Jun 27


This week: A Sitewide SALE! All games up to 40% off! And, new edits to the Heroes Rise series!

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Coinciding with Steam’s annual Summer Sale, we’re putting every Choice of Games title on sale in our webstore. You heard that right. All our games, on sale, up to 40% off their sticker price.

If you’re accustomed to buying your games on Google Play or in the iOS Omnibus App, you can still get these games on sale!

All you need to do is:

1. Purchase a game on sale through our website.

2. Restore your purchase! To do that:
a) Download the game’s app from Google Play.
b) Navigate to the game in the iOS Omnibus App.

then select “Restore Purchases,” and restore your purchase by logging in with your choiceofgames.com account (the one you just used or created to buy the game from our site.)

We’d also like to take moment to announce there are new edits to Zachary Sergi’s Heroes Rise games, with new options to play as non-binary or transgender! Heroes Rise is our most popular series of games, and as we mentioned, they’re all on sale right now! Check out Heroes Rise, The Hero Project, HeroFall, Redemption Season, and Open Season now!

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