Apr 13


Choice of Zombies is LIVE! (Undead. Whatever.)

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Choice of Zombies

Choice of Games, the company that has already given you valuable psychological insight into dragons and vampires, proudly unveils its Zombiepocalypse survival training simulation: Choice of Zombies, by Heather Albano and Richard Jackson. Download it from the iOS App Store, the Android Google Play Store, the Amazon Appstore for Android, the Amazon Kindle Store for E Ink Kindles, or play it on our website.

In Choice of Zombies, you play an ordinary person caught in a zombie apocalypse. Can you stay alive long enough to get your friends to a place of safety? Will you keep your humanity intact or become a bloodthirsty zombie hunter? And can you discover the secret behind the zombie virus?

We hope you enjoy playing Choice of Zombies, and we encourage you to tell your friends about it, wear your Zombiepocalypse t-shirt wherever you go, and recommend the game on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our App Store ranking. Basically, the more times you download in the first week, the better Choice of Zombies will rank.

UPDATE 4/23: Added link to Kindle Store


  1. Kalob says:

    I would just like to thank you guys for coming up with such a Fantastic, Awesome, Amazing, words cannot describe how good it is game. I follow you guys almost religiously and absolutely love your games, its also good to know that the first time through i went down as the greatest hero of the Zombacolypse i felt really good after doing this. Also did I mention that i waited forever to play this, and it was totally worth the wait.

    Thank you, goodluck in the future, and happy friday the 13
    Kalob S.

  2. Azar says:

    Great game, But for some reason after i died and started again, it would get glitchy right after i chose my weakness can u give me some help with this plz?

  3. Cc says:

    PLEASE make it available for kindle soon…also…played a couple times…wish we didnt have to go damaris cove….it feels so short….please please please…i have the others on kindle.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Kindle version?

  5. Dan Fabulich says:

    re: the Kindle version, we hope to have something to announce very soon.

  6. Lynda Carre says:

    big fan!!! congratulations. just bought it. so clever and creative. love it.

  7. Azar says:

    Dan, whatever you guys did, it worked and the game is working fine now.

  8. Azar says:

    Now It’s Not πŸ™

  9. SeanM says:

    Game has a glitch .. It says line 113 single character has no value or something …. Kinda sucks sinse I payed for app on ipod

    • Sean – eek, how embarrassing.

      Thanks for letting us know! We did know about that one (found it not long before you did, it sounds like, which is doubly embarrassing) and we’ve already got a fix for it up on the web version. The fix to the Apple version is in the Apple approval queue now, and we’ll be sure to let you know when it’s available in the iTunes store. You’ll be able to download it automatically, of course – you certainly do not have to pay twice.

      We very much appreciate both your patronage and your patience!

  10. Nada says:

    Just ran through a couple times – some very hilarious sequences. Lots of fun.

    One thing I noticed was that it was easy to think the game had accidentally left Kayden behind. There were two sequences in particular in my first play-through where she wasn’t mentioned for many screens and I was worried she had been abandoned. (I’m a little leery of giving spoilery details here.) I think it’s because as a kid, she has less dialogue. The adults in the party usually got lines so I could tell they were still with me.

  11. Jesse says:

    Actually, it’s longer than many of your other games, except choice of the vampire, so I’m impressed. But its release has occasioned a script error that affects all your other games, which is very irritating.

  12. cc says:

    i dont think its longer than vampires….and i still wish you didnt have to end on the island…itd be cooler if you could sppend more time at your refuge and gain relations with everyone….maybe even a little romance

    • To the best of my knowledge, the word count is very close between Zombies and Vampire. Some paths through the game are shorter than others, unfortunately.

      It’s good to hear what you wanted more of versus less of – thanks for taking the time to comment!

  13. Deviija says:

    The game is quite fun and enjoyable. I really loved the idea and the characters back when it was a demo for the competition, and I really love it now as well. Bonnie! I heart that woman.

    Though I’m uncertain for the reasons behind gender-flipping the cast of survivor entourage characters? Playing a lady makes them women, playing a dude makes them all dudes?

