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Divine Ascension—Can you ascend to a higher level of divinity?

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Hosted Games has a new game for you to play!

Divine Ascension

As a Minor Deity, you have a large Domain of sapient beings to rule over as you see fit. Can you gather enough faith to ascend to a higher level of divinity?

Divine Ascension is a thrilling 41,000-word interactive fantasy novel by Teemu Salminen, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based—without graphics or sound effects—and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

  • Play as an all-powerful deity with total control over your Domain.
  • Interact with six other Minor Deities, each with their own realm.
  • Gather faith, divinity and power to protect or use those who have faith in you.
  • Use your divine powers to bless or destroy your targets.
  • Experience several possible endings – based on the choices you made during the story.

Your choices will decide the fate of your world!

Divine Ascension is 40% off until March 14th!

Teemu developed this game using ChoiceScript, a simple programming language for writing multiple-choice interactive novels like these. Writing games with ChoiceScript is easy and fun, even for authors with no programming experience. Write your own game and Hosted Games will publish it for you, giving you a share of the revenue your game produces.

Notable Replies

  1. I’m happy to add this one to my collection. I’m afraid a lot of people are going to overlook it because it’s on the small side, but they’ll be missing out. No, it’s not a great sprawling interactive novel - it’s just a fun little game with a good story, an excellent way to pass the time, especially since it’s completely free to play.

    Congratulations @Zaldath on writing a delightful little game and becoming a four-time HG author!

  2. Congratulations on the new game!

  3. Congrats on the release, Teemu. It looks like an interesting read.

  4. Thanks! We’ll see how it goes. It’s true that it’s not really a long story, and that can discourage potential players. Hopefully being free balances things out…

  5. Congratulations! For those who want something shorter and free, give this one a bite.

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