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Two New Games: “Eerie Estate Agent” and “Way Walkers: University”

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Today, Choice of Games is proud to announce two new games. First, Eerie Estate Agent, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for iOS, Android, and, via the Chrome Web Store, Windows, OS X, and Linux.

Second, we’re announcing that Way Walkers: University is now available under our “Hosted Games” program for iOS, Android, and the Chrome Web Store.

Manage a Haunted House in “Eerie Estate Agent”

In Eerie Estate Agent, it’s your job to rent out a haunted house before your tyrannical boss has you fired.

In this interactive novel, your choices determine how the story proceeds. For example, when your tenants, who haven’t slept in days due to bone-chilling whispers emanating from the walls, ask to break their lease, do you:

A) Let them transfer their lease to another property?
B) Allow them to break the lease, but keep their security deposit?
C) Insist on sticking to the terms of the lease?
D) Boldly investigate, like all the victims in bad horror films?

How will you screw over your tenants? Will you ignore inconvenient supernatural phenomena, or use them to drum up publicity? How will you deal with ghost hunters, squatters, and celebrity tenants? Will you emerge as the top agent? Stage an office coup? Or will you become a permanent resident of 57 Crowther Terrace?

Embark on a Spiritual Adventure in “Way Walkers: University”

Which Way will you walk?

In a land were science and magic are the same, you are one of the few born with Extrasensory Abilities–and you dream of attending the most prestigious metaphysical university on the Continent. There, you can discover not only your potential and place amid the Twelve Ways of Spirit, but perhaps your ultimate destiny. Fight drakes, make friends or enemies, chase ghosts and argue with angels, be an upstanding student or a devious rebel–it’s all up to you.

Way Walkers: University is a truly interactive novel, set in a world where freewill is paramount. Every choice you make decides your fate, and defines your very soul. ‘For freewill shall choose between the paths fate has lain.’

Will you follow the Way of the Healer, or carve your reputation as a Warrior? Shall gossip and relationships fill your days, or shall you choose the Way of Truth and study? Will you seek fame along the Way of Creativity, or hone your Abilities under the Way of magic?

Will you choose a righteous path, or fall to the Way of Evil?

Our Two-Label Publishing Platform

Choice of Games makes games available under two labels: our official “Choice of Games” label, available only to select authors, and our “Hosted Games” label, which is open to everyone.

“Eerie Estate Agent” is the second game under the “Choice of Games” label written by a professional author outside the “Choice of Games” partnership. Our previous experiment with this was Heroes Rise: The Prodigy; it was a huge hit.

Like “Heroes Rise,” we’re not offering the entirety of these new games for free on our website. We’re offering the first part (about 20%) of each game for free; to play the rest, you’ll have to purchase the game.

We hope you enjoy playing Eerie Estate Agent and Way Walkers: University. We encourage you to tell your friends about them, and recommend our games on StumbleUpon, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites. Don’t forget: our initial download rate determines our ranking on the App Store. Basically, the more times you download in the first week, the better our games will rank.


  1. Xavier says:

    Will Way Walkers ever be available for the kindle? Because I have a feeling it wont and im really starting to get upset because all the good games like Zombie Exodus and stuff are never for the kindle And it REALLY TICKS ME OFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Megan says:

    I had a question, i just finished way walkers university and i was wondering when or if the part 2 will be released.

  3. Panda says:

    Well, this is frustrating. I really want to play these, but I can’t. I know a profit has to be made somewhere, but nether game is available for free? I would mind less if they weren’t so pricy. $1.99 ($2 basically) feels like a bit much for me for something like this. I’m sure they’re amazing, but the $2 and limited replay value makes me pause. And those are the cheap ones.

    I was considering buying them, too. The previous free games drew me in, and I was thinking about buying a new game. Then I saw the price. Additionally I notice these two and the previous game have not been available for free. Not sure I want to buy since the free games brought me to almost paying and it’s starting to look like there won’t be anymore free games.

    • Megan says:

      I felt the same way you did but i decided that $2 was to much for me to just try it out. But i thought why not the other games were awesome. And it was well worth $2, many roads to follow and choices and the story is fantastic, really indept and creative. I know $2 seems like a lot but it is well worth it.

    • UmraheL says:

      So pricey? These games aren’t free for CoG either. They have to pay some amount to the professional author. If this was made by CoG’s people and released as a demo to play online than I’d have to say you’re rite. And as you can see, they dont take ads to the website or games. So they have to make some money to grow. However I’m confused why EEA was listed as Choice of Games brand game and Way Walkers is hosted, which is a game longer and better in my opinion. Btw I’m glad you guys are releasing these games through the chrome web store.

