going multipart wouldn’t be bad? As long as the player can use data from the last game.

  88. Benjamin says:

    I personally enjoy the ideas of Samurai, Ninja, Spy and Mobster. I think that the length of the stories is good since it can be completed in a single sitting. If the gae were any longer a save feature would almost certainly be mandatory, but it should to be designed in a way that prevented people from save-scumming, though I think being able to relive chapters of the game without having to go through the entire story might be a bit of a relief. Time-traveller might be good for that depending on how you would design the game. Keep up the good work!

  89. Newbreed says:

    No vampires. Twilight has ruined the genre and it’s good name. I would like to see Choice of the Dragon II but how can u continue with the same dragon? Sequels are hard. I would also like to see fewer but longer ones, but I would say the best choice would be to make a few more shorter ones to get the name out there. So I would have to say that I would like to see Choice of the Shogun, Ninja or Choice of the Time Traveler.

    Love both of these btw. Love rpgs and these are great. I like getting into the story rather than just trying to win. I love actually playing the character. Keep up the great work.

  90. Whatshisname says:

    Maybe, if possible, just add on to the original Choice of the Dragon and Choice of Broadsides games, not just add a sequel. I’m not sure if it can be done, but it would be interesting to have our choices in the previous games affect what happens after. To me, it sounds like that would not work very well if a sequel was added.

  91. Johnny Obvious says:

    Broadsides II.

    I absolutely love Broadsides, and would love to see more games along that line. Where you are a person in a society trying to get by, making decisions that affect your station, reputation, etc.

  92. Serene says:

    I’d love to see you touch more on historical periods and gender politics — I have to second this! Especially if it picks up some kind of Sherlock Holmes mystery vibe. That would be really interesting. Also for the record, the whole opposites attract, good/evil, rivals etc. are really the most popular stories in this type of fandom. Probably why the Broadsides homosexual pairing was so popular. 😉

  93. James says:

    C ot Hunted sounds too much like Twilight to me… (though this may very well increase popularity of the series, which surely can’t be bad)
    C ot Vampire could be good….as long as it wasn’t in any way like Twilight

    Another thing is I would like to be able to be good or bad. In Broadsides you were always good, no matter what you did. Dragon was a lot better in this area. Because of this I think C ot Hero could be really promising, seeing as you could be a super villain instead… the same with C ot God and C ot Wizard. I think a lot of people would like to play as the bad guy.

    A sequel doesn’t really grab me… I feel that I’ve finished those two games, and have put them aside. I want to start something fresh! Perhaps if people felt really strongly they could write their own…

    A few more ideas might be C ot Tribe set in the stone age or something where you are the leader of a tribe (obviously) and you can either ally with other tribes or fight them or whatever. Or maybe C ot Gladiator, eventually becoming the emporer’s guard….then killing him!!!

    Anyway, final thought: I reckoned the lengths were pretty much ideal as there was enough length so you knew the characters and stuff, but it didn’t drone on either

  94. JD says:

    Choice of ninja and continuing choice of dragon are my votes and maybe after that any of the mideval storys like dragon ridder. (I know I have the writing abillity of a seven year old I’m sorry)

  95. Kevin says:

    I like the time traveler game most

  96. Jt says:

    I think you should do choice of god, it sounds amazing!!!!!

  97. BillionDollaBoy says:

    I would like to see choice of wizard myself, maybe instead of parameters like brutal and gunnery, mabye have the elements that demenstrate how good you are with those types, such as fire appose water, dark appose light. I also think that choice of god would give the player a little to much power, maybe choice of Demigod??? I also really like the idea of choice of dragonII, prophet, ninja and hero.

    I think that a good balance in length, probabley (I know i cant spell…) about the length of choice of broadsides would be a good length. The only problem I saw with broadsides was that it ended a bit ubruptly but that can’t really be avoided can it……

    I think that multiple choice games are unfairly underated and deserve alot more credit. You are doing an amazing job and I think you should keep up the good work!!!

  98. Annie says:

    I vote for either “Choice of the Supers Spy” or “Choice of the Consort”. The whole sneaky-behind-the-scenes-political-intrigue thing holds a lot of interest for me, and others, I’m sure.

  99. mhenshaw says:

    I am a father of 3 boys. Ages 5 to 8 who love dragon but probably wont get broadsides . As Heather mentioned you have got to target your audience. For the selfish reasons I mentioned above I would request new stories in the fantasy or science fiction categories. They all sound good and could be shared with my boys in the evening. They love making the decisions in Dragon.

  100. Daniel says:

    They ALL look great! I would prefer longer games, depending on the subject matter. For example, I can see Choice f the Time Traveler as having no *ending commands, and just being able to navigate from chapter to chapter forever (back and forth, of course, not an infinite number of chapters :)). However, Choice of the President would need to end at the end of term, so might need to be shorter.

