Jan 03


Everything’s on sale before we raise our prices in 2023!

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All of our games are on sale as part of the 2022 Steam Winter Sale, with discounts up to 40% off. The sale ends January 5th.

On or around January 5th, we plan to raise prices on most of our games on all platforms. (It’s been years and years since we’ve done a general price increase, but inflation has finally caught up to us.)

That means that if you buy our games on Steam during the Winter Sale, you’ll receive the lowest possible price. We’ll never offer a deal this good again!

We’d especially like to invite you to buy our “Every game” bundles, where we offer our entire library of games at an additional 15% off.

As of today, those bundles are priced at over 40% off our existing low prices; they’re more than a 50% discount off of the new 2023 prices.

Have a happy 2023! We’re so grateful for your continuing support.

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