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7 Ways That Your Feedback Has Improved Vampire

Posted by: Jason Stevan Hill | Comments (47)

Choice of the Vampire v.1.2.0 is being released today for web/Android, and will arrive on iPhone as soon as it is approved. That said, as I’ve been working on Choice of the Vampire, I’ve realized that I have been thinking about it more as an interactive novella than a game. In particular, I’m interested the idea of dynamic storytelling. As such, I am very much interested in the feedback generated by the game, because it gives the audience the opportunity to shape the content and direction of the project; see here some ways the game has already changed.

#1 Railroading: Daniel Hemmens made a good point about being “railroaded” into the scene with Yves Hébert. Now, if your feeding style does not include him, you have the option to decline meeting him.

#2 Combat: Again, Daniel Hemmens pointed out that struggling with Clotho was too hard. It was, in fact, much too easy for her to get the better of you. She’s not a pushover–which was the point of the high Combat check–but she was too tough. She, along with the Footman at the seance (and maybe one or two other places), has had her Combat check lowered.

#3 Shepherds and Wolves: Getting to the cliff with Calkins was too challenging: the requirements to overhear Estefania and Krupke were too high as well. Therefore, I tinkered with the numbers a bit, added another route to learn about Shepherds and Wolves (see #7 below). Now the scene with Calkins on the cliffs is easier to reach and take to its furthest point.

#4 Pitchforks: The end of the St. Charles storyline has been developed a little more, and the reasons for it better explained later. Many were frustrated at the appearance of the pitchforks, had they sought to maintain good relations with the locals.

#5 Bisexuality: Originally, I had coded the game so that if you pursued Clotho past a certain point, it locked out pursuing Silas. However, after reading some of the responses to Romance and thinking about it some more, at the last minute I opened up the possibility of pursuing both Clotho and Silas. I think this does make the game better. However, it resulted in the “discovering parts don’t work” error in the first release of the game. A big thank you to Dominic Selvo for all his post-release code-checking.

#6 Nostalgia for Clotho: Mallamun pointed out that, if you royally screwed up with Clotho, there was no mention of it afterwards. Adding little twinges of nostalgia here and there have been a definite improvement.

#7: Rapport Scene: One of the frequent requests by players was the opportunity to “get involved” with some of the vampire characters: the quaestor, Jesse and/or Estefania. While I don’t want to get a formal “relationship” started with any of these three so early in the story, introducing a moment of intimacy was acceptable. Therefore, I have just added a new vignette that takes place before the arrival of the governor’s party in New Orleans. In it, you can engage directly with the vampires of New Orleans, and ask them a little something about themselves and their histories.

Which leads me to #8: If you could ask those three characters one thing, what would it be? If you–the players–can agree on a question, and it makes sense for the game for me to write it in, I’ll put it in to the New_Orleans_Rapport scene. So, let’s hear it: what would you ask the quaestor, Jesse or Estefania?


  1. Kamer says:

    For Jesse, I would ask why he left the quaestor, because I played through the games multiple times and couldn’t find out.

    For Estefania, I would ask why she came to New Orleans, considering all the other cities at the time.

    For the quaestor, I would ask about his own dominus so I may know a way to betray him in the next patch.

  2. Marina says:

    I don’t have any suggestions for the New Orleans Rapport scene; I merely wanted to comment that I think it is wonderful that you have taken the advice of blog readers so seriously. Such responsiveness seems to me a hallmark of CoG’s awesome level of commitment not only to each project, but to its players. So, major kudos for doing this, Jason.

    For the record, I think Choice of Vampire is pretty fantastic, and I’m looking forward to see how it has changed for the better with the updates.

  3. le blue dude says:

    I’d like to ask them what they think of the progression of human inventions, and if such progress threatens them

  4. le blue dude says:

    You know, you went through all the work to give different choices for different sires. You’d think different sires would be effected differently in rapport by the different backgrounds.

  5. mim says:

    No suggestions for the rapport scene, but thank you so much for the update, which elevated the already considerable amount of enjoyment I get from this game. Loved the inclusion of Jesse’s reason for leaving his maker — it’s tantalizingly vague, but still gives an extra dimension to his character. Also appreciated that you made the Shepherd & Wolves subplot easier to access.

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  7. 12th biggest fan says:

    I like Le Blue Dudes questions but for Estefania I would ask whar she has heard of my maker and what she and others think of him AND why she is here and not far away

  8. 12th biggest fan says:

    I meant what she has heard, not whar

  9. Marcellus Wallace says:

    Before I begin let me just say that I have been a fan of CoG since Choice of the Dragon. I have loved every single one of the games you guys made, it takes me back to the old choose your own adventure games of the past but on a whole ‘nother level.

    As for questions, are they before or after you meet/fall in love with Clotho. Because if the viginette is after you meet her and the inevitable happens, I would ask Jesse or Estefania why they didn’t help me save her.

