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Apr 02


Choice of Zombies Coming Soon!

Posted by: Heather Albano | Comments (6)

There’s nothing quite like the high of galloping toward the end of a project, so I am particularly happy to report the “Choice of Zombies” finish line is in sight. The first third of the game won IntroComp 2011 back in July (and have I mentioned that I am still floored by that? The Ego-Boost That Keeps On Boosting) and we’re pretty sure the rest of the game meets the expectations set by the beginning. We’ve tried some new things with this one—Zombies is the most complex game ever made under the official “Choice of” brand, and it’s the first

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Jul 01


Gender Politics Taste Like Chicken (or, Help Us Flavor the Next Choice of Game)

Posted by: Heather Albano | Comments (53)

Based on number of comments on this topic, clearly the next game should be Choice of Romance. 😛 – Jake Forbes Yeah, the thought crossed our minds, too. The Great Villeneuve Debate, aka TGVN (thank you, Jake, for coining a term that will make me grin for the rest of my life) demonstrated among other things that there was room in the Choice of Games stable for something that relied more heavily on personal interactions and less heavily on hitting things with swords or crunching them with your dragon teeth. (Don’t worry, we haven’t given up on those games. We’ll

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Gender in Games

Apr 26


Further Thoughts on Villeneuve

Posted by: Heather Albano | Comments (13)

“Villeneuve is way cooler than any of the boring boys at the dance! We made such a good team.” Quoth my friend Becky, explaining her surprise that it was not (at that time) possible to pursue a same-sex relationship with Villeneuve. A common sentiment, as it turned out. “I think there’s such an interest in this aspect of the story,” wrote Spider in a comment to an earlier blog post, “because Villeneuve is the best-fleshed-out character. You don’t have the same level of interaction with the three marriage interests, and relationships with them feel rushed…” And Spider is quite right

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Choice of Broadsides, Gender in Games

Apr 05


Sailors Are Not Dragons

Posted by: Heather Albano | Comments (28)

… and books are not RPGs. (By the way—hi there! I’m Heather. I joined Choice of Games as writer #3 just as Broadsides development was starting. It’s nice to meet you, too!) This post started as a comment to the “Help Us Switch Gender” thread, but I decided not to post it at the time, both because it got way too long and because I couldn’t make my points without risking spoilers. Now I think I can reasonably assume anyone reading this has played the game (but I put the spoilers under a cut anyway.) The core concept for Broadsides

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Choice of Broadsides, Game Design, Gender in Games

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