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I, the Forgotten One—Battle a rebellion and your own inner demons!

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Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

The king is dead. The country is wracked by rebellion. And an old comrade from your past has returned to claim the crown for himself.

I, the Forgotten One is a 450,000-word interactive novel by John Louis. It’s entirely text-based, without graphics or sound effects, and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your

You are the late king’s eldest child and royal bastard. Disinherited and tossed aside, you were sent off as a child to fight in the distant frontier of the kingdom, to die forgotten
and unknown.

You, however, survived, and have been shaped into an instrument of war.

With the realm now in turmoil, you have been called upon to once more bloody your blade.

You must restore peace by any means necessary.

Even as you feel yourself slipping deeper and deeper into a pit of despair.

  • Play as a man or woman; straight, gay, or aromantic
  • Immerse yourself in a world whose perceptions change based on your chosen physicality
  • Specialize in three separate aspects of medieval war
  • Choose from three different fighting styles which are further influenced by your physical attributes
  • Meet a wide cast of characters, from the mother that disowned you to your surrogate father
  • Fall down three separate mental paths
  • Sustain your relationship with your family, or let it collapse all together
  • Experience the brutal realities of war and its consequences on the mind

Above all, find purpose and hope—before you shatter for good.

Content Warning: This contains detailed descriptions of violence as well as discussions of abuse and self-harm.

John developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.

Notable Replies

  1. Congrats on the release! The cover art is just :cupid:.

  2. Finally! I’ve been looking forward to this a LOT! Congratulations in the release!

  3. I thought this will be released in early July. But oh well, I’ve bought it already. Anyway, congratulations!!

  4. Avatar for Bock Bock says:

    Real ones are in attendance.

  5. Congratulations on the release so excited to finish this one. Also hadn’t seen that cover art yet and I have to say it is absolutely top notch.

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