    If the questions are supposed to be before you meet her; I would ask Jesse how to keep myself afloat in this new world of the night. I would ask Estefania what her plans are in New Orleans, or what type of man she like if I was feeling cheeky.

    Thanks again for all these wonderfull games,


  10. Modus says:

    Hi! One of our contributors wrote up a review of the game. Not to spam our site but you can read her review here -> http://www.roboawesome.com/?p=14618.

    Thanks! Cool game concept guys. I never heard of this before she brought it to my attention.

    Sr. Editor

  11. Gary says:

    I haven’t played the updated version, but before I was surprised that playing as a priest didn’t have more of an effect on St. Charles.

  12. darfish says:

    Quaester: what would be the most painful way to extract my revenge on you for Clotho? 😛

  13. Kamer says:

    This probably may bother you guys a bit, and excuse me if I cause any inconvenience or irritation. But could you guys update more often, instead of once a month, more like once a week? Because I (and apparently a few others by looking at a few different threads) like to know about your progressions.

    I know that CoG isn’t your full time job, and if you refuse, I’ll understand. Again sorry for inconvenience, and just know that I really like what you guys are doing here. I’ve been a supporter since three days before the release of Choice of Broadsides.

  14. Luke Hunter says:

    Lol ive been obsessed with COG since choice of the dragon came out, and ive been suggesting setting up some kind of forum from day 1. That way, you have a place to release official threads, but we would also have a place where we could comment, and discuss idea, opinions on the games, experiences, etc etc

  15. Marie says:

    I agree on the forum idea. It seems a lot easier then cluttering up the comments section.

  16. Erana says:

    How exciting! I’m gonna play it again now!
    Still, I think I’d ask about how one matures as a vampire. I assume your character’s head is rewired a bit, but I always felt like it was a bit abrupt how the character was instantly gave an air of omnipotence and aloofness with this new power. Wouldn’t a relatively fresh vampire still be thinking of the world through the perspective of a human?

  17. Nallore says:

    I just found out about this site a few weeks ago and I love all the games so far but this one is probably my all time favorite one. Some changes I think would make the game better at the begining of Romance and Dragon you were able to make an appearnce of your character so it would add alittle more imerssion to it like hair color and eye color would be good. Also I agree with the forum idea so it would be alot easier on everyone to track comments. And for the Rapport scene I would ask all three if they had fallen in love with someone in the past.

  18. Le Blue Dude says:

    Yes I heavily recommend a forum. That allows for a great deal of comunity building, which is something you want and need.

  19. biscuit says:

    I agree with the forum. I think it would provide for more community-building and focused topics, since we could separate threads into things like FAQs, suggestions, or speculation.

    I don’t know if this is in the works for the next release, but I’d like the option of opening up a romance with another vampire. I know it won’t be all happy fluffy bunnies, but at least it’d give me something else to do other than bemoan the fate of my mortal loves.

    For rapport scenes… I’m not entirely sure yet. I’d like to open up with Jesse a bit more about his past human lover, or talk with my dominus about his longer-term goals. The Spanish vampire is still a mystery to me, so honestly, I’d be happy for anything that reveals a bit more of her.

  20. DarkOne10 says:

    When you save your password, how do you enter it into Choice of the Vampire?

  21. Kamer says:

    I’m not sure, but it seems that the update for app store version still hasn’t been approved. Any news on this?

  22. Mallamun says:

    Hey, that’s so cool that you took our comments into account and made changes! I just played it again a few times and it actually did help quite a bit.

    There’s one glaring oops that I noticed when I chose West for my maker, though. In almost every scene throughout the rest of the game where the Quaestor of New Orleans is mentioned, they are referred to as your “maker”, even if your maker was West. There’s even the little anxieties about whether Jesse will come between you, or if new arrivals will turn your maker’s thoughts from you, etc.

    I’m a poor college student but I threw some $ in your hat 🙁 Hope you guys can stay afloat!

  23. Jason Stevan Hill says:

    @DarkOne10 We haven’t implemented functionality for that yet. Moreover, since the game hasn’t gone forward, there’s no need to yet.

    @Kamer You are correct. Apple is giving us some trouble at the moment. As soon as it is resolved, they should release v1.2.0.

  24. Michelle says:

    Is it possible to fall in love with Jesse… It would be a pleasant change to see how it is to fall in love with a vampire rather than a human

  25. Romar says:

    In CoV, how to u get the option to learn Latin?

  26. 12th biggest fan says:

    When is episode 2 of vampire and romance coming out? Please Tell me i need to know!!!

  27. William says:

    Romar, having chosen the priest background, my character was literate in Latin from the beginning. I don’t think that there’s an option to learn Latin in the game otherwise – none of my other characters came across it. That isn’t to say that one definitely doesn’t exist, though.

  28. Kamer says:

    There is an option to learn latin during the time in between New Orleans and Vicksburg, the part where you can choose a new skill/increase another skill.