    I would have enjoyed seeing some romance in the game. Well, aside from a certain sex choice that’s really a device to get to another plot point at the Church. Spending more time with your survivors and building relationships could have been a great key element to the game. Interpersonal dramas, shelter defense, civil discord, friendships/rivalries/romance.

    One thing I’d really like to see implemented in the Stats screen is a survivor companion tracking system. As in, a ‘stat’ (list addendum) that shows which survivors you have traveling with you still. Sometimes characters have nothing to say for so long that I begin to worry if a bug happened and they disappeared, or if some situation had them killed on accident without me knowing etc.

    • “Sometimes characters have nothing to say for so long that I begin to worry if a bug happened and they disappeared, or if some situation had them killed on accident without me knowing etc.”

      Oh, hey, that’s good feedback. That didn’t even occur to me.

      “Though I’m uncertain for the reasons behind gender-flipping the cast of survivor entourage characters?”

      We gender-flipped the cast for a couple of interconnected reasons. First, we didn’t want to perpetuate the rote stereotypes like “the big bad survivalist tough guy” and “the whiny girl who is inevitably wearing high heels” without including at least a possibility of encountering their opposite-sex-number – same traits, different packaging; do you find yourself reacting differently? Interesting, right? πŸ™‚

      Second – sort of a subset of the first point – the game is not really about gender dynamics so much as it is about management. We found it potentially problematic to hard-code what management techniques worked on what character and hard-code the gender of the characters at the same time.

      Thanks for the feedback, Deviija – I always enjoy your thoughtful commentary!

      • Deviija says:

        Hey, Heather! Thanks for the response!
        I definitely have no issue with the followers being gender-flipped based on your PC’s sex. Personally, I enjoy how the story plays out! Upon getting through the game and surviving with my entire entourage with my Lady PC, I felt like I had built my very own little Amazonian warrior tribe in the zombie apocalypse, heh! I was just very interested and curious to know why this route was chosen for the followers. It reminds me of Broadsides to a smaller scale (and less culturally broad degree) in that it gets away from those steeped gender-based (and even genre-based) stereotypes that you touch on.
        And since there is no romance with any of your followers going on, gender-flipping is of no consequence. Same-sex relations are possible as it is now with followers, but just not opposite-sex relations.
        Still, no matter what, Bonnie will always be Bonnie in my mind. She’s too awesome as she is to be anyone else. πŸ˜‰

  14. rosq says:

    i loved this new addition to choiceofgames… great work guys, let’s hope there’s a sequel to this and choice of broadsides as well

  15. A player says:

    I just wanted to ask whether this will become free sometime soon… Or if it will be compatible with my samsung galaxy y. Anyway, I look forward to playing this ^^

  16. CPFace says:

    Interesting game! I like the party-building aspect; I haven’t played through it enough to see all of the differences your choice of survivors makes, but I can tell from experience how much complexity that can add if you’re not careful. It’s also cool to see how your handle a more action-oriented game again after the more relationship-based Affairs and Vampires.

    I did spot one small bug though. My original sanctuary destination was the mall, but after I picked up the Facebook guy (sorry, I only played through once and don’t remember his name offhand yet) he argued that we should go to the prison instead, and I agreed. But in the next scene there was a radio broadcast about how the prison had been compromised and there was a narrative remark to the effect of “good thing you weren’t planning to go there anyway”. Maybe my second choice wasn’t recorded, or maybe the narrative was just confusing at that spot.

    Love the game though! I’m looking forward to replaying for different scores.

  17. Cyrus says:

    I was kinda expecting a more epic game, like the way choice of vampire doesn’t seem to end, but once I got over that small detail, I loved the game. Funny, creative and full of nice surprises and twists πŸ˜€ 12/10 stars.

  18. plumbing says:

    Gotta love any type of zombie games!! lol Im gonna download this now.. thanks, and keep up the great work.

  19. Mark says:

    spoiler warning

    I just tried to get of with the ferry, but I ran from the zombie and jumped in the speedboat. When I reach the island the narrative says something to the effect that it was a good choice to take the ferry

  20. Mallamun says:

    Sweet new site, sweet new game. You guys rock!