    • Chase says:

      Both were well worth it… both actually have replay value, especially Way Walkers. And I would probably pay $5 to play Way Walkers .. best game I’ve played since Zombie Exodus … I even liked it better than Heroes Rise…my only complaint about Eerie Estate Agent is it wasn’t as long as id like it to be.. but was still fun and entertaining

  4. UmraheL says:

    I can’t believe Way Walkers hasn’t get the attention it deserves just yet. It’s good as much as Heroes Rise. If I’m not mistaken Way Walkers was a book before it turned to multiple choice adventure (or maybe I am). Boy, I’m happy it did. Story is very good and detailed. Writer made a fantasy world that is likable. Also characters are believable. CoG working with outside writers seems to work nicely. I loved this games as I’ve loved Heroes Rise. Much much better than Eerie Estate Agent still even after playing the demo and not liking it much, I’ve bought EEA also. Just to support CoG. I’d like to see a sequel soon.

  5. zaqzilla says:

    I love your games. If possable could you release more on kindl? I really want to play Way Walker.

  6. Jan Salava says:

    Nice to see some more games. But is there any movement on seeing these games available for those of us from countries not deemed important enough by Google?

  7. Xavier says:

    Hey CoG is there a possibility that Zombie Exodua cold be released on the kindle like the writer said it would? Also Way Walkers. Also I personally would pay anything for Zombie Exodus. And the same for Way Walkers. Please release it for kindle. PLEASE REPLY THIS TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Any says:

    I don’t want to sound like an ass, but I feel that this new games are a step down in the ladder. The first games were amazing! I used to play them over and over again, no matter how much time I invested already. This new games don’t even have an attractive setting or plot.

    I don’t know. Just don’t lose the magic, guys.

  9. Dragon says:

    University looks okey not sure about eerie and i agree with you 100% xavier

  10. 0 Majr Pain 0 says:

    Hey CoG. When will Eerie Estate Agent be avilable for E-Ink Kindles? I would really like to play it and all I have is a kindle. I have been waiting for a while.

  11. papierpencils says:

    hello CoG i was kinda wondering if there’s a bug that’s been going around that doesn’t let me view my current stats for the way walkers university game? its pretty difficult to actually plan out a game if the stats fon’t show your current statistics. this only happened on the recent update so i’m also a bit hesitant to update Heroes Rise fearing the same bug… it’d be great if there was some way to fix it, thanks!!!

  12. Steve says:

    I’m a high school history teacher. One of my students showed me a couple of “Choice of” games and I had to try them. I started with Choice of Broadsides.

    The premise is brilliant! Starting a character with a low-level command, instead of as an individual or as the commander of a ship or fleet, offers great possibilities for multiple career paths- including interesting deaths that might lead to good stories and more replays.

    The process for generating stats is also inspired. It reminds me of that used in Fallout: New Vegas, but is much more specific to the context of the scenario. I love Fallout, but I like this aspect of your game better.

    I found only one gaffe, but it was enough to steer me toward another of your games. Bear in mind that the audience for stories about combat during the age-of-sail will include a higher percentage of geeks and grognards (like me) than some other genres. I constructively encourage the author to look up the practice of firing double-shot from smooth-bore cannon. She or he will find that it was common practice to intentionally load one powder charge and two cannonballs (round shot)- or even two rounds of grapeshot or canister(langridge).

    Doubled grapeshot or canister could and did cause guns to burst. The reason for that was exactly as described: they sometimes blocked the bore too well for an instant, containing the explosion and turning the force against the iron, bronze, or brass, and finding any weaknesses therein. Doubled round shot was both common practice and as safe for the gun crew as firing one round shot. The reason was that cannon balls weren’t anywhere near perfect spheres, nor were cannon barrels perfect cylinders. The balls never precisely fit the barrels, either- gas could always escape around them without much delay.

    Doubled round shot were often used as the initial load for a broadside fired as close to the enemy as possible. The range was short because of the extra weight, but that weight also hit the enemy hull very hard.

    Quibbling done. Your game looks fun, and so do the rest!


  13. Sidney says:

    Just had to say that Way Walkers is probably my favorite story on this site right now, with Zombie Exodus a close second. I actually bought it on my laptop as well as on my phone. I wanted to know if you guys will be releasing part 2 to Way Walkers anytime soon? The first part definitely has me hooked lol

  14. Reddog158 says:

    I think something is wrong with my way walkers. After the last update I tried playin it and it started me off at a random spot. And some of my choices like my gender are ignored.

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