Jan 25


Royal Affairs expansion and all Harris Powell-Smith games on sale!

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Royal Affairs

We’re proud to announce an extended epilogue for Royal Affairs as a free addition to the base game. The new content will be relevant for future games in the series, so be sure to play again!

To celebrate, we’re putting all of Harris Powell-Smith’s games on sale this week. Get Blood Money for 30% off, Crème de la Crème and Royal Affairs for 40% off, and Noblesse Oblige for 20% off until February 1st!

One year later, you’ve set sail on a state visit to Teran. Will you scandalize your family, or do them proud? How have your post-college plans been proceeding, and is there a royal wedding—or a shocking elopement—in your future?

Notable Replies

  1. Congrats, @HarrisPS! This represents a lot of work and it must feel good to have it out in the world. :tada:

  2. Thank you so much, it was a lot of fun to return to the Royal Affairs characters for another little adventure!

  3. I had a lot of fun testing the new epilogue, and I’m sure everyone will enjoy it!

  4. Avatar for izzily izzily says:

    let’s gooooo!

    I’m so excited to read this!

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