Jul 10


Android Omnibus for Hosted Games now available

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There’s a new app from Hosted Games available on the Google Play Store called Hosted Games. It’s an “omnibus app,” just like the iOS omnibus we’ve had for more than a year now, but now it works on Android.

If you have an Android phone that supports the Google Play Store, please give it a try!

What’s next:

  • We’ve submitted the “Hosted Games” app to Amazon to review; we expect the HG omnibus to be available on the Amazon Appstore for Android in a few days.
  • Soon, we’ll also release a “Choice of Games” omnibus app for the Google Play Store. We’re going to let the HG omnibus sit for a week or so, then release the Choice of Games omnibus when we’re pretty sure we’ve fixed major bugs.

No doubt you have a lot of questions, so we’ve written up an Omnibus FAQ. It answers these questions in more detail:

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