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Vote for Interactive Fiction in the XYZZY Awards for 2012

Posted by: Dan Fabulich | Comments (5)

The annual XYZZY Awards are here! The XYZZY Awards are given for the best works of interactive fiction released the previous year in a variety of categories (Best Writing, Best Puzzles, and so on).

Anyone can vote in the XYZZY awards; in this round, all games released in 2012 are eligible to become finalists. In the next round of voting, starting in April, the winners will be selected from the most popular finalists in each category.

Last year, there was quite a bit of controversy, as voters from the ChoiceScript community almost flooded the ballot box. The rules haven’t changed for this year, but the spirit of the rules are clear: please don’t vote in the XYZZY awards unless you’ve played at least a few games on the list, including games that aren’t written in ChoiceScript. If a bunch of ChoiceScript voters show up and vote in a bloc like last year, the competition organizers will discard offending votes without discussion.

It is against the rules to promote any specific game or platform if you discuss or link to the competition while it’s in progress.

Having said this, there are some fantastic games this year, including games written in ChoiceScript, Inform, Varytale, Twine, and StoryNexus, as well as nominees and winners of last year’s IFComp.

Click here to vote in the XYZZY Awards. May the best games win!


  1. Gretchen says:

    The games are fun but they give me a headache.

  2. Gretchen says:

    This ga,e is fun. But it gets really, and I mean really, boring after a while, and I mean boring. It’s fun the first time, then it’s like, ‘ here we go. Got that done, here is a way to keep from hurting myself, ugh, can’t there be a change, I’m leaving.’ No offense but my opinion is true to me.

  3. Ava Avane Dawn says:

    Didn’t know about last years voting, usually don’t vote because I feel I haven’t played enough games, even if I consider myself an IF afic(t)ionado, knowing all the big names, etc. Thing is, I’ve always had problems with traditional IF, the parser system, and opting for games such as Photopia, Whom the Telling Changed, Rameses, de Baron, etc. So most of the games I prefer will be choicescript and varytale and twine. How will the voting system accommodate my preferences this year? This year I will probably vote simply because so many games which I can stand for longer than an hour have been released. 😉 (but hey, I still donated money to Hadean Lands, so I’m an “ally” here!)

  4. Ava Avane Dawn says:

    Perhaps create a system where your vote only gets full voting power if you vote on more than ten games?

  5. Ava Avane Dawn says:

    Shit sorry, my post was intended for the XYZZY people. Oh well seems we have an open voting system so far so what the hell. 🙂

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