Feb 23


New UI for “Choice of the Vampire” Comes to iOS!

Posted by: Jason Stevan Hill | Comments (12)

We are excited to announce the release of Choice of the Vampire v1.2.2. This finally brings the new_orleans_rapport scene to iPhone, as well as introduces the player to Memphis. More importantly, though, v1.2.2 sees a new User Interface for Choice of Games, as well as iOS-specific animations (page-curls, etc).

It also makes accessing the stat screen much more fluid, as well as making sharing on things like Facebook much easier. As you may have noticed with our Forums, we are now connected to Facebook; sharing a comment (logging in to your FB profile) on an iOS device is now automated.

The difference is most dramatic for iPad. Here, you can see how the stat screen and the home page are inset against the story, for simplified navigation.

Moreover, in landscape mode, the stat screen can now be displayed alongside the text of the game:

Romance II and other future games will be released on iOS with the new UI.

As a side note, as with all major upgrades, there were some bugs. We are already fixing them, and v1.2.3 should be submitted to Apple in the next 48 hours.


  1. Please release more games on Kindle!!

  2. Garrett says:

    Please hurry up with “part two”

  3. CPFace says:

    That’s awesome. I don’t have an iPad, but that new layout looks tasty. 😀 The look of the iOS apps was never appreciably different from playing them through the Safari browser before — this is a nice little dash of extra class.

  4. Kamer says:

    Wait, so did you already release the update or are you just waiting for approval by Apple?

  5. Laytonia says:

    Already released – I got it!

  6. KA101 says:

    Quasi-related: Is there a way to view these in standard white background? Choice/Dragon’s scroll reliably glitches out once per game (I’m using Firefox 3 and WinXP); it’s fixable but tedious, immersion-breaking, and a great argument for playing something else.

    [Am afraid you’d put in purty backgrounds on all the games and make CoG’s otherwise fine games unplayable. Sorry.]

  7. Samus says:

    I have the same problem as KA101 with viewing Choice of the Dragon, only worse. The purty background makes the multiple choices un-selectable on my mobile, which is my only means of Internet usage.

  8. Ashley Lynch says:

    To play part two would you need to purchase it from the App Store? I use an Ipod Touch mainly and I was hoping you would be able to play it without purchasing it.

  9. Prevenge says:

    When is part 2 coming out? … So much anticipation. I want to buy choice of The vampire, but I hate remembering long text strings. I hope you combine the first and second one somehow when the second one releases.

  10. Hitten says:

    Cant wait for the second installment! Was wondering a update date for part II? Really enjoy this game!

  11. will says:

    when is part 2 coming out?!

  12. jaleiza Williams says:

    Loved loved loved this game can’t wait for part 2

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