Apr 23


Choice of Zombies Is Now Available for Kindle

Posted by: Dan Fabulich | Comments (5)

Zombie!The Kindle Zombie Watch was upgraded to a Zombie Warning on Monday, following eyewitness reports of zombie sightings on the Kindle platform. Kindle users are advised to stay indoors and practice Zombiepocalypse Survival techniques with Choice of Zombies from Choice of Games.

The game is also (still) available on the iOS App Store and the Android Google Play Store.


  1. Cc says:

    as happy as i am its on kindle, i wish there was more to it. i feel like it isnt worth the $3. there should be more focus on bonding…and not hsve it in a rush to reach safety….or end so quicjly at the island…you should be able to end other places alive and things like that.

    also… for when the updatez come out for vampire and affairs….will i have to pay to get the update for kindle?

  2. Tiger Willis says:

    I recently played it and I must say that it is pretty awesome!

  3. David Leipold says:

    I downloaded this for IPad, and enjoyed it a great deal. However there was an update a short while ago, and all of the sudden, a lot of bugs occurred. It would not save my name, progress, or stats on the side. Basically, I did not know the stats, and restarted every time I opened the app. This may just be me, but these problems have persisted. Thank you!

  4. I love this game on the Kindle. I played the free online version first, which was doable on the Kindle, but the version made specifically for the Kindle plays much better. I’ve played the game through twice now and am on my third play, each time choosing different options, and I love how my choices have changed the story each time.

    This is my first CoG game. It won’t be my last, and if they are all this good, I’ll have no problem paying for the Kindle versions. I’m also stoked about the possibility of creating some games myself using ChoiceScript; we’ll see how that goes.

  5. Excellent, funny, entertaining, what else can I say, this should have a bigger promotion campaign, I played it in android, great game, even got great comments, bigger campaign people!!! 😉

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