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“Heroes Rise” Is the First Text Adventure on Steam; We Need Your Help!

Posted by: Dan Fabulich | Comments (22)

We’re proud to announce that both games in our bestselling “Heroes Rise” series of interactive novels are now available on Steam. These are the first text-only games ever to be released on Valve’s platform.

“Heroes Rise” is an epic interactive novel series by Zachary Sergi, where your choices control the story. The games are entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination. (There are some gorgeous visual novels on Steam, but there has never been a game on Steam without graphics or sound effects.)

Today’s release includes both Heroes Rise: The Prodigy and Heroes Rise: The Hero Project, clocking in at 100,000 words and 177,000 words respectively. In a single playthrough of each game, players will typically read more than 50,000 words, the size of a 200-page manuscript.

A Huge Discount at Launch

During the first week of launch, each “Heroes Rise” game can be purchased standalone for $1.99, a 33% discount off the full $2.99 price. In addition, Steam buyers can purchase one $0.99 upgrade for “Heroes Rise: The Prodigy” and two $0.99 upgrades for “Heroes Rise: The Hero Project,” or buy both games plus all of the in-app upgrades for just $3.99, 55% off the full price.

We Need Your Help!

If we’re going to bring any more interactive fiction to Steam, we need “Heroes Rise” to do well. The third game in the “Heroes Rise” trilogy, “Heroes Rise: Herofall,” will be finished and released later this summer, and we’ve committed to making it available on Steam, allowing Steam players to finish the trilogy on the platform of your choice.

After that, we’d love to bring our entire catalog to Steam, But much of that depends on Valve, and how many copies of ‘Heroes Rise’ we can sell this summer. If “Heroes Rise” flops, we might be the first and last interactive fiction we can get on Steam.

We’re asking all of our fans to buy Heroes Rise on Steam today, even if they already own the game on other platforms, to show their support for Choice of Games and interactive fiction on Steam.

We’re also asking you to spread the word as far as you can. Post about it on Facebook, on Twitter, on Reddit, or wherever you can find people who enjoy Steam games.

Together, we can bring a new genre of games to Steam, and making it possible for a new generation of interactive-fiction authors to make a living.

How high will we rise?


  1. Rev. Andrew Holt says:

    …couldn’t it have been Choice of the Deathless, or Tin Star? Choice of the Vampire?

  2. Celestial Dragon says:

    Yes, I only just found out and now I’m going to buy the entire bundle thankyou COG

  3. Gapaot says:

    Would I get steam-code if I already own “Heroes Rise”?

  4. Jack Pittman says:

    I’m sorry for asking this because i’m sure it’s not exactly the right place, but has there been any announcements on the 3rd installment of the hero rises series?

  5. SunyiNyufi says:

    Finally! I have a Meastro credit card, so I have a hard time getting my hands on Choice of Games titels, but having them on steam would be awesome. Already bought the whole package.

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  8. Daz says:

    This is definitely a step to bringing interactive fiction into the lime light. I think purchases on steam should give gamers the extra option of also getting the game they buy onto their mobile devices with the android/apple counterparts. Perhaps in future being able to sync their game with steam and their mobile version. This would also increase appeal of purchase.

    If these games sell well on Steam, why not in the future have the best COG that is put on steam to have artwork in concept art style, for locations and possibly character profiles, similar to Renpy. Throw in some background sound effects to enhance the immersion. This would add a little more appeal to those not used to text only games.

  9. SleepingDragon says:

    Well…I’m not exactly a prominent member of the Steam community so I cannot make my comments for everyone there but I personally did enjoy playing through Heroes Rise. Completed both Prodigy and Hero Project in one go. I look forward to seeing the next part in the series.

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  11. Ronny says:

    Okay, so I’m a little confused

  12. Andie says:

    Woo woo! I bought the bundle. I hope to see the rest of your games on steam! I’ve been dying to play these games on my computer, so this is awesome.

  13. WashierWaif570 says:

    I saw Heroes Rise on Steam and decided to buy it because I thought it may be interesting. And it’s awesome! I mean, I didn’t hear about you and your games before, but now I can’t wait to play other games. I hope to see them all on Steam soon.

  14. […] The Prodigy, and 177,000 words in the follow-up, The Hero Project. Developer Selection of Games estimations that gamers will find out more than 50,000 words in one […]

  15. Cyberwarrior21 says:

    This is a brilliant idea the world needs more stuff like this on steam and other services the stories i’ve played from here have been brilliant honestly and very engaging i’ve already shown my support for it by purchasing the bundle and i hope to see more of this on steam soon

  16. Meka says:

    The only set of games I’ve been addicted (text based or otherwise) since the end of Mass Effect 3. I actually had a better shot getting this through Steam than any other platform as weird as that sounds. Bought the bundle and played each story thoroughly and loved both. Hoping to see more in the Steam store!

  17. Pqfire says:

    Read the third game last night, awesome as hell. Prodigy romance=Max love.<3

  18. Pqfire says:


  19. Big Fan of CoG says:

    Hehe I love it just finished playing it. But what would make it more interesting is if Prodigal and I will be together…. Haha why do I feel there is less sex scene in here?

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