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Choice of Games Presents: “Heroes Rise”

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Heroes Rise

Today, we’re proud to announce that Heroes Rise: The Prodigy, the latest in our popular line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for iOS, Kindle and Android. This is also our first game available for download on Windows, OS X, and Linux via the Chrome Web Store.

In “Heroes Rise,” Powered heroes have become the ultimate celebrities, and you dream of joining the A-List–but to get there, you’ll first have to take down evil Powered gangs, compete with deadly rivals, choose a worthy sidekick, team up with famous champions, and prove to all of Millennia City that you’re a true hero.

“The game is completely text-based,” said Zachary Sergi, author of “Heroes Rise.” “There’s no graphics, no music; nothing but 100,000 words and your imagination.”

At each step, “Heroes Rise” offers a multiple-choice question, putting you in control of the interactive story.

For example, when surrounded by dozens of criminals who are battling for control of the “Gravitas” artifact, which would you choose?

  • Jump in right away and stop the killing. It doesn’t matter who gets the Gravitas–saving lives is more important than anything.
  • Your only concern here is the Gravitas. Make a grab for it and go!
  • Wait for them all to kill each other off, then take the Gravitas by surprise from whoever is left standing.
  • Stay put and wait for the police to arrive–this is way too much for you and you know it.

Will you play as male or female? Gay or straight? Crusade for justice, or gun for money?

How high will you rise?

This Is Not a Hosted Game

In the past, Choice of Games has distinguished between two types of releases: our official “Choice of” games (Dragon, Broadsides, Romance, Vampire, Zombies) and unofficial “hosted games” written by third parties.

Today, we’re trying something new: Heroes Rise is a full-fledged “Choice of” game, written by a professional author outside the “Choice of Games” partnership.

Furthermore, unlike our other games, we’re not offering the entirety of “Heroes Rise” for free on our website. We’re offering the first 20,000 words of the game for free (out of 100,000 total); to play the rest, you’ll have to purchase the game.

That’s why we’ve chosen to make “Heroes Rise” available on the Chrome Web Store. Anyone on Windows, OS X, or Linux who doesn’t have an iOS, Android, or Kindle device can download Google Chrome for free to purchase our game. When you buy Heroes Rise on the Chrome Web Store, the game will download to your computer, where it will be available to play offline as long as you like.

We hope you enjoy playing Heroes Rise: The Prodigy. We encourage you to tell your friends about it, and recommend the game on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our ranking on the App Store. Basically, the more times you download in the first week, the better Heroes Rise will rank.

EDIT 7/18: The iOS app is now available!


  1. Elisabeth says:

    Hey, I just wanna say that I’m really excited to buy and play this game but I’m dissapointed when I found that it isn’t available in Indonesian iTunes store. Is there any chance that you’ll make it available soon ? Thanks.

  2. Addict says:

    Trial was awesome , cant wait to buy it =D

  3. Thomas says:

    Looks like a great game, but for some reason, it hasn’t arrived in the Apple store for Australia. I can find it on the Android store, but since I don’t run an Android, I’m stuck.

    Otherwise, good game

  4. Maddi says:

    You need to get it on iTunes soooooon!

  5. Jeremy says:

    I’m hooked. I can’t wait for it to come out on the ipad/iphone

  6. Mr. Shade says:

    When can we expect this on iOS?

  7. natalie says:

    it doesn’t seem to be available in the us itunes store either, I can’t wait to buy it but I don’t have a kindle or any of the other platforms offered. What’s up with itunes? 🙁

  8. Nana says:


  9. Nobody Important says:

    Not to be pushy or anything, but are you going to get it on iTunes? If so, any idea as when that would be happening?

  10. John Evans says:

    So Firefox users are out of luck, huh? That’s disappointing…

  11. Hexel says:

    WOW at first I was like “ugh, I can’t believe they’re going to that level! Making us buy a game?” But now that I’ve actually tried it, I’m hooked, I want to get it!

  12. Arkangel says:

    Any info on when this will be available on the US iTunes store. I love choice of games and this game is no exception, but I still cant download it for my iPhone.

  13. Arkangel says:

    Well. Never mind. I just checked and it was already in iTunes. You guys are fantastic. Thanks.

