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Hollywood Visionary: Make the movie of your dreams in 1950s Hollywood!

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Hollywood Visionary

We’re proud to announce that Hollywood Visionary, the latest in our popular “Choice of Games” line of multiple-choice interactive-fiction games, is now available for Steam, iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire. It’s 40% off during launch week.

Make the movie of your dreams amid the glamor and romance of 1950s Hollywood!

“Hollywood Visionary” is a 150,000-word interactive novel by Aaron A. Reed, where your choices control the story. It’s entirely text-based–without graphics or sound effects–and fueled by the vast, unstoppable power of your imagination.

As head of your own movie studio, you call the shots: hire Hitchcock, seduce Garbo, build your studio into an Oscar-winning powerhouse or star in a B-movie train wreck. Control everything about your production, from genre to casting to building up buzz.

Do you have what it takes to become a Hollywood visionary?

  • Conquer the movie biz as a writer, director, producer, actor, or editor
  • Banter with Hollywood royalty like Orson Welles and Greta Garbo
  • Choose from dozens of genres and modifiers to make your film unique
  • Five possible endings to discover
  • Find love or throw yourself into your art: extensive but optional romance plots
  • Win an Oscar, create a cult classic, or languish in film obscurity
  • Will you name names for the blacklist, or risk everything to uphold your artistic ideals?
  • 150,000 words of content
  • Flexible gender presentation: independently control your pronouns, appearance, titles, and romance options

About the Author: Aaron A. Reed is an award-winning author of interactive narratives. His games have been featured at Slamdance, IndieCade, IndieCade East, the Independent Games Festival at GDC, and in exhibitions of “electronic literature” around the world. His textbook “Creating Interactive Fiction with Inform 7” is the leading reference on the popular language for digital storytelling. His interactive novel “Blue Lacuna” was named one of the Top 10 Interactive Fictions of all time in a recent poll. Aaron lives in Santa Cruz, California.

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  1. Madeline Deloria says:

    I was rating this on google play, but I’ve reached my limit word count there so I’ll post another review here not sure if that is acceptable if not please delete this then, and on steam my review will be very short. I’m not really happy with this game, nor am I sad about this game. I’m actually disappointed with this game.

    Premise was excellent, but after playing the game, it felt way too detached to what the premise was saying. Then you get bombed by the communist thing, I was expecting a game where you play as a director and do director stuff. Not become a writer, editor, actor, producer, etc. Not just making sure you run your studio.

    While making the film if you’re a director you’re not really doing anything. I was hoping for something along, adjusting the lighting for the set, ordering “action.”, call make up and other stuff. Nope, every play through is the same thing. On the bright side the game has options to play different roles for your MC that can and will help the film you’re making.

    The romance looked like an afterthought and was added because someone said “Hey! where is my Romance?” My MC didn’t romance the actor grip guy/girl/ thing (Whatever insert preferred anatomy yet changed gender) and grip guy/girl/ thing (Whatever insert preferred anatomy yet changed gender) they are my MC’s friends yet at the ending they were like “Who do you love best me or him/her or both of us?” And my MC was like “I love you actor guy/girl”, “I love you grip guy/girl.”, “I love yeah both.”, or “No I don’t love yeah both.”. WHY?! My MC didn’t romance them and I assumed that the relationship was platonic since I kept on picking the choice that we were friends. How bizarre and the romance is so unentertaining regardless of who the MC romanced. Yay!

    Not the best cog game that I have played and not the worst thing. I loved the premise, but the game execution was just not there.

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