May 26


Free Community College Hero Short Story—“A Very Stoic Christmas”

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Eric Moser, author of Community College Hero: Trial by Fire, is offering readers a free (non-interactive) 2,500-word short story, titled “A Very Stoic Christmas.” The events in the short story involve the character Stoic and take place on an evening several days after the conclusion of Trial by Fire but before the events of Community College Hero 2: Knowledge is Power, currently in development. The events in the story are canon, but spoilers for the sequel are minimal. The story also includes cover art by Adrienne Valdes, the official artist for the sequel.

To receive the free short story, just email Eric at and put “free short story” in the subject line. Doing so will also place you on Eric’s mailing list providing you with occasional updates on the sequel’s development as well as information on beta testing in the future.

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