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Look Ahead at Our Future Games

Posted by: Adam Strong-Morse | Comments (20)

We’ve gotten a lot of questions about what games we’re working on and when they’ll be released.  I thought I’d give a quick run-down of some of the games that we have in progress.

We have two games that are fairly far along.  Choice of the Vampire by Jason Hill is in beta testing currently.  We hope that it will be ready to release soon–maybe by the end of June–but we’ll keep on working on any of our games until we’re satisfied with them.

“Choice of the Consort” is the tentative title for our game about romance and intrigue in a late medieval/early modern fantasy court, written by Heather Albano and Adam Strong-Morse.  Depending on the choices the player makes, you can end up as the monarch’s consort, as the monarch’s unofficial lover, happily married to a noble, or executed in disgrace.  It’s a different style of game from our previous games, with less action and more focus on personal relationships.  We’re about to start beta testing for part I of the game.  Depending on the feedback from our beta testers, we may finish part I and release it with part II as a later expansion or we may finish part II and release the two parts together.  So we can’t predict a release date for “Consort” yet–it could be as soon as in a couple of weeks, or it could be a month or two off.  We may also change the title before release–there are a lot of aspects of the game that are still in flux.

In addition to our games that are nearing completion, we have several more games that are in development but where the development process has been going more slowly for various reasons.  By popular demand, both Choice of the Dragon 2 and Choice of the God are in development, as is Choice of the Wizard.  None of those games are near beta testing, however, let alone release.  For various reasons, those have fallen a little behind.

We also have some great games in the Hosted Games pipeline–we expect to release our second hosted game soon, and we know of several other games that are approaching that point as well.  We’ll make announcements about those as they come out.


  1. asdf says:

    oh god i cant wait! 😀

  2. Spider says:

    Yay! More new games!

    Choice of the Consort sounds quite interesting. Personally, I think this sort of game is better suited for personal relationships, so I’d love to see how Consort turns out. Can’t wait to play them!

  3. Joseph says:

    Thanks for making these, guys. Looking forward to them.

  4. Simon says:

    Second hosted game? I didn’t even realize there was a first one. What did I miss?

  5. Deviija says:

    This is exciting! I can’t wait for Choice of the Consort and the emphasis on personal relationship building and interaction. I also look forward to Choice of the God, too.

  6. Faye says:

    I look forward to all of these!

    So how will expansions work? Will they:
    a) build on our actual character and actual stats?
    b) give us a chance to define who our character was in a previous game via a series of questions?
    c) be general enough to fit for most if not all characters?
    d) something else?

  7. Firestorm717 says:

    Am very excited for Choice of the Consort! I’ve been a fan of Japanese dating sims for a long time, and while they are entertaining, after awhile you pretty much run into the same character/romance stereotypes. I’m interested in seeing your new take on this genre, as well as all the royal court intrigue (have been watching Rose of Versailles, so this is right up my alley). Will there be a choice of playing in a genderbent world, like in Choice of Broadsides? Is it based on a particular historical time period, or did you create an original setting?

  8. Xseleon says:

    Have you every thought that when making a sequel for a new game, that you could just change the characters a bit which would solve the carry over problem.

  9. Adam says:

    Faye: We’re still working on the technical side of it, but the goal is to allow players to continue playing with the same character seamlessly. If that turns out to be impractical, we may need to adopt a different strategy, such as allowing a questionnaire to define your character, but we hope that we’ll be able to avoid that.

    Firestorm717: We’ll probably talk about gender in Consort in a later post, since there’s a lot of stuff to discuss, but suffice to say for now that you will be able to play as either male or female, straight or gay. It is based on some specific historical time periods (something of a cross between a couple of times and places), but it is more of a fantasy world than Broadsides–there’s magic, there are social conventions that are purely fiction, etc.

  10. shadic says:

    choice of dragons was a really great game, can’t wait for the 2nd one.

  11. Nomad says:

    Are there any plans for a choice of broadsides 2 ?

  12. Angela says:

    Looking forward to the new games coming soon! I’ll definitely be playing all of them. 🙂

  13. Youngzman says:

    I think the reason people want a Choice of Dragon sequel is because of the way you ended the first one(let’s ignore the ability to fly,breathe fire,and being the boss of a kingdom for a moment) Broadsides could’ve been continued with the character’s son/daughter. Not as interesting as waking up out of hibernation ^^
    p.S., sorry if this was mentioned somewhere else, i only go to the blog to keep updated, usually don’t post
    p.p.s.(or p.s.s.) bloop!

  14. Punxysaur says:

    I really can’t wait for it to start, I was wondering if there would be a vampire/werewolf war choice game where you can choose to be on vampire side or werewolf side or heck join the human side to try to kill both and have it have a love life in it but hey I can’t wait for the other games to start which is why I have it bookmarked

  15. Punxysaur says:

    Hey John, I hope you can see this but I was wondering if we had the pirate game again where we can keep being the pirate. Could we possibly meet the person that we can’t seem to fall in love with in the first game during a battle so that we choose to lower our weapons to chat and then the one we tried to fall in love with wanted to stay closer to you so he/she pull out a Gaul uniform for you and offer for you to join Gaul. Like you can choose to join it, or try to convince your love to join your side instead but if you joined Gaul someoen from your team can ask what is going on as you kill them and then kill the rest of the crew and ride off with Gaul. Then you want Gaul to be the winning team so you be a spy for your old team and try to do something that give Gaul the good lead like possibly steal the old team battleplan and use it against them which can impress your love and he/she offer to marry you and you can say yes and then you both go visit the Gaul king and you now be a Gaul Member of the nation
    It just an idea just in case you want to make the 2nd pirate game, so do you think you can let me know what you possibly think about it?

  16. Zslayer says:

    You guys ever thought bout doin a zombie choice of.it would seem a good idea seeing as zombies are becoming more popular.there spreading like a virus:)anywho,yeah a zombie one would probably be a good choice to work on in the future

  17. Neppoi says:

    choice of the zombie

    1. eat brain
    2. eat brain
    3. eat more brain lol 😉

    but on another note, it looks like this new game will be great

  18. Anon says:

    I’ll make a point of checking on progress in Mid-August then.

  19. Eire says:

    I would love to see a choice of game where you can be, something more mystical.
    Maybe a witch, elf or something.

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