  14. Joentjuh says:

    Loved the free online version, and would really like to play the full version.
    As someone that doesn’t own a mobile device (nor planning to), I like that you’ve decided to also cater to us non-mobile customers. I believe that with choosing Chrome Web Store you’ve excluded a great many potential customers (me included).
    Chrome Web Store, being a product of Google, only works when using Chrome web browser and having a Google Wallet, which in turn only accepts payment via creditcard (I don’t have or want, it’s not necessary where I live).

  15. Göktuğ says:

    chrome web store doesnt work as is itunes keeps insisting on ios 5 update which i cant get..

  16. Jeremy says:

    Im already so psyched for the 2nd part 🙂 or hopefully there is since I noticed there wasn’t a save game sort of code thing for this.

  17. Legend 83 says:

    What an excellent story. I enjoyed it so much. I really don’t know what to say other than its awesome and that it is possible to play this game to the end properly a I did my self. PLEASE PLEASE make Heroes Rise 2 PLEASE!! 🙂

  18. Göktuğ says:

    you guys chrome web store doesnt work please check it out. it says doesnt have price info..

    • Jason Stevan Hill says:

      Unfortunately, the Chrome webstore only works in these countries:

      Hong Kong
      New Zealand
      United Kingdom
      United States

      We’re currently investigating other potential distribution platforms so people like you can still play our games.

      • Göktuğ says:

        ahh i see, not even russia, south korea or turkey.. well here’s hoping, you’d find other means of distrubution since there’s lots of missing countries there. i got it with tunnelbear though. thanks.

  19. Jake says:

    LOVED it! I tried the version on the site and just wanted more! Great stopping point haha. Then I saw it had been released on the iTunes store and bought it that day! Haha. I just beat it for the third time. Great ending! Still trying to figure out how to get 100 legend, but I seem to be getting worse. 78 on my first go down to 43 on this one haha. So excited for the second part and see where the Epilogue leads to! You guys have just earned yourselves a loyal fan!

  20. Dana says:

    I downloaded Heroes Rise and played it on my iphone app and fell in love! I hope there is going to be sequels!

  21. Darkwing Duck says:

    You’ve made it only available to people who can buy it via credit card or off their phones. My phone plan comes directly through my business and it restricts me from buying anything, not to mention Chrome Webstore doesn’t take paypal payments. You’ve made it very difficult for me to get this game, but that’s beside the point. Why not make it free? You’re already getting tons of hits on your site from it. Share your artistic works for the sake of sharing art. Not the sake of money. Wrong path, you have taken.

  22. Chimeran says:

    Hi there!

    I absolutely loved the free online version of this game and would love to pay for the full version of the game for the PC!

    However, like Joentjuh, I don’t have a credit card, and even if I did I feel dubious setting up a Google Wallet and giving Google my credit card information for the sole purpose of getting a $3 game. I’m not even a Chrome user usually.

    Do you think it would be possible for you to find another distributor that accepts alternate payment methods such as PayPal?

  23. Atlas says:

    kinda cliché, still great writing. game itself gives the illusion of choice successfully. along the way 5-6 of your choices matter actually (aside from relationship hits) but that doesnt mean it’s not fun. overall its a great ifiction with some shortcomings like half-baked romance;


    it was perfect till finding black magic’s source of power and then everything stop after that its like he/she doesnt exist even if you say you’re ok with his/her secret still its a bonus in a heroic action.

    the ending was kinda up in the air, makes you want more. if there’s a second part in the making romance should be more complete. looking forward to it too.

    As for the people who couldnt buy this game from chrome store, it seems you have to connect to store through an usa based vpn or actually live in the states (try tunnel bear)to buy it with your google wallet.

  24. Matthew says:

    Hey I was just wondering if it’s possible to make the story available in Amazon.uk because I’d love the game on kindle

    • Jason Stevan Hill says:

      That’s a matter for Amazon. Currently, Active Content is only available in the US. You should write to Amazon and urge them to expand Active Content to your country.

  25. Mart says:

    Are you guys gonna release it on anythibg below ios5? I can only play it on my iphone and it’s 3g 🙁

  26. Estephanie says:

    First let me start of by saying that this was by far one of the best choice of games to date,at least in my opinion.

