Jan 30


SLAMMED! on Steam, with new endings!

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We’re happy to announce that one of our bestselling games, SLAMMED! is now available on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Buy it today for 26% off the regular price!

SLAMMED! is a 275,000-word interactive professional-wrestling novel by Paolo Chikiamco; it’s the greatest text-based pro-wrestling RPG in the world.

In SLAMMED!, you’ve always dreamed of becoming pro wrestling’s biggest star…but the wrestler’s world is fraught with hardship and betrayal, in and out of the ring. Become a powerhouse, a technician, a high-flier, or focus on your promo skills. There’s more than one road to success.

But none of those roads will be easy. This is a world where your biggest fans are your harshest critics; where the front office is more dangerous than the squared circle; where friends can become enemies with a single heel turn; where, sometimes, the only way to win is to lose, spectacularly.

This is professional wrestling. And you’re about to change it, forever.

Plus, there are new endings! Paolo took the time to add in three new endings and 70 unlockable achievements. The new endings are also available now on our other platforms; existing customers can upgrade to the new version for free. (iOS users will have to wait a few days for Apple to approve the upgrade.)

We need your support to continue delivering our games on Steam. Our goal is to release our entire catalog of interactive novels on Steam. Our last game on Steam, Choice of Robots, was a tremendous hit; it was even featured on Steam’s valuable front page for a short time. We’ll need to continue to deliver outstanding results to prove that interactive fiction can be successful on Steam.

We’re asking all of our fans to follow us on Steam. Even if you don’t use Steam that much, it will be a big help if you sign up to follow us there, because the more followers we get, the better visibility we get on Steam’s curator list. (Our goal is to hit 3,000 followers for our Steam curation page; we’re about 30% of the way there!)

When you follow us, you’ll see our games and our recommended games right on your Steam home page. It’s free, and it’s a big help to us, so follow us today!


  1. Silas says:

    Amazing. Not only is it satisfyingly long and detailed, but it actually an amazing, exciting, heartwarming story. Deserves a movie adaptation.

  2. Nick says:

    very well written and original story, isn’t full of clichés, its actually fun to replay unlike many other games like this, its long enough to actually be enjoyable, the romances don’t seem forced, has some sad moments as well as funny ones.
    only a few things I would change/add: make it so you can be Bisexual. be able to choose you’re race/ethnicity earlier in the game. be able to be Transgender/transsexual. maybe a little more to the JJ romance(it just wasn’t satisfying for me).
    my overall rating of the game is 9.5/10 🙂

    (also can anyone help me get the mandatory rematch achievement? its the only one I can’t get. :P)

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