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Play Choice of Broadsides Now!

Posted by: Adam Strong-Morse | Comments (31)

Choice of Games is pleased to announce the release of Choice of Broadsides!  The web version is now live, as is the Android version.  The iPhone version is currently under review at Apple and will presumably be available soon.

Choice of Broadsides is a multiple-choice swashbuckling naval adventure, in the spirit of C. S. Forester’s Hornblower or Patrick O’Brian’s Aubrey/Maturin books, with a dash of Jane Austen.

We hope you enjoy playing Choice of Broadsides as much as we enjoyed writing it, and we encourage you to play it, tell your friends, and to recommend it on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.


  1. Matthew says:

    Incredibly well-done, and a huge step up from Choice of the Dragon (which I also loved, but didn’t like the failure to connect decisions in one chapter to decisions in another). Kudos.

  2. CR says:

    Hrm, starting over doesn’t seem to reset you stats unless you exit the game and re-enter (To reproduce, I got to where I failed my Lt. test, clicked stats, restart, yes, then when I was back at the beginning, I had the same stats as when I failed the test instead of 50 of everything. I tried refreshing, then restarting again. Still had old stats. To reset, I clicked the link to the blog then took the blog link back into the game)

  3. CR says:

    Heh, spoke too soon. Doesn’t seem to mater as when you pick what you’re best at it properly resets them. <3

  4. GoD says:

    we all wanted choice of god 🙁
    but thx anyway 🙁

  5. William Hughes says:

    You, GoD fellow, Choice of God was a proposal for the *next* game of the series – Choice of Broadsides has been under development for quite a time. It is still entirely possible that your preferred game will be the next production.

  6. GoD says:

    i see. william

  7. Erasmus Darwin says:

    I just finished Choice of Broadsides (caught the link via Jay is Games). Beautifully done. The attention to detail in the writing and the depth of story really makes it shine compared to the more typical multiple choice/choose your own adventure-type games. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    One feature that might be nice for feature choice games would be a personal log of who/what my character knows. Some of the people and ship names tended to run together, and unlike a traditional book, there’s no way to peek at the previous pages when I realize I’ve accidentally glossed over an important name.

  8. Jonah says:

    I navigated away from the game to read About you guys, and when I clicked back all I can see are my stats. I haven’t finished yet, but I can’t figure out how to continue. What’s up with that?

  9. Adam says:

    Erasmus: That’s an interesting suggestion. We’ll have to think about what the best way to implement that would be, but we’ll consider it for the future. Thanks.

    Jonah: I just checked, and couldn’t reproduce your error. If the stat screen is showing, there should be an “OK” button in the lower right; clicking that should close the stat screen. If that doesn’t work, try reloading. If that doesn’t work, please send e-mail to support@choiceofgames.com with information about what browser and OS you’re using (or if you’re using a mobile version, what phone and Android OS you’re using).

    Edited to add: We have now reproduced and fixed this error. The updated version of this game should not have this error any more. Thanks for reporting it.

  10. Zanzi says:

    Awesome game. I really enjoyed the Dragon game, and this was even better.

    Thing is, I never normally enjoy this sort of thing. Nor do I enjoy things about dragons, or things about the historical Navy. But, the writing and gameplay of the two games both make it interesting and fun to play, regardless of my previous (mis)conceptions of the genres.

    I look forward to more games 🙂

  11. Jonah says:

    No luck, but thanks for the advice. Email sent.

  12. Siegel says:

    I am just a little dissapointed by how nothing happens with Villenue (sorry if I got the name wrong) and how at the end you have to fight him. Other than that it was definetly a step up from dragon, if a bit mor complex.

    A few questions:
    What’s next on the list?
    How long will it take?
    Can I help out?

  13. Spider says:

    Found Choice of the Dragon through Stumbleupon, and found Choice of Broadsides the next day when I googled for the Dragon game. Can’t believe I found it on the same day you published it! I love both games, have played them countless times, made my family, friends, and coworkers play them… I even played simultaneously with a friend on the other side of the ocean–we discussed the choices for our character (Honorable Glen Stebbins, the naive intelligent fool) and made the same selections. Your games are simply amazing, especially for their simplicity!

    I did have a question, though. Is there any element of randomness in the stats? We were sure we selected all the same choices, but several of her stats in Choice of Broadsides were just a couple points below mine at the same point in the story (likeability was the big one we were paying attention to–she had 46 while I had 51 when we were preparing to rush up the side of the Gaulish ship).

    Probably my favorite part with Choice of Broadsides was one reoccurring Gaulish character. I hope I’m not being too spoilerish, but every time I play through to the end, I have to stop and really think about how I want to handle my last encounter with him. If only we could both have a happy (ish) ending. Weighted slightly toward Albion, of course. I so rarely get an emotional investment in my games. Thank you for this one!