  101. JD says:

    Sorry I forgot to put this, when it comes to length I think there should be some longer storys that are more indepth along with some short ones that take only one sitting to play through. This would give players more “choices” ha ha not really but whatever. and if people really liked a shorter story there could always be a sequal. But if there was some of the longer storys there would be the need for the all important save button or at least save at ever chapter and really that would be nice to have in all the storys. Also I just read through all the comments and saw the choice of survivor that would be cool. One final thought when you make the dragon sequal ( just asuming because only everyone who commented asked for it ) please include the carry on stats/ dragon. Thanks for reading just wanted to make sure I said everything.

  102. Johan says:

    I would probably like a choice of the monarch best.

    Ninja would be wrong since I am writing an choice of assassin game myself. 😉

  103. Zord says:

    Choice of the God looks like the best one.

  104. pooky says:

    I think Choice of God would be really cool!

  105. James says:

    JD: I hate to break your little bubble, but not everyone asked for a dragon sequel. What makes you say ‘when’, not ‘if’? Don’t you want to explore a new world, be a completely different person, have a completely diffent adventure? Sure, some will say that you can do that in a sequel, but that is just more of the same, really. You can tell yourself otherwise, but everyone knows that.
    Anyway, I don’t know if it would be possible for the stats to carry over. I’m not a computer programmer, and don’t pretend to be, but I wouldn’t think there was a way to do it. The only thing I can think of is a cookie ofr something, but unless that was in there originally, then I can’t see it happening. I’m sure someone must be able to tell me.
    Final thoughts again. More ideas (for the game after next, as I’m sure the next one is being worked on) could be C ot New World Order where you control the world from backstage, kinda Numerati style, or something about zombies and you having to survive (which could link to what other guys said about starting a new civilisation)…it isn’t very original, but everybody loves zombies, right? Or steampumk. Gotta love stummpunk

  106. Johan says:


    They could just make the second game to be a continuation of the first. Meaning they just make it longer.

  107. James says:


    Do you mean you just do the original game again, but it doesn’t stop when the original did? (if that makes sense)

  108. James says:

    From what I gathered (and I probably misinterpreted it) I thought people wanted to just clikc on the sequel and have their dragon from before waiting there, not have to make a new one. That’s just how I saw it, but I’m probably wrong.

  109. JD says:

    James: sorry I was just saying that from what I read most people seemed to want a sequel were you could carry on the story maybe with like an add on to the first one but then I realise that some people what to be a new dragon im sure the choice of games people will think of something. Oh and the new world order thing sounded pretty amazing.

  110. LJ says:

    c. of the hero
    c. of the dragon II
    c. of the ninja

  111. FBP says:

    Choice of the Dragon II.
    I would love for this to be a series that allows me to play a dragon from birth to death.

    So I guess I am in favor of a smaller number of longer games

    Ninja or Samurai sound like fun too.

  112. HG says:

    Choice of the Samurai

    Choice of the Politician

    Choice of the Mobster

  113. Kaizer says:

    Choice of the metalhead. You know you want to.
    Other than that, choice of the god or ‘SteamChoice’ (as you have chosen to call it) would be awesome.

  114. Erin says:

    Oh man, these are all awesome! However, I feel like The Choice of the Dragon II is kind of needed, I loved that game so much! One more and I’ll be satisfied 🙂 But other than that, I like Choice of the Knight and Choice of the Pirate.

  115. InoxFY says:

    I am surprised so few people voted for Choice of the Gunslinger, it is by far the most appealing topic for me.

    Also I think that Choice of the Dragon II is a very good potential topic, but now is not the time yet, I think people prefer to see a wider variety of topics.
    Either way, I vote for Choice of the Gunslinger

  116. James says:

    C ot Dragon could be good, but much later on. It will not help bring a bigger audience to the series, so would not be good. Anyway, I’m sure when this new one comes out I’m sure you will say ‘I want a sequel, I want a sequel’, just like you have with Dragon and Broadsides. I think the experience will be different continuing the same game, rather than starting one from scratch, and won’t be quite as good I don’t think…

  117. Mel says:

    I really like Choice of the Hero, Choice of the God, Choice of the Vampire, and Choice of the Werewolf. If I had to choose between the four of them, it’d be Choice of the Hero. And the “Anne Boleyn’s Choice” doesn’t sound very interesting. Part of the fun of your games is getting to create your own character with a name the you created yourself. Playing a historical figure that you already know the story of doesn’t sound very fun to me.

  118. Xseleon says:

    Just got to say that i am so glad i found this site through Stumble.

    I think that C of Wizard and C of Knight would be interesting.
    And of course C of Dragon 2.

    Have you ever thought of overlapping some story lines. Like in C of Time Traveller. I am not saying a huge one but maybe a small mention of some characters.

  119. jacob says:

    i think choice of the hero choice of the wizard choice of the ninja and choice of the pirate our the only ones of true interest here

  120. Marina says:

    I’d love to see SteamChoice or Choice of the Consort, personally. Length is less of a concern… while Choice of the Dragon/Broadsides could have been longer, I was satisfied by both. Whatever happens, I can’t wait to play the next game!

