Apr 17


Let Us Host Your ChoiceScript Games

Posted by: Dan Fabulich | Comments (7)

Have you finished writing a game? Choice of Games encourages you to submit your finished ChoiceScript game to us so that we can host it for you publicly; we’ll give you 75% of the revenue your game produces.


  1. William Hughes says:

    Wonderful!! I hope this post gets some attention in spite of the big juicy one above it.

  2. Horace Torys says:

    Whatever happened to the third-party game mentioned on this blog before, a murder mystery or something?

  3. Dominic Bishop says:

    Hey guys, I’ve already contacted Heather a while ago but I’d just like to say – this is very exciting news!! I hope all goes well for you all and hopefully this domain becomes for text-based games what newgounds is for flash games!

    I am currently making my own game using the Choicescript language, although college commitments are unfortunatly limiting my progress. Anyway, I was just wondering if you have any plans to upgrade the compiler/editor to a dedicated client? Once you can provide this I’m sure more people will be tempted to give it a go.

    Also, I was wondering if in the future it will be possible to customise the look of your game, like you ave with yours? Im just thinking that this will be necessary once you accept submissions and I’d love to customise the fonts and so on, and get rid of that awful “My First ChoiceScript Game” banner!

    Anyway enough of my babbling, keep up the good work and, who knows, maybe one day you will play my game!

    Cheers, Dom

    • Dan says:

      @Dominic: By dedicated client, I presume you mean a program that runs outside of a web browser? It’s certainly on my list to try turning it into an offline-capable application using Adobe AIR or something similar.

      Customizing the look of the game is currently done just by modifying the HTML and CSS included in the distribution. If you want to change the element there, just do it! If you need help, feel free to post on our Google group or email us at support@choiceofgames.com.

  4. Johan says:

    Anyone writing as their hobby can’t be trusted to release anything. And I say that as someone doing that myself.

    I think this is a good initiative, although I doubt writing games like this would make me quit my dayjob 😉

  5. Dominic Bishop says:

    Hey Dan, thanks for your reply, yes that was what I had in mind; my vision for it would be for you to have one downloadable program which contains all of the documentation, and the interpreter, along with links to the google group and so on. So basically, one section for playing games, another that provides the tools for you to make your own, and a third which explains in detail how you go about doing that – all without leaving the program, keeping it succinct and easy to navigate.

    I know anything like that’s going to be quite a way off yet for you guys, as my understanding is that this project is seperate for you from your day jobs (in which case I can totally understand the slow progress on the documentation front!) and I’m not sure what sort of direction you want to take this in, so I’ll leave it at that for now. I just think that would be a good move on your part, as in keeping with your philosophy of making things easy for non-programmers, nothing would make it easier for me that to have everything in the one area that I could refer to! Perhaps a wiki would serve this purpose just as easily?

    I appreciate that you have tons of work still left to do, but I’m hoping for a solution such as the ones above, as it does get annoying occasionally for a complete newb like me having to flit between the group and the on site tutorials to get a grasp of what I should be doing. The ever-changing and evolving nature of the language at the moment isn’t helping I suppose, although that’s to be expected given the early stage you’re at with it, and pefectly forgivable.

    Basically for now I’m just asking for the documentation to be up-to-date, in lue of any major structural changes to hoe you run things, so if you could find it in your hearts to do this I’d be very grateful! Especially now you’re accepting admissions, i feel this should be one of your top priorities!

    Anyway enough of my semi-ranting, thanks again for the reply and well done for everything you have done so far! All the best and good luck,


    PS I will get round to using the Google group from now on for asking questions!

  6. Dominic Bishop says:

    Sorry to double-post, but I just had a quick thought – as part of the hypothetical program/client I suggested, perhaps under the “Creation” section there would be an easier way to change the layout and look of your games (such a a drop-down list or enabling upload of resources from your computer) for people like me who are incapable of using HTML, while still allowing those who are the chance to modify it directly? Just a thought, please tell me if I’m talking nonsense!

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