    I know that it may be a bit too soon to ask this question but are there plans for a sequel? and if there are is it reeeeealy far off into the future?

    For the sake of my sanity I need to know!

  27. josh m says:

    I loved the trial but i have some questions before i buy:
    A: will there be another part to the game and if so is it free to people who bought the game prior or will it be an additional purchase?
    B: will the price go down in time or become free?
    C: When will choice of vampire 2 come out if you complete the free version of the original it says pay to skip the wait is that mean it will come out soon or the wait to replay the original
    p.s. i am in the middle of creating a basic outline for a text based rpg that i will create using choice script and once done i wanted you to post the game on youre website so if you can notify me at my email address associated with this post. Thank you i love the game trial!

  28. Mr. Shade says:

    Played it through twice already. This definitely did not disappoint. A great game, well worth the little bit of money it cost. The kind of quality I’ve come to expect from Choice of Games.

  29. Mimi says:

    I spent all night playing it! This game is absolutely spectacular! It is worth every penny it cost. I really do hope that there is a sequel. There was “to be continued” aura around the ending of “Heroes Rise”. Plus, it is hard to let such a amazing game go.

  30. Ahhhhyayyy says:

    I have to say this game was great. The writing is just the kind that really swallows you in and makes me feel everything the character is feeling. I’m really hoping for a sequel, well, I NEED a sequel or I’m gonna write my own story for me to read cause I really want this to keep going! Hahaha

  31. Just another Hero says:


    First of all I would like to congratulate you on the good idea for the story and choice making options. But while finishing the novel I must say that I was not fully satisfied with it, and by this comment I would like to point out three things that you should do better next time.

    1. The story was good but it makes the novel bad because it was really short (prolonging the story would make the novel far better then it is now).

    2. The romance was beautiful and delightful the one can really empathize with the main character, but it lacks some deeper relationship between the characters (making more story about the romance between the characters and their loved ones would benefit the novel greatly).

    3. The “Show Stats” button is great idea, but making more use of it would be even better. For example; power and health bars are greatly used within the novel, but money isn’t (if the reader would be offered more options to spend the money on, he would need to watch out on what he/she is spending on, and maybe adding options that characters can obtain the money through some illegal activities, thus making the main character going on the evil path).

    I hope that someone actually read this comment and that it goes to the right hands. Because while writing this critics, they were not meant to be written in a malicious way, they were written by the honest emotions of a reader that expected far more from a such great story, but felt disappointed upon finishing it.

    Yours sincerely,
    reader of the Heroes Rise.

  32. Skull Bearer says:

    Do you know if there is going to be a sequel? I’ve played it through three times and really want to know what happens next. Also, does the author have an email address we can thank them directly at?

  33. Deviija says:

    What a wonderful addition to the Choice of Games tapestry. The choices and colorfulness and characters were enjoyable. It was a nice little superhero popcorn-munchy romp. 🙂

  34. Glide says:

    I absolutely loved this. I never pay for games like this online, but it was totally worth it. I was disappointed that it was so short though. I really thought it would be more complete. I do hope there’s a second one though. I would pay again.

  35. Allways Adore says:

    I know it’s been said plenty so far, but this is an amazing game, like much of the others from Choice of Games and quite a few from Hosted Games. Well written, holds your attention the whole time you play it where you have to turn off your music because you can’t even split your attention that much. It’s an amazing game I agree with the few minor flaws I saw mentioned above but it’s nothing that at all will hurt sales or any of the such for this game~ Keep up the good work of getting out fun long games like this, and I hope there is a sequel in this games future, then end definitely leaves room for that to happen…or it’s one of those sort of ending where you leave the rest to your imagination…But anyways to end this long little ramble, great game and I hope to see more like it…or a sequel~

  36. Adam says:

    Very frusterated with google chrome, will not let me download this game.

  37. Craig says:

    Have just completed my first playthrough of this awesome game and am hoping that a sequel will be released some time in the near future, hopefully letting you import your character from 1st game

  38. Craig says:

    As may already be clear I agree with Allways Adore this game definitely warrants the making of a sequel hopefully including the feature I have previously mentioned.