  121. ',..,' says:

    I like
    choice of vampires and
    choice of god.
    In my oppinoin, the best games are the CHOOSE Good/Evil
    but i also like the idea of being a BAD GUY or a MONSTER.
    Also choice of dragon II is good, but not now, maby in 2 -3 years, after 5-6 other choice games.
    P.S, i have no idea how long it takes to make a game, so plz post what ur making

  122. Amelia says:

    Choice of the God. It’d be like the ultimate sandbox game.

  123. Communist Sam says:

    Choice of the mobster would be my favorite… but the thing i wanted most was choice of a zombie 🙁

  124. Steve says:

    Choice of broadsides II, choice of broadside I was the best text based game I’ve ever played , I would love it if you guys could make Choice of Broadsides II, I prayin right now that you guys will make the sequal!!!

  125. rei says:

    Choice of Broadside Part 2. The hero/heroine’s life after retirement 🙂 Or possibly never to retire.

  126. derlock says:


  127. Angela says:

    Choice of the Consort, Choice of the Pirate, Choice of the Vampire, Choice of the Samurai. These are the ones that I’m looking forward to the most. XD I’d imagine sequels to be pretty tricky, but if you want to write them, I wouldn’t mind!

  128. Kavla says:

    Wizard and Consort, for sure. But really I imagine they would all be entertaining to a degree.

  129. ',..,' says:

    I said earlyer what my fave games where, but thinking over it… I loved CotD… And i like the idea of .2! One thing i realy would like is a game with veriation. In my previous post i commented that i liked good OR evil, but what i realy like is veriation, and thats why i like the idea that you can go crazy or try and stay sane on a desert island, you can choose to let a vampire suck ur blood or not, (if that is the one u r making, plz plz plz do a story line for if u remain human, and not “you live the rest of ur life happely, the end.)

  130. Tim says:

    Please don’t do choice of god or the vampire thing( there are way to many vampire games in my opinion)!!! But my vote has to go to choice of the dragon 2, especially if it was a continuation of the first one. My two other votes would have to go to the time traveler one or maybe the spy one, if the spy one was just doing spy things-not personal stuff. That’s my opinion.

  131. Larry Hopkins says:

    Choice of the Monarch and Choice of the God. I love bossing people around!

  132. Alexys says:

    I REALLY like all of them especially the series two ones, but the politican ones sound boring.

  133. loloxthelolofarn says:

    Choice of god/wizard!

  134. Derk says:

    Broadsides 2. Nuff said.

  135. D.H. says:

    Oh lord, I want to seriously play all these games XD They all sound amazing and with your guy’s writing styles, it would be very enjoyable. Personally, I’d just love it if you made Choice of the Consort too, because many people adore the idea of romance for fun, plus the choice to be gay or straight leaves it open to many people out there. I have many gay friends and I’m sure they would appreciate it. I want to play Choice of the Hunted so badly though, because you can go so far with that. Not only with romance but you can explore the interest of mental illnesses as well with obsession, possessiveness, delusion, etc. When a vampire’s ancient, they have to have gone a bit..nutty, no? Add a bit of excitement, wondering if it’s all real or not…plus you can jump on the vampire fab bandwagon going on now and get rich off it XD

  136. Brinstar says:

    Just popping by to copy and paste what I posted on formspring:

    After a brief glance at the list, Choice of the Consort seems to be the most intriguing, mainly because it puts the player into a role that s/he rarely ever plays. Most of the other options place players into roles that are familiar in games, in roles that are powerful and fantastical. Choice of the Consort is a type of game I’ve never played, and a type of game not common in the West. So I’d like to play that one. =)

  137. vito rodriguez says:

    Choice of the Dragon II

  138. André says:

    Choice of Romance is quite neat, but there’s a bug. Towards the end, when my uncle asks me how to cement my influence over the queen, I can choose to deal with the politics. I did so, but then two contrary messages showed. 1: The queen is impressed with your intelligence 2:Alas, you are not intelligent enough
    (Also, I’m pretty sure that the second result was taken although I had a pretty high booksmart.)

  139. Dave says:

    Choice of the Hunted would be the best of all in my books. Only if it’s in the style of Dracula or a gothic victorian theme. If it’s at a high school like in twilight with a sparkly fangless vamp, I’ll be very disappointed. I like the idea you can either go to romance, maybe divided between a human fiance or the sexy count. Or you can also have adventure to mystery with this game. I’m very excited to see how you guys approach this game!

  140. Daisy says:

    I agree, choice of the hunted please!!!

  141. Povilas says:

    whoa your games are just great. Waiting to continue Dragon story so make choice of the dragon II and III and IV quick 😉
    even thinking to try make some game from min gamemastering dnd experience, will see what happens 🙂
    gl to you all.

  142. Iz says:

    Ok I LOVED choice of the dragon and NEED to play choice of the dragon II but you need to make it longer, and have more ways to go. Hm, and make a way to keep your old dragon so its more fun. And I just need to say that when I saw you where thinking of making choice of the werewolf I was absolutely ecstatic! And choice of the profit looks cool, and choice of the hero looks really fun. And last but not lest choice of the dragon rider and choice of the monarchy.

  143. Chihuahua0 says:

    I vote for Choice of a Werewolf.