  14. Bob says:

    Choice of the Pirates refrence in the game? Is that a suggestion that that will be the next game?

  15. Adam says:

    Spider: There is a happy ending possible with the Gaulish character (actually a couple, but only one is really a fully happy ending for you and a happy-ish ending for the Gaul). You have to both have the right stats and make the right choice to get it, though.

    Bob: We expect to make Choice of the Pirates (or somesuch) eventually, but it’s not one of the games that are currently in development.

  16. William Hughes says:

    Just realised I hadn’t actually left my thoughts on the game…

    I thought it was brilliant. The writing was in such a style that it communicated what was happening effectively and enjoyably, while not being so overly descriptive in a drab manner that I was inclined to skip any. I very much enjoyed the extent to which choices and stats made a difference, and appreciated the subtle hints that occasionally appeared without “holding the player’s hand” to a significant extent. I also appreciated the range of possibilities, from [SPOILERS START HERE] ending the game as both a knight and an admiral, to being killed in a mutiny [SPOILERS END HERE]; that kind of touch really makes a difference for me. I was immersed and actually emotionally involved with the game – I think that this is an achievement, considering the game is purely text (one may argue that the same effect is brought about by books, but, the game being being both on the computer and online, you are surrounded by distractions while playing and, in my opinion, less likely to be able to “sink in” to the experience). The only difficulty that I had has been mentioned before: although most primary characters’ names stuck in my mind, a few became muddled and I needed to put effort into reminding myself as to who was who. This is my own fault, however.

    Of course, this is an amateur’s view and it may be entirely lambasted by somebody who actually knows what they’re talking about, but I thoroughly enjoy your work.

  17. geolog says:

    I enjoyed this witty, involving swashbuckling story and look forward to crafting more adventurers as you expand the repertoire. 🙂

  18. geolog says:

    (Slight spoilers foll0w.) Incidentally, I am curious about homosexual relationships in the game. I tried several times starting an homosexual relationship, both as male and female, but even after exhausting my options I couldn’t figure out how. A choice in the midgame hinted that this is possible, but this doesn’t seem to be the case. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?

    Sorry for the double post.

  19. Spider says:

    You HAD to say it was possible!

    Many, many replays later, and I did it. Thank you so much for this great game! I’m certain I’m still going to be playing it again, and I’ve definitely recommended it to everyone I can think of.

  20. Dan says:

    @Siegel: For now, the best way to help out is to tell friends about the game. (To make it easy, you can just click on those “Share” links at the top of the screen.) The more people play, the more resources we’ll have to work on the next game.

    If you’re interested in writing multiple-choice games with us, I invite you to investigate ChoiceScript: http://www.choiceofgames.com/blog/choicescript-intro/

  21. Siegel says:

    Thank you for the direction!

  22. Serene says:

    I really loved this one, the last bit of the game was kind of sad though and I want to kind a way to change it. I also wanted a relationship with that Gaulish character, but that didn’t seem to work out, either. At one point I also had a women interested in me, but I didn’t do anywhere with her, since I didnt want marriage. 😛 Maybe it is possible though, I have only tried three times (once with him hating me…).

    This game had a lot directions and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I will come back to play it, as well. Thank you for making such an engrossing game.

  23. Alan says:

    Like Geolog, I too am curious whether you can have a homosexual relationship. I really liked the fact you could have one in Choice of Dragon.

  24. Le Blue Dude says:

    There’s an error/bug in the game.

    Choosing seamanship increases intelligence and choosing leadership increases likability but then when you have to choose your place in the intelligence vs likability direction it resets your gains.

    This really annoyed me because Combat increased two stats, and Patronage increased two stats but Leadership and Seamanship each only increased one stat. Troublesome that.

  25. Le Blue Dude says:

    Also I’m with the others who request a possible homosexual relation-ship with your foe/freind amoung the gauls

  26. Joseph says:

    Broadsides was certainly a big step forward from Choice of the Dragon. Looking forward to bigger and better ones.

  27. Aribein says:

    you did a really good job whit this three thumbs up!

  28. Adam says:

    People interested in playing through a same-sex relationship should replay the game now. We’ve added some content to the Android and web versions (we’ll roll it out for iPhone soon, but the iPhone approval process slows down bug fixes).

  29. Knut- Ivar Iversen says:

    Hi. i loved Choice of Broadsides, and i hope future games will be as good as this one. I found an error in the game. When i came back as a hero after capturing the extra prize and got promoted to Captain, it skipped a chapter. I missed the chapter where i meet with the Gaulish character in the bar. If it helps, I was using Google Chrome.

  30. Tiktaalik says:

    Is it possible to marry the shy girl? I’ve tried every option and none of them worked…

  31. Timba says:

    Lovely game, but it’s sure weird to start from the beginning every time. Is that some kind of bug? I’m on Experia Miro and have no problems with the other CoG games.

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