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XYZZY Finalists Announced; Vote for the Winner!

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The finalists in 2012’s XYZZY awards have been announced! The XYZZY Awards are given for the best works of interactive fiction released the previous year in a variety of categories (Best Writing, Best Puzzles, and so on).

Now it’s time to vote for the winners! Anyone can vote for the winner in every category, even those who did not vote in the previous round, but please play all four games before voting for Best Game. Voting ends March 2.

The nominees for Best Game are:

Zombie Exodus is a finalist for Best Game, as well as Best Writing, Best Story, Best Setting, Best Puzzles, Best NPCs, Best Individual NPC, Best Individual PC, Best Implementation, and Best Use of Innovation.

Other ChoiceScript games also received nominations. The Race (by Andy Why) is a finalist for Best Puzzles and Best Individual Puzzle, and Marine Raider (by Allen Gies) is a finalist for Best Setting.

Choice of Games congratulates all of the nominees, and doubly congratulates the nominated ChoiceScript games!

Click here to vote for the winner in the XYZZY Awards. May the best games win!


  1. syd says:

    How are the finalist picked?

  2. Muffin says:

    I played Zombie Exodus, and am hoping to play cryptozookeeper when it finishes downloading (Seriously? Straight download with no information first?) however I am being annoyed with Exodus not letting me continue with my character. I bought it so I could do part IV, and now I can’t even see my save.

    Sorry, I didn’t see any other place to put this.

    And now I can’t comment.

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