  144. […] the Wizard), you can earmark your donations for those games in your PayPal comment. We still have a long list of game ideas to choose from. PLEASE NOTE: We reserve the right to actually use those funds however we choose, […]

  145. Dhakaiya says:

    Choice of Hero or a part-II to one of the existing 4 games would be nice imo.

  146. Nick says:

    I vote for choice of the dragon 2 and choice of the god. I really can’t decide between them and they both sound amazing!

  147. Ian Holmes says:

    I also started (but had to abandon) a time travel game. Great idea. Of course “Cave of Time” was the first Choose Your Own Adventure book.

    These ideas all look great. I like the various politician ones, especially the themed variants (Samurai, Anne Boleyn). There are also some cool series of sequels you could potentially do if the games are popular (e.g. Knight -> Politician -> Monarch)

    You could do much more with Pirates than suggested by this list – there are some huge moral choices about whether you’re the sort of pirate who spares victims or cruelly slaughters them, how you structure your pirates’ charter, whether you become a buccaneer (leading into the warrior-politician series) and so on

    A few other ideas:
    Choice of Revenge (revenge in space? revenge at high school? revenge in love? etc)
    Choice of Pockets (you are a Dickensian pickpocket ruffian kind of character, Oliver Twist or Pip or whatever)
    Choice of Wishes (you’re a djinn in a lamp, forced to grant wishes, but with subtle devious twists that you control… a total rip-off of a great multi-choice game “The Djinni Chronicles” by JD Berry )
    Choice of Damnation (down you go to Hell!)
    Choice of Sacrifice (could only really work as a farce, I think; maybe you are an inept Aztec priest? a failed Satanist? hmm)
    Well anyway. Love the games! 🙂

  148. Nick says:

    I take it back. I re read the list and I’m going with choice of the dragon rider. I want it to be a long game too. Better to have a few really good ones than lots of tiny ones. So definitely choice of the dragon rider by a LONG ways.

  149. Cody says:

    I like the shorter games, choice of vampire was pretty hard to get through in some spots. also putting my vote in for choice of pirate, really loved choice of broadsides and was half expecting to be able to become a pirate in that game.

  150. Suiko says:

    Would love to see choice of an ninja of choice of the hunted
    would prefer longer games

  151. Insanity says:

    I would love to see Choice of God and Wizard(y). As you can see from my preferences I love magic. The thought of commanding nature, and/or changing the very nature of nature is appealing to me. I would love to see how a story from a god’s perspective would play out as I have thought of writing a god view story myself.

  152. Rio says:

    I would not mind seeing Choice of the Hunted or Choice of the God. Both would have a very interesting premise.

  153. Anon says:

    hmn my vote goes for

    Hero ESPECIALLY Hero 😛

    Honestly I think I’d like ANYTHING that comes out. I always end up loving the plot of it =]

  154. Mallamun says:

    Choice of Dragon II!!! =D

  155. Jonathan Dain says:

    i would love to see Choice of God, i have always enjoyed the role of a diety. But i also want to see all the current games expanded. Keep up the good work, i have never enjoyed a “pick your path” story as much as i have enjoyed yours.

  156. sabrina_diamond says:

    Choice of the Werewolf! Vampire is sooo overused

  157. Michael says:

    I would really like choice of dragonrider or choice of god

  158. Trololo Guy says:

    God would be cool 😀

  159. Amy :) says:

    Dude, these are all good; publish ’em all. I love these games. There aren’t enough of these, danggit.

  160. Titanis says:

    Ninja, Samurai, or Time Traveler for me.e

  161. Bergioyn says:

    I would like a continuation to the vampire story. So I vote for choice of vampire II. Also, longer games are better.

  162. Mory Buckman says:

    “Choice of the Time Traveller” would be awesome.

    I think the length of your games is very good right now, but if you come across a story which seems like it should be shorter or longer, then by all means go for it.

  163. Shirley X says:

    choice of god,dragon, romance II

  164. Talow says:

    i vote for choice of dragon II

  165. Reaperoa says:

    I’ve got to say I’d really love the continuation of Choice of the Vampire or Choice of Romance, although between the two I have to say that CotVampire interests me a whole lot more, if just because of all the possibilities that there already are, adding more will only make it better.

    Out of all of the games above, I think the only one that doesn’t really catch my interest would be Choice of the Timetravler, but that is mostly a personal preference. Also, I think that Choice of the God might feel to limited in scope. But then again, you’ve already surprised me with how huge CotVampire and CoRomance feel.

  166. Digger Nick says:



  167. John says:

    Wow what a Great List !! A lot of good idea’s there. I loved being a dragon in Choice of the Dragon. So I would really like to see that story continue with with Dragon 2. I also would like to see a Broadsides 2. Choice of the Knight sounds cool too. I have always loved Time Travel stuff also.

    So here’s my votes

    Dragon 2
    Time Travel
    Broadsides 2

    Length of game: Dragon’s length.

    Thanks for the awesome work that you guys do !!!