  39. Pqfire says:

    I LOVED THIS (played it on iPhone) I AGREE PLEASE MAKE A HEROES RISE 2 ;D!!

  40. Allyse says:

    I hate that you have to have ios 5 my ipod doesnt update to that version. 🙁 MAKE IT NOW!!!

  41. Le Blue Dude says:

    At the end, how is it that you are so stupid as to not record the mayor’s threat and send it to everyone? That would be the end of the mayor’s career, and could even put him behind bars for criminal conspiracy to commit terrorism.

  42. Le Blue Dude says:

    Also conspiracy to commit murder one. Which, by the way, is when you know that someone is going to attempt murder/terroisim, and you don’t tell the police/stop them

  43. Le Blue Dude says:

    I mean, seriously. the mayor should have enough political knowledge to know that you NEVER EVER admit it if your intention is to harm someone. If it gets out (And it will get out, in the modern day most people carry recording devices in their pockets called cellphones, and I for one am not afraid to start recording when I feel threatened) well…. Bam, career dead at the least, and jail time at the worst.

  44. Le Blue Dude says:

    Oh, and for the record, if it was me… well, I have outgrown them but I used to have anger control issues, and after as traumatic an event as happened to our poor hero, if Mayor Victor had revealed his causing it… I would have killed him on the spot in rage. Claimed provocation (And temporary insanity due to ‘ahem. Did you see all that shit that just happened with prodigal? Did you? I think I have PTSD now.’ in the trial to reduce my sentence. :-p

  45. Kevin says:

    Let me start by saying that I am an avid Choice of Games fan, particularly concerning the official games. I loved the writing in this offering, the characters, and the setting… all were very well fleshed-out.

    Upon replay, however, my disappointment began to grow. And upon many replays, I have to give this game a failing grade. The reason is simple… The choices too often make no difference except for changing stats. Even worse, the game is filled with choices that are IMMEDIATELY shown to be pointless (some other event intervenes, for example).

    It very much seems to me as though this is a story first-and-foremost, where the “choices” are largely a measure of how well the player follows the author’s intended storyline. Contrast this with Choice of the Vampire, where entirely different storylines result from the choices made by the player. The difference in the original playthrough is minimal… both are good, well-written stories. Upon replay, however, Vampire becomes richer and deeper, whereas Hero reveals the high degree of railroading in the game design, thereby tainting the original good feelings that resulted from the first playthrough.

    Heros is a very good story. It is a very disappointing game.

  46. Evan says:

    I absolutely loved this and am looking forward to a sequel. Maybe? Possibly? Soon?

  47. Nick Hilts says:


  48. Matt says:

    I agree with Kevin (#45), the story plot for “Heroes Rise” was really entertaining and tons of fun, but there was not a whole lot of variation in the game. Despite that fact, I am still very happy with the game and would like to see the sequel come out with an equally enthralling story.

  49. Shane says:

    When can we expect the next installment of the game to come out?

  50. Paris says:

    Please please please please please please please do a sequel! Im begging you !

  51. Tushar says:

    just thinking, i bought the game on my android device, is that full, coz i paid for it and no matter what i did, i couldnt get good enough legend

  52. The Deviations says:

    Heroes Rise is a unique experience that has captured my every waking moment. The choices it presents are difficult and heart-wrenching, and I had tears rolling down my face by the end. I can’t wait to see what the sequel adds to the adventure.

  53. Please don't buy says:

    Okay, seriously folks, please don’t spend your money on this game. None of the choices matter, seriously none of them do.Getting your level score up gives you the exact same ending as having a low one. This is the most railroaded CYO game I’ve ever played. I will be surprised if they even let this comment stay on here. It is a JOKE.

    • christian haggett says:

      Dude, what’s wrong with you? This is an awesome game! I love this game and can’t wait until they make a sequel!

  54. Amanda says:

    So, there is 2nd part right? If not, PLEASE make one!

  55. Eddie says:

    U gotta make a part 2 of this

  56. Finn says:

    god bless this game but the lord knows i require fanart and fanfictions of it.
    black magic is legendary i love him. bless life.

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