Jun 23


All of our games are 25% off or more in Steam’s 2016 Summer Sale

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All of our Steam apps are 25% off or more until July 4!

We’ve also introduced a bunch of new bundles on Steam. Buy our games in a bundle and you can get them for an additional 25% off or more, on top of the discounts available in Steam’s Summer Sale!

All of these bundles are “Complete the Set” bundles, which means if you’ve purchased some of the games in the bundle, you can still complete the bundle at a discounted price.

The “Every Game” bundle is especially interesting because as we add new games on Steam, we’ll add them to the bundle, allowing you to complete and re-complete the bundle each time a new game comes out, rewarding our most loyal customers with our best possible savings.

Hosted Games has a few bundles, too, including an “Every Game” bundle:

(Note that we can’t create bundles including games from both Hosted Games and Choice of Games, so if you want all of Paul Wang’s games, you’ll need to buy both the “Paul Wang” bundle and the “Infinity Series” bundle.)

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  1. OoOoOoO says:

    Just 25-34%, down from last year’s 40% across the board? I don’t think I’ll be completing my STEAM CoG collection with this kind of discount, gonna stick to just the android versions.

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