  168. Luke says:

    As a general rule I prefer to see the end of stories, so I really would like to see the 2nd chapter of Choice of Vampire and Choice of Romance (mainly the first) as soon as possible. This would be my first choice. Also the lenght of these two games is quite right.

    But I can understand that Choice of Games could also be inclined to widen the selection for its players. If this is the case, I suggest to put not more than 2 or 3 new games (otherwise it would become too scattered), and within the list above I would choose, in order of reference:
    – Time traveler (great care should be put into paradoxes)
    – Monarch
    – Steam (or, in place of a Steampunk world, there could be a variation of the time traveler choice, that would be the Universes traveler choice, of a person that travels through alternate realities)

    Thanks for your efforts!

  169. Justin says:

    Hey I haven’t donated yet but I will shortly. I’m 14 and its about to be my birthday soon and I’m planning on using 40% of my birthday money to donate. These game are better then most ps3 and xbox360 game. More freedom and not so limited. My choice/vote is for the dragon rider one and samurai.:) Most of all, help us consumer out with the vampire one please and bring back Clotho in Ep.2 please (For those that chose to fall in love with her and is waiting for her return) Thank You!

    -Your Number 1 Fan. Skaterz&choiceofgame4ever.

  170. Taylor says:

    I recently stumbled upon Choice of Broadsides and I absolutely loved it! I proceeded to spend the rest of the day playing it and working out the various endings for it. I think there’s a lot of potential for a sequel there–I’d be thrilled if this came to fruition.

  171. Angela Reyes says:

    Personally, I’d like part 2 of Choice of Romance, but I also think Choice of the Hunted is a good idea.

  172. SeaJay says:

    I love the choice of the hero idea. You could choose from different powers, get sidekicks, fight villains, or even be a villain.
    The Ninja and Superspy ideas ar pretty cool as well, and I am dying for another Choice of the Vampire installment.
    And I have a new idea. Choice of the Alien!
    I love your games thus far
    Vampire is best, dragon second, broadsides third, romance is a weak link though.

  173. knauer says:

    i think choice of the werewolf and choice of the superspy RAWKS

  174. Jake says:

    Definately gotta go wit choice of god, werewolf, or hero

  175. Yosi Moshe says:

    I think that any continuation to one of the existing games is a good idea. Choise of the God is a very good idea too.

  176. austin says:

    choice of werewolf and choice of god

  177. Matthew Sunderland says:

    I’m gonna have to go with Choice of the superspy, choice of the politician or choice of the mobster.

    But first of all, in my opinion, it’d be great to rap up the pre-existing games stories before moving onto something else. So maybe you guys can finish Romance and Vampire?

  178. Jade says:

    I vote for choice of the hunted and choice of the werewolf. I think the choice of the hunted sounds good, but I’d like it a lot better if it was a love story. The choice of the werewolf sound awesome, and maybe it could be a story where ur a werewolf and u love someone but it’s forbidden for the immortal to love a human, and u could go back and forth from the werewolfs character to the human character

  179. Kieran says:

    CHOICE OF THE SUPERHERO! Omg it sounds so good, anxious for the next choice of… game, they are all brilliant.

  180. Yoshi says:

    Choice of Samurai would be wonderful. I would love to see that Japanese themed Choice of Games!

  181. eric says:

    What seajay said, Choice of Alien sounds cool. So did choice of god, hero, ninja, and samurai. If you make one of those, I’d enjoy a nice long one, your games are great and have potential to be awesome at any length.

  182. Dom says:

    I LOVED Choice of the Vampire so I’d love to see a part 2 but Choice of the Hunted, Werewolf, and Mobster are all awesome concepts.

  183. Demo says:

    Definitely choice of the dragon2

  184. Sean says:

    Choice of the Dragon 2 just because it’s the only one I have….

  185. Ayana says:

    Totally Choice of the Haunted!! Either that or Choice of the Werewolf!!

  186. Jade says:

    Choice of the werewolf! Sounds awesome! Don’t make it all boring though, and just about the werewolf. There female viewers too, so add some forbidden romance with a human, or being able to mate or stuff between the pack too. Idea sounds pretty epic! 🙂

  187. Jossie says:

    Choice of the Hunted or Choice of the werewolf
    Both sound pretty cool to me! I like the whole vampire werewolf thing 😀

  188. Havoc says:

    Choice of the Dragon II would have to be my pick the story was amazing with all the choices, could be a bit longer and could also do more with your mate, like having little dragons running around terrorizing the local city etc.

  189. Bob says:

    Werewolf, broadsides two, dragon two, and steam.

  190. Bob says:

    All the others sound good, but especially the medieval ones

  191. Kyushuu says:

    I would like to see a Choice of the Dragon 2, except longer than the first one, because that was too short. A longer, better game with a more interesting plot would be better than three shorter, less amazing games – such as the original “Dragon”. Not that it wasn’t interesting, but the next one should be even better. 😉

  192. Kit says:

    Well, Mobster gets my vote.

  193. Jack says:

    I say Choice of the Dragon II, the first one was wonderful, I play it all the time, and I would love to see where it could go.

  194. Bob says:

    I would so love to see Choice of Samurai. I always enjoyed swords and stuff.

