Jun 12


IntroComp and NaGaDeMo

Posted by: Dan Fabulich | Comments (1)

There are two fantastic game development events happening this month: the 2012 IntroComp competition and National Game Development Month. Both are great venues for games written in ChoiceScript.

National Game Development Month is a parallel to National Novel Writing Month; we’re late in announcing it, because it started June 1. You can register here to start working with a community of game makers who can encourage you to start and help you finish the game that’s been dancing in your imagination for years.

If you’re not sure you can finish a game in that time, consider just writing the introduction to a game, and submitting it to IntroComp!

The requirements of IntroComp are deceptively simple: All entrants must submit the beginning of a new, never before seen work of IF that is not yet complete and for which the ending is somewhat uncertain. The introduction can be as short or as long as the author likes, so long as it is 1) a working, playable game and 2) interactive fiction.

Note that this year has a new rule that only introductions to games which are slated for non-commercial release may be entered in the competition. (I asked for some clarification of this rule in email; the organizer emphasized that IntroComp “is not a venue for people aspiring to make money.”) This includes games distributed for free with advertisements.

If you’re interested participating, you’ll need to submit your Intent to Enter by June 15th (just a few days away!) and submit your polished introduction on July 15th. The competition is open and welcoming to games written in ChoiceScript; last year, the top two entries were in ChoiceScript, including the winner, Choice of Zombies.

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