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New Game! Sabres of Infinity: A Low-Fantasy Military IF

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Sabres of Infinity

We’re proud to announce that Sabres of Infinity, the latest in our Hosted Games label of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for iOS, Android, and, via the Chrome Web Store, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Fight for glory as an officer of the Royal Tierran Army in a rich, low-fantasy world where gunpowder and magic rule the battlefield. Choose a horse, pick a sergeant and lead a unit of Royal Dragoons through five years of brutal war.

“Sabres of Infinity” is an epic interactive novel by by Paul “Cataphrak” Wang where you control the main character. In each chapter, your choices determine how the story proceeds.

Battle your enemies with your mind, your wits or with pistol and sword. Earn the loyalty of your subordinates and the friendship of your fellow officers, or betray them for your own gain. As armies, heroes and philosophies clash in the forests of the north, your choices could mean the difference between everlasting glory and an ignominious death.

We hope you enjoy playing Sabres of Infinity. We encourage you to tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our ranking on the App Store. Basically, the more times you download in the first week, the better we’ll rank.


  1. Ted says:

    After the disaster that was Treasure Seekers of Lady Luck, Sabres of Infinity is a treat to CoG-readers.
    Set in a very detailed and realistic world, SoI reminds of old classics like Choice of Broadsides and Choice of Romance/Intrigues.
    The reader is not forced into a direction, and decisions appear to have an impact on the story.
    At the same time, it doesn’t imply that the PC is an all powerful being who can max-out all his stats within the first twenty pages.

    Therefore, I would count SoI as one of the better CoG games, and recommend it to anyone who likes more in-depth and detailed stories.

  2. Daniel says:

    Great Game! In fact one of the best I’ve played on this site! Definitly worth the money!

  3. Scout says:

    I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed watching this game come into fruition, And Even More so The end Result. Just one great example of the hardworking dedicated writers there are on the hosted program; To Every writer out there, whether you be working on IF or novel, Thank You, And Please keep it up.


  4. Gravity says:

    I’m a major geek, and my nerd-rage requires me to point this out, but this is not a Low Fantasy. This is very specifically High Fantasy, a mix of magic and swordplay, like A song of Ice and Fire or the First Law trilogy. This is because it is set in a completely different world to our own (that is high fantasy). Low fantasy is something set on Earth, but with fantasy elements involved, like the Harry Potter books or and vampire romance stuff. Epic fantasy is different to both of those, epic fantasy usually has high amounts of wizardry, prophecies, quests and such. Stuff such as Eragon, Lord of the Rings, Wheel of time.

    I totally have a social life, just so you know.

    • Cataphrak says:

      Author here with half of a mea culpa:
      If I were allowed to use complete precision, I’d probably describe “Sabres of Infinity” as Gaslamp Fantasy, which is a much closer description that either High or Low fantasy. Then again, I’d have to explain what that meant in the first place, which would defeat the purpose of having a short descriptor. Having to pick between which of the two openly recognizable fantasy descriptors to use did bug me a bit. However, I did feel that the story has more “Low” elements (when it comes to characterization, morality and politics) than “high” ones.

      The definition’s a bit murky IIRC, so we’re probably both right to one extent or another.

    • FairyGodfeather says:

      You have a different definition of low fantasy than I do, or wikipedia (or tvtropes for that matter.)

      I did do a search to see if I could get a decisive definition of low-fantasy only to find a lot of discussions arguing about its meanings.

      I’ve no idea if Sabres of Infinity does count as low fantasy. Or a Song of Ice and Fire for that matter, I did see someone arguing that it was low fantasy during my search, so it goes to show that even geeks can’t agree on much. There does seem to be differences between the literary definition and the roleplayer’s definition.

    • I realize I’m late to the party, but oh well. May I point out that I do believe SoI is low fantasy? It seems as though your definition, “something set on Earth, but with fantasy elements involved, like the Harry Potter books or and vampire romance stuff.” seems skewed in multiple ways.

      Something set on Earth with one or two things that set it apart from reality would be in the supernatural genre. This includes works such as Death Note and Unnatural.

      Harry Potter is most definitely high fantasy; almost everything about it cannot happen in reality. There is magic on every page, and many, many different creatures that don’t exist in our world.

      Even though SoI is set in a different world, that’s just fiction. Because of the minor uses of magic, it classifies itself as low fantasy.

      Just wanted to help clarify πŸ™‚

  5. Martin Rollins says:

    This is the best game offered in a significant portion of time. Though this only reflects my opinion, I wish to say that it is well worth the money. I’m excited for the next project πŸ™‚

  6. Michael says:

    This game was amazing and more challenging than any of the others. Absolutely fantastic, it makes your ending totally worth every decision you make. And so much fun. Some grammatical errors but overall nicely written with plenty of possibilities. Can’t wait for the next installment πŸ˜€

  7. One of the best COG games yet. Enjoyed every part of it.

  8. Jesse Watson says:

    Kindle version, please!

  9. Kat Suricata says:

    Can has Kindle version? ^_^

  10. Greg says:

    I bought this game yesterday. I have not been able to put it down. I played on my train commute to work, played at work when I had some downtime, played on my commute back, on the walk home, in my home. My battery was red and telling me 5% before I finally went to plug my phone in. Only to pull up a chair and keep playing. To know that there is a second chapter that I hope is made pushes me forward. This is a game that needs sequels a plenty.

    The war..the choices..the environment is like a mix between the First World War and the Crimean War, sans the machine guns but having magic. I am left wondering how to play through it again to experience different choices. I consider this game a fine work and will definitely try to get as many people as I know to buy it as possible.

  11. James says:

    Can (and if so how) you capture the antari general

  12. Brit Anon says:

    Simply amazing. The characters instantly come to life, Caius + Elson especially, with the former making me think of a young Vincent Cassel in Brotherhood of the Wolf, and the later, Thomas Sangster. May I ask whether the Dragooner uniform is a mix of the Austrian Grenadier uniform, http://www.britishbattles.com/frederick/mollwitz/austrian-infantry.jpg and 1700-1750 Austrian Dragoon uniform ( http://digitalcollections.nypl.org/items/510d47d9-951a-a3d9-e040-e00a18064a99 )? (My inner historical costume needs to know the specifics! Perfect description of a pelisse btw!)

  13. Brit Anon says:

    *historical costume nerd

  14. Jacob Keenan says:

    I got this game a while ago, and have played multiple times, The biggest question I have is that at the end it says to be continued in Book 2 “Guns of Infinity.” I really enjoyed the first one, and I would like to know when and if there will be a second book?

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