  195. Jacob says:

    Choice of dragon 2 and choice of god

  196. Christian says:

    People, if we shall get a Choice of Dragon II, that is both long and well developed, please donate the 5 bucks. It is such a great game and it is worth the price of 5$.

  197. Christian says:

    Also, something I felt about the first Choice of the Dragon is that there is many more choices than in ie Choice of the Vampire. I Choice of the Vampire, there is very much text, but rather few choices (in my opinion). If there is a balance, a combination between a long and deep adventure in addition to many choices it would be over the top.

  198. Ooops says:

    I think Choice of the Dragon Sequel would be wickid awesome! Choice of the samurai sounds pretty cool. The Choice of Broadsides II also sounds cool! In that order I guess. (Oh also choice of the God)


  199. west says:

    I would pick Choice of the Dragon 2 or Choice of the Werewolf

  200. Dragongirl says:

    Personaly I really want the 2nd choice of the dragon. I really loved the first and I’m eager to continue.
    In other choices, I have several ideas 🙂
    Choice of the Gryphon (like Choice of the dragon, maybe be born in a kingdom that is known to raise gryphons and ride them, then have the choice to escape, or embrace the duty many gryphons have,)
    Choice of the Cat (Based of off the warriors series by Erin hunter)
    Choice of the Wolf (live in a pack of wolves, portrayed as super intelligent)
    Oh, one more thing! I think that there should be the option of becoming a truly kind dragon in Choice of the Dragon.

    Thanks ^.^

  201. michalee says:

    These are the ones I think you should make
    Choice of

    The hunted
    the werewolf
    the time traveler

  202. mason says:

    choice of time travel looks sick

  203. mTc says:

    Choice of the dragon 2 and choice of broadsides 2 would be amazing ive been waiting for them for over a year

  204. mTc says:

    Oh ya if you haven’t done broadsides or dragon please do them before you vote

  205. Logan Wright says:

    choice of the dragon 2 is my first choice, but my second choice is choice of the god, and then choice of the prophet.

  206. kyle says:

    choice of werewolf

  207. Craig says:

    Choice of the Vampire was awesome, please make/release Choice of the werewolf. If do then I hope it will be equally awesome

  208. Craig says:

    On second thought all these games sound good (except political ones) choice of dragon riders sounds like the best

  209. choice of the dragon 2 and choice of god

  210. Houston Floyd says:

    choice of
    dragon 2
    dragon rider
    and steamchoice
    ive played a lot of these games both from the makers of the site and the user made games i love all of them i like the longer games as the can get more intensive but a short game is somthing that is fun to i hope that eventually you do all of these as these are only my top favorite

  211. Chikouu says:

    I need the continuation on Choice of the Vampire. Badly. Choice of the Dragon 2 and Choice of Broadsides 2 would be very neat too.

    Then Choice of the Werewolf, Choice of the Pirate, Choice of the Samurai and Choice of the Ninja would be good, but it’s those above I’m looking forward to the most.

  212. Lidia says:

    My favourite games on here are most definitely Choice of Romance & Intrigues and I’d love it if there was another sequel.

    A sequel to Choice of Broadsides or Choice of the Vampire would also be great.

    Almost all of the ideas I consider amazing and I’m glad I stumbled upon this site.

  213. ...... says:

    I would like longer ones like choice of the dragon and I think a war one would be good where you start as a soldier and can die get promoted demoted and you must go through an island with a group of men, a squad, and then they can die and stuff depending on you actions and stuff like that.

  214. Machela says:

    Love for choice of the dragon II and choice of the werewolf. please put them out?!!

  215. Machela says:

    And choice of the dragon rider please!!!!!!

  216. Caver says:

    I really really really think that there should be a Choice of the Werewolf and Choice of the Dragon rider next!!! But most IMPORTANTLY yall should work on a sequel to WAY WALKERS!!!!!

  217. James says:

    Choice of the dragon 2 definitely and choice of god prophet or ninja these are the best

  218. tarah says:

    i like all of them. but if i had to narrow it down a little…i think i would rather not play the political ones, like president or Politician. my favorites are probably superspy and werewolf. and i think longer storys would be better and hey if its gonna be long why not put in some romance*wink*wink*nudge*nudge*

  219. Austin says:

    I think you should make choice of the dragon 2.

  220. Dukino says:

    I would adore the idea of choice of the Dragon 2… I felt the first one was to short and was cut off as soon as you found a mate and things got interesting, even got the “pay 4.99” version just to support it after I beet it.

  221. Ashley says:

    I like the Choice of Superspy, Choice of Ninja, Choice of Pirate and Broadsides II. And remember, romance is always welcome 🙂

  222. dayton says:

    i just finished choice of broadsides. in fact i have been playing it all day. so i guess i have just finished for the 5th maybe 6th. when i found it on my ipod i though that i have to try this. and love it. but i just realized when u beat it it say this is the end of your navy journey for now. leading me to believe there could be a two. and then i saw this blog which take quite the searching. i would really like to see a choice of broadsides 2. but i wonder how will i be able to find my character and such?

