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Choice of Zombies Coming Soon!

Posted by: Heather Albano | Comments (6)

There’s nothing quite like the high of galloping toward the end of a project, so I am particularly happy to report the “Choice of Zombies” finish line is in sight.


They're happy, too.

The first third of the game won IntroComp 2011 back in July (and have I mentioned that I am still floored by that? The Ego-Boost That Keeps On Boosting) and we’re pretty sure the rest of the game meets the expectations set by the beginning.

We’ve tried some new things with this one—Zombies is the most complex game ever made under the official “Choice of” brand, and it’s the first game my husband Richard Jackson and I have designed together. It’s Richard’s first foray into ChoiceScript, in fact—but almost certainly not his last. Welcome to the madness, love…


He wants YOU.

Zombies is also the first game to feature box art by the multi-talented Jason Wiser—art so awesome and so disturbing that it simply had to go on a t-shirt too. Because who doesn’t need a t-shirt depicting zombies bursting out of their ribcage? Right, exactly. Everyone needs this shirt. (There are actually three different, equally gorgeous and equally disturbing, versions of the sternum-exploding zombie, so you can choose the visual that best suits your torso.)

So: If you want a taste of the upcoming Zombiepocalypse, check out the IntroComp-winning beginning of the game here. To add a piece of art to your wardrobe, click there. And expect me back in two or three weeks telling you Zombies is live—er, so to speak—on all the usual platforms!

Grab your Choice of Zombies t-shirt before they do!


  1. Bob the great says:

    Long wait for the games, but definately worth it!

  2. N says:

    Hey guys, great to see more coming out. I’ve been waiting for more of your stuff.

  3. Madz says:

    This is the most complex, articulate and well formed game that I have played in a long time (on any platform). You have truly embraced ChoiceScript and the results are outstanding. Well done to you, and I cannot wait until the next installment.

  4. nj says:

    Hey I’m just wondering when choice of dragen 2 comes out its a great game

  5. Mark says:

    Sweet! Can’t wait to sink my teeth into… I mean get a taste of…


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