May 13


All of Kyle Marquis’ Games on Sale! Plus, a new special bundle

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If you’ve enjoyed Vampire: The Masquerade—Night Road you’ll be thrilled to know that all of Kyle Marquis games are up to 40% off this week on all platforms!

We’re also announcing a new Steam bundle: Every Game by Kyle Marquis! This bundle will be a “complete the set” bundle, meaning if you have any of his games in your Steam library you can buy the rest of them for a 15% discount!

AND, this bundle is also subject to this week’s sale on Kyle Marquis games, so if you get the Steam bundle, this week, this is as low a price as you’ll ever see on Empyrean, Sky Pirates of Actorius, Silverworld, Tower Behind the Moon, Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth, and Vampire: The Masquerade—Night Road.

Empyrean—33% Off!

Far below the city of Actorius lies the mysterious world of the Deep Tech—creatures and plants both living and mechanical, and powered by unknown forces. Your father harvests the tech to create experimental airships, and the Revolution that fights his every move races to do the same. Your father’s aero, the Empyrean, is governed by Deep Tech dynamics not even he understands.

Sky Pirates of Actorius—40% Off!

Set in the world of Empyrean, you must infiltrate a pirate airship and foil the captain’s plans! Can you survive the greedy crew and ruthless officers and disrupt their schemes in time? You’ll hunt merchant vessels, and seek lost treasure while undercover as a sky pirate! 

Silverworld—30% Off!

In a world of trackless jungles, colossal beasts, and cruel pre-human civilizations, you must survive the past if you want to save the future! You were only meant to guard the laboratory, but when a treacherous power cripples Doctor Sabbatine’s time machine, you’re left stranded! Face the savage inhabitants of Silverworld and build your own civilization—or plunder the past and return home unimaginably rich!

Tower Behind the Moon—30% Off!

You are the greatest magician in the Sublunar World. It is not enough. As a rare Conjunction approaches, immortality is within reach. But the gods have noticed you trying to unlock the doors of heaven. Some demand you ascend–or else–while others plot your destruction. There are only two paths for you now, archmage: immortality or annihilation.

Pon Para and the Great Southern Labyrinth—30% Off!

Chosen by the gods, you must battle savage monsters, corrupt priests, and mad philosophers to save reality from the dark god of destruction! You have been raised far from the intrigues and corruption of the great cities–and from the plots of the gods. But after twenty years of peace, the pirate king Lord Vankred has found Raun. Under the threat of war, the gods grant you their powers. You must find the mad King Hyras and defeat Vankred before he can assassinate the King and shatter the Three Nations.

Vampire: The Masquerade—Night Road—20% Off!

It’s a new Dark Age for the dead. When the Second Inquisition’s vampire hunters hacked phone lines and computer networks to expose and destroy vampires all over the world, the elders turned to undead couriers like you. For ten years, you’ve raced across the desert between cities, delivering vital information and supplies. But when an old friend reappears with a plan to disrupt the blood trade across the American Southwest, everything you’ve built starts crashing down.

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