  223. Reanne Rose says:

    choice of the hunted or choice of the werewolf 😀 I am a bit of a fanatic when it comes to werewolves and vampires(not the sparkly kind -.-), but also fiction so choice of the dragon ll looks amazing also.

  224. Serpentine says:

    Please oh please, Choice of the dragon! My one and only favorite! The ending was left wide open, and I think it would be easy to create another with the right ideas, but don’t mind me, I really know nothing about creating one of these things. Anyway, good luck with whatever is chosen!

  225. Ryan says:

    CHOICE OF THE DRAGON 2 ALL THE WAY i enjoyed the first alot but Choice of the god could also be good but my vote is for CHOICE OF THE DRAGON 2
    im hoping it would have
    1) Data from the first game
    2) Anouther chance to get a mate (or if you have one allow to have 2)
    3) More epic battles maybe with differnt mythilogical monsters

  226. Eduardo says:

    I’d like the choice of the dragon ii or the dragon rider, and I’d like it if they were longer.

  227. Sigmund says:


  228. Wolf Lover! says:

    The wolf one, but one Q. Would you be a wolf or a werwolf? If a werwolf that the vampier one! Or…… one where you would choose to love a vampire or werwolf!!

  229. Dr. Dolittle says:

    I would love if Choice of the Dragon 2 was made.

  230. CryOtaku(\O.O/) says:

    Please make Choice of The Superspy or Choice of The Mobster. Both sound very fun.

  231. NoName says:

    I think choice of god or Choice of dragon 2 or choice of broadsides 2 i think you should do choice of god next

  232. NoName says:

    Also choice of wolf if your a werewolf then hell ueah do that one

  233. Catie says:

    I say Choice of the dragon two.

  234. KAYLAMA says:

    I think choice of the dragon II, dragon rider, werewolf, and monarch will all be wonderful!!!!!!!!

  235. kiyya says:

    Choice of the hunted.

  236. Charlotte says:

    Choice of Hunted – Like it because of the romance factor, I LOVE ROMANCE!!!

    Also could you maybe do something post-apocalyptic like a deadly infection or natural disasters instead of zombies .. Choice of Survivor (but to be honest i will buy anything that has a lot of ROMANCE) 🙂

  237. thomas says:

    choice of the dragon 2

  238. BlueOwl358 says:

    – Choice of Dragon II
    – SteamChoice
    – Choice of Prophet

  239. Mikaela says:

    I really like the ideas of:
    Chpice of God
    Choice of Werewolf
    Choice of Dragon Rider

  240. Kilr35 says:

    I vote for dragons 2 it was the first game I read out of the choice of games.

  241. Lane says:

    I`m broke so no donation. But in my opinion, a sequel to Choice of the Dragon at about the same length would be epic.

  242. noah buracker says:

    choice of the god and choice of the time traveler both sound great.

  243. PokemaDiva says:

    Choice of the Werewolf; I LOVE werewolf based stuff! It’s just so AWESOME!

  244. bacCOH says:

    Without a doubt, choice of the weerwolf. I came across a demo and I absolutly loved it!

  245. xxRedAxexx says:

    I Prefer the Middle age games like Choice of the wizard and Choice of the

  246. xxRedAxexx says:

    I would like Choice of the Wizard, Choice of the Knight Choice of the Werewolf! ( It’s good to hear that Choice of the Dragon will Continue!!Sorry for my bad English == i’m from Malaysia, but i hope you understand 😀 )

  247. golderoug says:

    Choice of dragon II and choice of god.

  248. politicallyinclined says:

    Choice of the Politician sounds absolutely fantastic. If you know House Of Cards (it’s on Netflix) you probably get what I mean. Something along those lines would be the greatest thing.

  249. Jack says:

    Choice of the Dragon 2! The first was awesome. The game was an amazing way to live the life of a cunning dragon sneakily taking over the kingdom. I would like it longer but any way this game can get done.

  250. Jack says:

    Choice of Dragon II Please the first one was super enjoyable!!!!

  251. Paul Makenice says:

    I would like to see Choice of the Werewolf and/or Choice of the Dragon II.

  252. Alex says:

    I really would like to see Choise of Dragon II! The first one was majestic, and I want to continue my travels across the lands of my kingdom!

  253. Leon says:

    Oh please please please make a choice of dragon II, I want to continue that story so much!!

  254. TripledGold says:

    Well I’m exited about 3 mainly:
    1-Choice of Dragon II -If you decide to make this one defiantly make it so we can continue as a dragon we completed the first with.
    2-Choice of hero – it sounds like an interesting story that I would have fun playing.
    3-Choice of Broadsides II – It was my first Choice of Games game and I enjoyed playing it. It was the spark that got me into your content and I would love to see it.

  255. Wolflover says:

    CHOIUCE OF THE WEREWOLF!!! that would be amazing!

  256. COG Lover says:

    I would love to see Choice Of The Dragon II and Choice Of The Wolf because Choice Of The Dragon was the first game I played and Choice Of The Wolf sounds really nice because I love wolves.

