Feb 02


Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels: Submissions Closed

Posted by: Mary Duffy | Comments (1)

The Choice of Games Contest for Interactive Novels submission deadline has come and gone! We want to thank everyone for participating. We received 25 entries, which is a wonderful result for our first contest.  Here is the official list of entries:

180 Files: The Aegis Project
A Scoundrel’s Choice
Critical Mass: The Black Vein
Critical Mass: The Bridge
Dragon Racer
Gladiator: Road to the Colosseum
Isolation: Deep Dive
Missing Wings
Night Shift
Nuclear Powered Toaster
Ouroboros Reset
Robin Hood’s Unusual Tales
Tale of Two Cranes
The Aegis Saga
The Butler Did It
The Grim and I
The Last Wizard
The Lawless Ones
The Magician’s Burden
The Trial of Souls
The Twelve Trials
Wonders, Horrors, and Miracles

While judging will not be complete for some time, we expect to begin our first round of review next week, and we’ll have a better sense of how long it will take to judge the contest in full, in a few weeks’ time. We are a small staff, and have a limited amount of time for publishing games, keeping the lights on, and reading contest entries, but after our initial review we will have a better sense of how long it will be before we can announce the winners.

Once again, congratulations to all the entrants. Writing a full game in ChoiceScript is a stunning achievement, and we hope you will find a way to celebrate this weekend.

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