  29. Marie says:

    I think I’ve found a bug. When I chose West as my maker, and left him in the barn instead of saving him, my character calls Jessie her “dear brother”. When his maker is Van der Ahe.

  30. Michelle says:

    How does the “Adaption vs Anachronism” ratio affect one’s character??

  31. Romar says:

    I hate to be a nuisance but how do you get more interactions with Calkins? I have tried multiple times but always end up setting a meeting with him, nothing else.

  32. Devin says:

    I had a thought for the games based on the humanoids, perhaps if/when you translate it over to a flash based platform you have the ability to edit an avatar base As your character, with changeable hair/colors eyes etc.
    I know you currently lack a graphic artist on your assembly team, but it might be worth it to check out deviantart for persons looking to have their work featured on a website somewhere as a sort of portfolio option, or with the concept of a donate to the artist button included, or something of that nature.

    Here’s a real quick throw together conceptional layout by myself to show what i mean, for Broadsides: http://i52.tinypic.com/2eurdxl.png

  33. Kamer says:

    @devin that’s actually pretty cool. nice work!

  34. Jarod says:

    Love the game, it reminds me so much of previous vampire games I’ve played in the past.
    I agree that there are a lot of bits that seen cut and paste particularly the style of the parent vampire, where I’ve found only West was significantly different than the others.
    I was hoping for more from the voodoo queen after the death of Clotho.
    The other vampires in New Orleans… I think that just being able to further define their relationships with the character and more interaction with the Quaestor would be good.
    It felt that after they made you they then took you for granted.

  35. Michelle says:

    Think there are a few errors. We need to get a charm level of 4 in order to:

    1. to get Calkins to follow you:

    *selectable_if (charm > 3) #”Oh, but you have no choice in the matter.” Using my powers of Charm, I force him to accompany me to the Quaestor.

    2. to get Clotho to back down:

    *if charm > 3
    She takes a second look into your eyes, and you can almost see her backing down before you awe-inspiring stare. “Ah bes’ be goin’ now. Fuhgive dis po’ soul.” You nod approvingly at her change in demeanor, and watch her go on on her way.

    3. for Estefania to be impressed when you arrive dishevelled:

    *if arrive_disheveled
    *if charm > 3
    *set rios_rapport %+5
    After greetings are exchanged, she looks you up and down. “I suppose this is what the French call deshabille? I suppose if any of us could carry such a look off, it would be you, dear ${given_name}.”
    “Yes, it took me all evening to get the look just right…”
    “Come, tell me how you got your hair so perfect!” She exclaims, taking your arm and leading you inside.

    I don’t think it is possible to achieve a charm of 4 or more at this stage. This is alluded to in a blog post comment too

  36. Dominic says:

    Michelle – for what it’s worth, that’s not an error. Jason has said that those outcomes which require currently-unachievable stats are deliberately included, in case a later revision allows the player to get them at that time.

  37. Chuck says:

    I was wondering if it would be possible to continue living on your plantation and eliminate the church from pestering you in St. Charles. I was enjoying my time there and I found it sad that it would all go away so easily.

  38. Michelle says:

    Dominic: Thanks… That makes (more) sense

  39. Michelle says:

    Dominic: thanks…

  40. Anthony says:

    It seems to me to be evident that I cannot get my charm above 3. How can I get it higher?

  41. Dominic says:

    Anthony – barely possible now, but have it to three by the Vicksburg chapter, then when you get the chance, do not embrace or kill Wilson. Stick around in Vicksburg, and you’ll have an opportunity to demand something from Withers. There are four boons you can get here – literacy if you don’t already have it, English if you don’t already speak it, some money, or (if your charm is already three) an increase to four.

  42. Anthony says:

    Another chapter upcoming soon?

  43. Chelsea says:

    Does anyone know how to get to Silas I just keep getting clotho

  44. supertanno says:

    I don’t have any questions for them, but it still really annoys me that I can’t save Clotho and start a whole new life with her. That could be a nice improvement.

  45. Chevalier says:

    I would ask about Jesse’s former human lover. I kept Clotho’s letter for me. I hope to see her in the 2nd part of this game. Please, make some mircles Mr. Author 🙁

  46. Takara says:

    I was wondering if there will be other characters aside from Silas Hope that a female vampiress might be able to fall in love with and be with as a vampire later on in the game to fulfill the “finding a love that transcends death” optuon? Also, I would really like to see some romance develop with Jesse and the characters we create… He amuses me and I was wondering, what exactly does Jesse look like? I don’t think I remember a description of him–his eye color, facial features… Maybe I’m wrong… I think it would be fun to have more opportunities for romantic interactions with Jesse and other interesting figures in history. I love the story and it’s a lot of fun, so kudos!

  47. Caunwen says:

    I actually want a happy ending for my character and Silas. But no matter what I choose, he always ends up dead. Can you at least make him a vampire? I dunno I’m kinda’ in love with the idea of them being together. Also, I couldn’t find a way to make peace with all 3(jesse, estefania and the quaestor). Could that be possible?

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