  257. Dragon king says:

    Choice of dragon 2 and choice of god

  258. dominik solko says:

    Choice of dragons pls pls pls……the first one was soooooo great but soooooo short :[ …..i would love to see a sequel.
    Also choice of the hunted and werewolf loook super great.I really like your games played all of them several times.
    Uh yeah and the dragon rider looks mega cool too….PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE i am a big big faaan

  259. Some guy landon says:

    I would love Choice of the Dragon 2. A suggestion is it will be life after hibernation which if you had a mate, he/she would also wake up. It would be similar to 1 but in the future kingdom, maybe meeting Callax (spoiler: if he is not dead). Maybe raising wymlings?

  260. Brandon says:

    CHOICE OF THE DRAGON 2!!!!!!!!!!! Please!!!!

  261. Jadyn Silver says:

    I would absolutely LOVE and tell EVERYBODY about Choice of Dragon 2. I’ve played the first one at least 50 times.

  262. jack says:

    Choice of the werewolf.

  263. Marc says:

    You just need to make a choice of the dragon ll. The first one is still to me, the best game you have made. I have played about thirty times, but the one thing i dislike about it is that it is too short. This is the reason I think you need to make a new game which lets us be a creature of legend and pure power again.

  264. Sierra says:

    Please please please write choice of the werewolf! Because you guys already wrote one with vampires.

  265. Archonics says:

    Where is Champion of the Gods 2? Would really love to see it, don’t care if it’s new or whatever just fell in love with that story.

  266. DominoCore5 says:

    All of them seems interesting excluding the ones that involve politics or being some supreme ruler/King/God. So far, I have not seen no choice games with a theme of a sport. I would definitely prefer football (not American football mind you), or I would like to see some folkstyle/roman Greco wrestling. Oh, a mix martial arts would interesting. It not only tells life inside the mat/pitch but outside as well. Well, these sports are the ones I am familiar with. If not, some other sport would be a new experience. I would personally do it, but I brainless when it comes to coding. Plus, I am working on a VN with my original story.

  267. JVF says:

    Choice of the Hero and Choice of the God please.

  268. Boone Alexander says:

    CHOICE OF DRAGON 2!!! I loved choice of dragon and I’d love to see a asequel!

  269. Etzoul says:

    I really can’t wait for the next installment of Versus. I’ve played Choice of Dragon, Choice of the Deathless, Zombie Exodus, Choice of Robot, Broadsides, and more, but Versus was definitely the best one for me.

  270. dario003 says:

    i vote for choice of dragon 2

  271. Drako Wulf says:

    I personsally would love to see Choice of the Eerewolf, it’d be a good counter for Choice of the Vampire. I also agree with many who prefer extended length ones.

  272. The quiet one says:

    I want to see a sequel to versus the lost ones

  273. The quiet one says:

    I would LOVE to see a sequel to versus the lost ones

  274. Drago303 says:

    CHOICE OF DRAGON II!!! CHOICE OF THE DRAGON II!!! CHOICE OF THE DRAGON II!!! THE FIRST ONE IS AMAZING! I LOVE IT! I LOVE DRAGONS! PLEASE MAKE COTD II!III!IV!V! IT WOULD BE AWESOME! THE first was short, but was soooo good. THE second coud be a bit larger, bit not much Like some of the other games. Please. How much money you need? I would vive you everything i have!

  275. Drago303 says:

    I would give everything! And dont make it much big. I AM correcting what i commented before because my auto corretor mess up with everything i say.

  276. one who speeks says:

    I must have choice of the dragon 2.i loved choice of the dragon and I rilly want a second one!

  277. Terry says:

    Would love to see Versus 2 come out, really enjoyed the first. Would love to continue the story to the end.

  278. CharLi Mill says:

    Every story seems promising, but I guess I’ll choose Anne Boleyn’s story, choice of thr hunted and the time traveler. Those seem like the most appealing. Great games, BTW!

  279. James says:

    I think the Choice of Werewolf sounds excellent; many people love werewolves and there is a lot that could be written from it(I think, but I could be wrong)

  280. Daedroth says:

    I believe that Choice of the Werewolf would both be a good counter-balance for Choice of the Vampire, and would make an excellent subject to write about and has great potential

  281. Kay says:

    I’m pretty sure this is over, being posted over 5 YEARS AGO, but eh. CHOICE OF THE DRAGON ||!

  282. EtherealStorm says:

    Could we please have more choice of the dragon and more Elemental Saga because even though the spelling i elemental saga was not that good at times both actually were very well done and I fell in love with both of them and would be happy to see what comes next. thank you for your time and enjoy the rest of your day.

  283. Destroyer Of Skulls says:

    I pray that Choice Of The Dragon 2 is made, i loved that one.

  284. Lucas says:

    Choice of the Werewolf would be amazing but Choice of the Dragon 2 would be pretty awesome too.

  285. BCH says:

    Please do the werewolf! I actually was looking if you had one

  286. BCH says:

    I also need choice of the dragon two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  287. Reaper says:

    Its probably to late but I just replayed choice of Dragon and remembered how badly I want and need a sequel, so please make a sequel for it.

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