    Don’t know if anybody has pointed it out yet, but **SPOILER**ERROR** if you go to the church and choose to drive the car inside the fence, the game tells you that Brian is unable to take the car when he storms off. He takes some supplies out of the trunk and goes on foot.

    However, when you choose to leave the church later in the game, it says, Oops! You forgot that Brian drove off with the car!

    Only inconsistency I’ve found so far… Everything’s really cleverly tied together. Sense of humor is spot on.

  21. Mallamun says:

    Another error:

    I tried to take the ferry, but decided at the last minute to hop out and take the speedboat instead. When I get to the island, it says that I salvage lots of food and tools from the boat, and that:

    “You’re glad you managed to get away in the ferry.”


  22. Bill Murray says:

    Hi! I really love your game!
    However I do have some issues with it I’d like to bring up.



    It’s hard to know sometimes if you have ammo or don’t have ammo when the game says you have 1 shot and you use it and it turns out you have more.

    Same thing when you give your ammo up and you can still shoot your gun at a later encounter.

    Brian left the church and didn’t take the car. But then it seems the car is gone cause Brian took it.

    I find a car on the road that isn’t mine but yet it says I still have my shovel in the trunk from last winter.

    Also I’m confused by the stat changes. For instance I made a difficult shot but my firearm skills didn’t change.

    Apart from minor issues like these I’m all smiles about this wonderful game. Now go make a bigger and better one ;D

  23. Ammie says:

    ** spoiler alert **

    This is a wonderfully built game. Really, really wonderful. The writing style was very easy to enjoy for hours of staring at the screen and getting game overs, and the design of the “mechanics” (especially with the companions) was really well-thought out and fun to tinker with long after I’d survived once.

    I tried to make a solo run, but alas, doing that misses out on many vital stat boosts gained by picking up companions. I failed a few times but I think I know how to successfully pull one off now. Gaming the code added several more hours of enjoyment to the fun.

    Here’s a minor error you might want to look into:

    “It’s been . . . quite a night.

    Your rescued companion sobs hysterically, in mingled relief and delayed terror. How are you feeling about it all?”

    This shows even if you’re alone. I forget the exact conditions — I think I’d recruited Useless and then let him get led into the crypt and eaten.

    A lot of scenarios really resonated with me. The most awesome discovery was when I found that you could momentarily play as a zombie. Going down as a hero was almost more intensely satisfying than the climax at Damariscove. And my curiosity was greatly sated by being able to try eating zombie.

    The scene with the baby was very powerful. I found it much more striking than the “you just killed someone you knew, how does it feel?!” scenario… to which I wish there was a “Wait, who was this guy again?” reaction.

    In looking through the code I enjoyed a lot of the scenes I never encountered, too, including eating Kayden. I’m both amazed and pleased that you Went There. Actually, that describes my reaction to a lot of those options. I’m really pleased that you included a lot of “stress relief” options with terrible consequences — it’s just really delightful to see.

    Keep up the good work!

  24. Ammie says:

    Sorry I forgot to include this last time, but minor follow-up — I was a little bugged by the idea of Useless being Useless, not from a gaming standpoint (because I totally support the idea of a companion who is not useful except as a body to put on your score sheet, and who you can’t toss less you damage morale) but a humanist one. I’m glad Useless can be male, but… I mean, does this have to be the tone even when Useless is nobly sacrificing herself?

    “But before you can even cry out, ${Useless} is there, jumping between you and the slavering zombie. Perhaps ${he} wasn’t 100% useless after all.”

    The game is so intent on spoofing his uselessness regardless of your in-game attitude toward him that it’s a little off-putting, especially considering that the game does otherwise display sympathy for people given the gravity of the situation.

  25. Bailey says:

    Can some one tell me how to save my game sause it’s really annoying that I have to restart eac time I exit out

  26. William says:

    I really enjoyed the game and have played it several times through but now for some reason it won’t load any ideas on how i can fix this

  27. Meshia says:

    Can someone please post a third part for choice of romance, choice of intrigues??? Please!!

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