Jul 01


Gender and Sexuality in Interactive Fiction v2.0 panel at GaymerX!

Posted by: Jason Stevan Hill | Comments (1)

In case you missed it, we organized a panel at the GaymerX conference last year featuring noted IF authors Christine Love, Porpentine, Aaron Reed, and Zachary Sergi. (You can watch the entirety of the panel on YouTube.)

We’re hosting the same panel again this year, only we’ve added Deirdra “Squinky” Kiai to the panel!

The panel is scheduled for 10am on Saturday (the 12th).

We’re inviting you to submit questions for our panelists via Twitter (#gsinif) or email. Not only will we pose our favorite three submissions to the panelists, but the submitters of those questions will receive a free copy of Heroes Rise: HeroFall!

(Questions must be received by July 9th to be eligible for the prizes. But you can keep sending them in after that! Prizes can be claimed on our webstore, not mobile devices.)

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